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Primetime Show Reviews

"American Dad" Review by Suzanne 5/15/05

American Dad picture from

I have watched "Family Guy" since it started.  It is hit-or-miss, meaning it can be really funny, or kinda stupid.  But at least it was consistently that way (unlike both The Simpsons and South Park, both of which have long run out of ways to make me laugh but used to be really great all the time).

When I heard that the creators of Family Guy were coming out with another show, I wondered if it would be as funny.  The short answer: it's not.  I have seen a few episodes now.  It is worth watching for the occasional jokes that are really funny and daring, and because it follows Family Guy.  I just hope that the creators of Family Guy don't spread themselves too thin.  I would rather they make one great show and then two mediocre shows.

A lot of the jokes on American Dad revolve around the macho antics of the father, who works for the CIA.  These were the kind of jokes that they used to have on the show "Sledgehammer", which I really enjoyed.  I'm just not sure they work as well on an animated show. I will probably keep watching it at long as Family Guy is on, to see if it gets better or not.

Update: The show has really grown on me.  Sometimes it is funnier than "Family Guy". I don't think the writers have enough jokes for two shows....we'll see what happens, I guess!

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Updated 6/30/05  


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