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Primetime News Pages

Week of 9/9/12 News

This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to any shows or networks.

MOST OF THESE POSTS BELOW are just the main part of each bit of news. For the rest of the news, and video clips, and photos, and links, go to our Primetime Forum!

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This Week's News!


  • FX Sons of Anarchy premieres 9/11.
    Kurt Sutter, creator of FXs critically acclaimed drama series Sons of Anarchy, has issued a season five premiere challenge to fans. If the season five premiere rockets out of the gate with any percentage bump over season four in viewers 18-49 or total viewers, he will randomly select four Twitter followers from the U.S. to fly to Los Angeles and watch an episode with him, the cast, and a few of his closest friends. As an added bonus, those four winners will be included in a fan appreciation content piece featured on the season five retail DVD release. Four randomly selected international followers will also receive swag baskets.
    Please see the link for the actual challenge post issued by Kurt Sutter himself, and help us spread the word! Sutter's Twitter is and the official SOA Twitter is




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