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Out-of-Production TV Shows

Right now these links pages are where we dump the old links we have....we hope to get them all updated this year!

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Action / Adventure

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands WWW Site


Adderly's Covert Operations

Adventure, Inc.

Official Site

TV Tome Page

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.


The Adventures of Sinbad

Coming Soon...

The Adventures of Superman


The A-Team

The A-Team on the Web

Air America

UTV Page


The Airwolf Homepage

The Avengers

The Avengers Forever



Batfan Club Online-The Official site for the Batman Fan Club and Adam West! 

The 1966 Batman TV Tribute Site


Official Beastmaster Site

The Black Sash

TV Tome Page

The Cape

Kurt Leucht's The Cape Web Page


Combat! fan Page

The Equalizer

Coming Soon...


The WB Official Site


Coming Soon...

FX: The Series

Coming Soon...

The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.

Coming Soon...

Hardcastle and McCormick

The HTK TV Site


Hercules Page (in Spanish)

The Incredible Hulk

SciFi Channel

The Incredible Hulk Television Series Page

Knight Rider

Ajay's Knight Rider Homepage

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Coming Soon...

La Femme Nikita

Flash Mission

La Femme Nikita Forever

Tech Central

Section Intel

Lazarus Man

Coming Soon...

Lost World, The

Official Site

Lost World Fan Site

Lost World Plateau

Magnificent Seven

Coming Soon...

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Coming Soon...



Martial Law

fan site

Miami Vice

Coming Soon...

Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible Very cool, very high-tech page!

The New Avengers

The New Avengers

'The New Avengers' TV Series

One West Waikiki

Jolly Roger

Pensacola: Wings of Gold Pensacola Page

The Persuaders

The Persuaders Fan site for the cool series


The Players Pad

Rat Patrol

The Rat Patrol Classified Dossier

Relic Hunter

Official Site

Relic Hunter Archives

Ancient Studies: A Relic Hunter Fan Page

Relic Hunter Rules

Legends of the Lost: A Relic Hunter Fan Site


Coming Soon...

Robin of Sherwood

Coming Soon...

The Saint

The Saint on TV

Salvage 1

Salvage 1 Main Page

Sapphire and Steel

Coming Soon...

Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Tamara's Scarecrow and Mrs. King Page

The Scarecrow and Mrs. King Zone

The Sentinel

The Sentinel Fandom

Scifi Channel

Shadow Chasers

Shadow Chasers Home Page

She Spies

Official Site

TV Tome Page

The Definitive Natasha Henstridge Page


Coming Soon...

SOF: Special Ops Force

fan site

German site

Spy Game

Spy Game


Coming Soon...

TV21: Stingray

Strange Luck

The Unofficial Strange Luck Page  

Tales of the Gold Monkey

Tales of the Gold Monkey Web Site

Total Recall 2070

Official Total Recall 2070 Site

Michael Easton Corner


The Two Home Page

The Official Michael Easton Page

Tarzan New Fall Show!

Tarzan Fan Site

Threat Matrix

Official ABC Site

TV Tome

Veritas: The Quest

TV Tome Page


Official SONY 'VIP' Page

The Wild, Wild, West

The Wildest Home Page in the West  

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

The Young Indiana Jones page  


Bill's Zorro Page

The Official Home of Zorro!!

Baywatch Hawaii

Official Baywatch Site

The Fugitive

Official CBS 'The Fugitive' Page The Fugitive Page

Homepage of the Hunted: Unofficial Website of the Fugitive

La Femme Nikita

Official USA 'La Femme Nikita' Page

La Femme Nikita Anonymous

Walker, Texas Ranger

Official CBS 'Walker, Texas Ranger' Page

Official SONY 'Walker, Texas Ranger' Page

Walker Texas Ranger! Walker Texas Ranger Page

Xena, Warrior Princess

Official USA 'Xena' Page


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