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Primetime Show Reviews


"Weeds" Review by Suzanne 8/9/05



Weeds is a fun, quirky comedy with dark edges.  It is about a suburban widow with two sons, who makes ends meet by selling marijuana to other parents and neighbors.  It is the first TV comedy to give a regular, positive spin on drug use and sales.  The show reminds me a bit of "Desperate Housewives", and I'm sure that's no accident, given that show's success.

Mary-Louise Parker plays Nancy, the widow.  The show also stars movie actress Elizabeth Perkins and TV comedian Kevin Nealon.  The cast seems very capable and interesting.

Nancy has a hard time as she tries to keep her business afloat without getting in trouble with the law and the local PTA, as well as raise her two sons without a husband.  Other colorful characters include the black famly that get her the drugs, the gay teen that also sells drugs (mostly to other kids, but she objects when he tries to sell to younger kids), her teenage son and his girlfriend (who want to have sex), her younger song that is kind of a strange boy, and the other catty women in the suburbs.

I enjoyed the show a lot and plan to keep watching it.  It is a good companion show to "Huff!" and fills the void left by "Queer As Folk".


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Updated 8/9/05  


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