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Primetime Show Reviews


by Danielle

"Nashville" is a new reality show on Fox that's being billed as the new television hybrid term `docu-soap. The premise is that eight young adults all congregate together in Nashville with the hopes of becoming the next big country singer all the while having their efforts filmed. Personally, I found the actual point of the show lacking in that the premiere episode concentrated mostly on who thought who was cute and who was breaking up with who to hook up with a past fling. Only 10% of the episode even featured what you'd expect from an aspiring country singer like struggling to get that last spot in a showcase just on the off chance that someone who knows someone within the business will be in the audience that night. I learned later that this new show was produced by the same team that brought us Laguna Beach, the teen so called docu-soap that was more about who was shacking up with who than about real life. I must say though, switching from high society Laguna Beach to down home southern Nashville didn't make much difference. If I wanted to see such teen drama played out by young adults thrown into the same city with the same dream, I'd go back to high school.

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Updated 10/6/07 


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