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Primetime Show Reviews

"Bones" Review by Jenny  9/16/05

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel I have to applaud Fox for coming up with any new show that ISN'T a reality show. That's a fad I never liked (with the exception of American Idol) and I'm glad to see Fox trying shows with actual plots again.

With "Bones" it seems Fox is drawing on some past experience. We all remember "The X-Files", right? Although "Bones" doesn't involve alien conspiracies or paranormal phenomenon (not in the first episode, anyway), there are some suspicious parallels.

The main character, Temperance Brennan, is a forensic anthropologist who can tell all sorts of things about a dead body just by looking at the bones. She comes off as an intellectual but emotionally detached scientist. (Her ex-boyfriend tells her that her closest relationships are with the dead.) She seems a lot like Scully on "X-Files".

Then there's her new partner, played by David Boreanz. She begs him to let her work with the F.B.I on a big case involving a congressman's dead intern. I'd like to say this guy reminds me of Mulder, but so far, he doesn't. However, he has to ask approval from his boss, and THAT guy is a dead ringer for Assistant Director Skinner - balding head, glasses, ears sticking out, the whole bit. Same attitude as Skinner, too.

Brennan and her new F.B.I agent pal argue their way through the case like Mulder and Scully. In fact, at one point he suggests something to the effect of "We can be Mulder and Scully". (I think Fox was maybe trying a little too hard at that point.)

And remember how Mulder was driven by his sister's disappearance when he was a kid? Turns out both Brennan's parents mysteriously disappeared when she was a teenager. Wow, THAT doesn't sound familiar at ALL! Wanna bet the season finale will involve Brennan looking into her parents' disappearance?

If Fox is hoping to repeat the success they had with "The X-Files", I think they have a good shot at it. I'd like to criticize them for being unoriginal, but as an "X-Files" fan I can't dislike Fox's self-plagarism. I really wish they'd put the "X-Files" back on the air, but since that isn't going to happen, I guess a show that borrows heavily from "X-Files" plot and character elements is the next best thing.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the show. Brennan is a strong, independent female character who excels at martial arts, sarcasm, and witty comments. Humor always helps a drama. Brennan is often as sarcastically funny as Dr. House on one of my other favorite Fox shows. I enjoyed watching her outsmart Boreanz' character - and most of the other people she meets. The plot was decent for a first eppy. Usually, the writing gets better once the writers don't have to worry about setting up background and introducing all the characters.

Now if they could just have a U.F.O sighting...or some little gray aliens...then this show would REALLY be perfect.

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Updated 9/16/05  


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