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Primetime Show Reviews

"Psych" Review by Danielle 8/29/06

Psych is a new original series on the USA network that premiered during the summer. The show features Shawn Spencer (played by James Roday) as a man who grew up being taught to pay attention to even the most minute details in any situation by his cop father (played by Corbin Bernsen.) Shawn convinces the police department to use his expertise in solving crimes by pretending to be psychic. The chief of police (Kirsten Nelson) and the female detective (Maggie Lawson) believe in Shawn’s psychic abilities but the main male detective (Timothy Omundson) refuses to believe that Shawn is really psychic.

Shawn enlists the help of his childhood friend Gus (Dule Hill), who maintains a day job as a pharmaceutical rep, and forms a “psychic” detective agency (which they name “Psych”) to help maintain their claim of Shawn truly being psychic. Occasionally, the agency lands its own cases that the two men fake Shawn’s psychic abilities to solve while really just using Shawn’s eye for noticing and remembering details but Shawn’s main goal is to do whatever it takes to get involved in the cases that the police department sets out to solve. Each episode features a flashback to a situation where childhood Shawn was made to learn a lesson from his father about paying attention and being creative in figuring out a problem, and then throughout the present day portion of the episode it is shown how the experience Shawn had back then helped him solve the case before him today.

While the cases themselves can seem pretty routine, the lengths Shawn and Gus go to in order to make their process appear of a psychic nature can be a great source of hilarity. Often Gus even needs some added convincing to participate in Shawn’s antics. This is a great show for not only mystery buffs, as the viewer gets to see all the little details Shawn notices as well as what he does to lead the police to the same conclusion, but also a great comedy with witty writing. The show airs on Friday nights at 10PM ET.

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Updated 8/29/06 


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