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Primetime Show Reviews

"CMT Comedy Stage" Review by Danielle 02/08/07

CMT Comedy Stage

CMT Comedy Stage is a half hour show airing Friday nights at 9:30PM ET on CMT. The show, hosted by Melissa Peterman ("Reba"), showcases three-to-four comedians per episode. Each comedian is given about 3-5 minutes on stage to perform his or her routine in front of the audience.

Melissa Peterman is a great comedic actress and a funny gal in person, but when it comes to stand-up, she seems out of place, and her jokes seem forced when she opens the show with her own stand-up routine.

There is no competition between the comedians, and each episode will feature different comedians. Most of the jokes seemed geared toward the stereotypical ‘redneck’ crowd CMT believes are the only ones watching their programming, but even taking that into account, it did not leave me laughing.

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Updated 02/11/07


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