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Primetime Show Reviews

"Fire Me ... Please " Review by Boo 6/7/05

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This new CBS show was hilarious. It is very close to the original reality show, “Candid Camera”. The show has two segments. Each segment sends two people to their first day at a new job. The owners of the shops are in on the secret, but not the supervisors or the co-workers. Both contestants start their jobs at the same time in different shops. Their goal is to get fired as close to 3:00, without going past that time, as they can. The contestant that accomplishes this wins $25,000.00. The contestants are not allowed to ask to be fired, do anything illegal, or tell anyone that they are on a TV show.

I enjoyed this show very much. I think I might have enjoyed it because it made me think of sitting in the front room with daddy watching “Candid Camera”. Because no one on the show knows what is going on except the contestant, watching the reactions to these crazy people that have just been hired was too funny. One of the contestants on the first segment even had the cops called on him to escort him out of the building. The producers do give the contestants a heads up by telling them what things their new bosses don’t like. One doesn’t like her employees trying on things in the store, one doesn’t like anyone questioning her authority, etc. It is really amazing to see how long these supervisors go before actually firing the new crazy that has been hired.

At the end of the show, they go back to the shops and let everyone in on the secret. This is also reminiscent of “Candid Camera” and just as fun to watch. When they realize they have been had on national TV, it also reminds me of “Punked”. I am hoping that this show lasts a long time.  

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Updated 7/2/05  


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