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Primetime Show Reviews

"Crumbs" Review by Suzanne 2/26/06

Crumbs cast photo

I really want to like this show because I love William Devane, and I think Jane Curtain and Fred Savage are great, too.  The show just tries very hard to be kooky, but it's not funny enough.  The actors are very likable, even when they are talking about killing each other.

The show is about a very dysfunctional family.  It worked with "Married with Children", but it doesn't work here.  We're supposed to believe that Jane Curtin just got out of a mental hospital for shooting her husband (Devane).  Fred Savage is one of their sons.  He is gay but has a hard time telling his family the truth. So far, that is really the only part of the show that works for me.  He is also a writer that sold one screenplay to Hollywood but now has to return to work in his family's restaurant business because he is broke (they don't know that about him, either).

Devane's character doesn't seem as well-defined as the others.  He is not a good father or husband, but other than that, it is not clear what is wrong with him.  Curtin is just a nutsy, over-bearing mother who still loves her husband. They have another son who also works in the restaurant, and the whole family helps out, despite their problems.

I hope the show gets better and funnier, and the characters more defined, but so far it is not very good.

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Updated 2/26/06 


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