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Primetime Show Reviews

"The Real Wedding Crashers" Review by Danielle 5/2/07


"The Real Wedding Crashers" is a new comedic reality show on NBC.  Each episode features a real wedding that, thanks to a group of improvisational actors, features one staged accident after another.  The bride and groom are the only ones who know about the actors´ plans and the actors´ do heed the couple´s wishes of what portions of the ceremony not to mess up such as the vows exchange or the couple´s first dance.  The antics start a few days before the wedding when the actors pose as various people involved in the wedding preparations and hidden cameras catch the action.  At the end of the ceremony and reception, the actors reveal the plan and explain each "accident" they were responsible for to all the guests.  There were a few moments that I found perplexing however.  During the premiere episode, one of the actors posed as the priest marrying the couple so that he could make a show about forgetting their names and answering his cell phone.  If a valid  officiator didn´t marry you, was the ceremony even legit?  I also was surprised at how many guests thought the plan was hilarious once revealed.  Yes, it will probably be a memorable event for all who attended, but I personally would not want someone to purposefully sabotage my wedding.

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Updated 5/9/07 


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