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Primetime Show Reviews

"The Rich List" Review by Danielle 11/6/06

The Rich List is a new game show hosted by Eamonn Holmes and airs on the Fox network Wednesday nights at 9pm ET. The contestants are actually two teams each composed of two strangers who have never met until now. Each pair sits in their own soundproof box during the game. The host controls whether the boxes are soundproof (lit in blue) or non-soundproof (lit in red) throughout the game by a button on the hostís podium.

To play the game, a list topic is given, for example the first list topic was Tom Cruise movies, and the first team (while the other team is soundproof) decides how many items from the list they will be able to name and gives the host a number. The host then soundproofs the first teamís box and poses the number bet to the second team. The second team then gets the option of either betting a higher number (able to name more of the list) or calling on the other team to prove their claim. The betting goes back and forth until a team decides that they canít beat the other teamís claim and chooses to have them prove it.

The team proving their claim must name all of their betted number from the list without naming something that isnít on the list to win the round. If they name something not on the list, the other team wins the round automatically. To advance to the bonus round, a team must win two rounds (each round gets a new list topic). Despite how the bonus round goes, the team that wins gets to come back and defend against a new team of strangers until they lose.

The only monetary gain is won from the bonus round. The winning pair of strangers is given a new list topic but instead of betting back and forth, they now work as a team to name as many items on the list as they can in order to move higher up on a monetary ladder that is divided in increments of three. The pair can choose to stop at any moment and take the last reached money value if they donít feel confident enough to continue on because just like in the regular rounds, if they name something not on the list, they lose everything. The first stopping point is at $10,000 and the money value jumps considerably. There is no money limit so if the team can continue to name the list items, they can win in excess of one million dollars.

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Updated 11/6/06 


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