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Primetime Show Reviews

"Knights of Prosperity" Review by Danielle 1/6/07

"Knights of Prosperity" cast

"Knights Of Prosperity" is a new comedy on ABC. The show's main character, Eugene (played by Donal Logue) is a janitor who decides after a fellow older janitor dies on the job that he must aspire to greater things with his life. Eugene approaches a bank for a loan to open his own bar but due to his lack of an education or any savings, the bank turns him down. Sitting in his apartment watching E! News coverage of Mick Jagger's tour of his local apartment, Eugene decides that he'll get the cash for his bar by robbing Mick Jagger. Eugene, along with his other janitor friend, Squatch (Lenny Venito), enlists the help of several blue-collar workers to help with this plot.

Several of the group bails out when hearing what Eugene plans to do except for a core group of misfits including a very butch but dimwitted security guard named Rockefeller (Kevin Michael Richardson) and an Arab cab driver they nickname Gary (Maz Jobrani). Gary later enlists a young intern, Louis Plunk (Josh Grisetti) by claiming that they are gathering to shoot a movie but eventually decides to tell him the truth. Eugene brags about the plan to a waitress at the diner, Esperanza (Sofia Vergara) and she insists on joining the group. They deem themselves, "The Knights Of Prosperity," promising to donate any extra money left over from buying the bar to charity.

Meeting at the warehouse Rockefeller guards and Eugene spearheading the plan, each member of the group does a specific duty as they carry out this plan. The group is able to case the apartment building and sneak out the keys to Mick Jagger's apartment and make a copy before returning them. As the group celebrates being one step closer despite potential pratfalls to their goal, Mick is shown using the key to enter his apartment only to then pass through several technologically advanced and personally specific to him security devices including several guards before reaching the main living quarters that were shown during the tour on TV.

Future episodes promise different celebrities to be targeted that this group plans to try and rob. I see this as being more of an ongoing Saturday Night Live sketch where celebrity guests serve as the next targets or even cast member impersonations of celebrities rather than an ongoing primetime series.

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Updated 1/8/07


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