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Primetime Show Reviews

"The Scholar" Review by Boo 6/7/05

The Scholar cast photo from

It is nice to see that reality is changing a bit. Finally, they are doing shows that actually help people out. ABC’s “The Scholar” is one of those shows. It allows ten very-deserving teens to compete for the ultimate scholarship for the college of their choice.

The kids compete to be one of two team captains for the week. Once the captains have been chosen, they choose who they want on their team. Each team goes through a series of brain-teasing tasks. The captain of the team that completes all the tasks correctly, and in the shortest amount of time, moves on to the finals. Three professors meet with the rest of the contestants and choose two other contestants to compete with the captain. Whoever wins this contest is guaranteed a spot in the finals. Bonus gifts are given too, like 50,000.00 towards a scholarship was given on the first episode to the winner.

This is another show that I don’t really care who wins the competition. I just enjoy it because it is so nice to see good, well-mannered, intelligent kids get an opportunity of a lifetime because they actually worked for it. These kids obviously take their studies very seriously. They have all worked very hard in high school and are level-headed and mature enough to realize how important their education is to them. None of them have the monetary means to go to a top notch college. This makes the challenge even more exciting for them, and for the audience.

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Updated 7/5/05  


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