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Primetime Show Reviews

"Dancing With the Stars" Review by Boo 6/7/05

This new ABC show is entertaining and fun. Six celebrities team up with six professional dancers. The professionals teach the celebrities a new dance each week. Once a week, the teams perform their dance for a group of three judges. The judges give the couples their score, plus the viewers get to call in and vote for their favorite. The ultimate score each week is a combination of the judges' scores and the public vote. The couple with the lowest score at the end of each week is eliminated.

I like watching dance on TV, so I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed this show. Watching the celebrities trying to learn how to dance is entertaining enough. It's surprising to see a boxer, Evander Holyfield, be able to dance so well. It was also surprising to see Kelly Monaco (who plays Sam on "General Hospital") do so well with spins, when she has an equilibrium problem.

I notice that it is easy to tell the difference between the professionals and the celebrities. The professionals smile and feel right at home performing the dances. The celebrities are very serious, and you can tell how hard they are concentrating on their moves. It will be interesting to see if the celebrities become more comfortable with the dances in the weeks to come.

I hope this shows comes back for another season, as I have fun cheering on my favorites.

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Updated 7/1/05  


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