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Primetime Show Reviews

"The King of Miami with Dave Hill" Review by Suzanne 5/28/07

This is a comedy show about a guy named Dave who goes to Miami and decides he's going to be king of the place. It's also sort of a reality show, from what I can tell.  Dave is joking, but the people on his show seem to be real people who are not in on the joke.  For instance, he interviews this guy known as "Mr. Miami Beach", and he chats with his new security guards.  Dave's persona is a rich famous guy, but he's...not rich or particularly famous.  He's kind of a dork.  His friend on the show is Phil, who seems to be kind of a hippie or bum.

The type of humor is the type you see on Da Ali Show or in the movie Borat, where everyone else thinks he's kind of stupid, but really he's making fun of them.  The one exception, though, is that those things are hilarious. King of Miami really is not very funny. If you have a very soft or laid-back sense of humor, you might find it a lot funnier than I do.

The show airs Mondays on the MOJO Channel. Visit the website.

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Updated 5/28/07 


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