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Primetime Show Reviews

"Hit Me Baby ... 1 More Time" Review by Boo 6/9/05

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This new show from NBC allows rock bands or stars that used to be big to get another shot at stardom. Each week, five bands perform a song of their own that they were known for, as well as cover a current hit song. Vernon Kay hosts the show. At the end of the show, the studio audience votes on which band they think deserves another shot at fame. The winner gets $20,000.00 donated to their favorite charity.

Some of the artists are very well known, and some are one hit wonders. I enjoyed hearing some of my old time favorites again, but for the most part, I didnít enjoy the show that much. Some of these people have really aged, and while they were great in their day, they need to enjoy the memories and leave their fame in the past. Many of them I would rather remember them as they were instead of how they are now. A few of them do still have a lot of talent and deserve to make it big again. I think they should do it like they did it back then, with a lot of hard work, instead of using a cheesy TV show to boost their egos.

I am not sure how long the show will last. People in general love to reminisce and remember the good olí days. Music is a great reminder. That is the only reason I can think of for this show to last past one season.

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Updated 7/2/05  


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