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Primetime Show Reviews

"Everybody Hates Chris" Review by Suzanne  9/24/05

I really want to like this show because I love Chris Rock.  He narrates the show and it's based on his life as a kid.  He is one of the co-writers. It should be every bit as funny as his stand-up act.  But it's not, at least so far from what I've seen.

The characters are very interesting and the first episode set the whole thing up for us.  There were amusing moments, and families should like the show.  Maybe Rock's comedy just doesn't work if it's G-rated, I don't know...

I will stick with the show and see if it gets funnier because I do like the characters and the basic premise.  Check it out!  It's on UPN Thursday nights.

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Updated 9/24/05  


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