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Classic Animated or Children's TV Show Links

You can find many of these shows at TV Guide's Show Guide Site and

Right now these links pages are where we dump the old links we have....we hope to get them all updated this year!

Note: These are fan sites unless otherwise stated. These are mostly US shows.


Official Noggin Site



Official MTV Site


The Adam and Joe Show

Channel 4 Site

Adam and Joe


Batman/The Adventures of Batman & Robin (AKA Batman, Gotham Nights)

Official Warner Brothers Site

Adventures of Batman and Robin FAQ


The Adventures of Gummi Bears



The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Fan page


The Adventures of TinTin

Coming Soon...


Aeon Flux

Coming Soon...


Anne of Green Gables

The Unofficial Anne of Green Gables Webpage  


Alice in Wonderland

Firpop's Toon Page


Alvin and the Chipmunks



Angela Anaconda

Coming Soon...


Angry Beavers

Official Nick 'Angry Beavers' Page

Thomas' Angry Beaver Site



Official site


The Banana Splits

Wingnut's page


Baby Looney Tunes

Official Cartoon Network Site


The Bananas in Pyjamas

Coming Soon...



The Unofficial Hal Seeger Productions Home Page



Battle of the Planets

Gatchaman, BOT & G-Force


Beakman's World

The Official Site


Beany and Cecil

The Unofficial Beany and Cecil Page


Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead's Playground

Chad's Realm



Official FOX 'Beetleborgs' Page

Pazsaz Entertainment Site



The Neitherworld


Being Eve

Official Noggin Site


Between the Lions

Official PBS Site


Betty Boop

Susan's Betty Boop Page


Big Comfy Couch

Official Page


Big Wolf on Campus

The BWOC Club

Big Wolf On Campus Shrine on the Web


Biker Mice from Mars

Unofficial Biker Mice from Mars Page


Bionic Six

Bionic Six My Way


Bob and Margaret

        Coming Soon...


Book of Pooh, The

Official Disney Site


Bookworm Bunch, The

Official PBS Site


Bobby's World

FOX Family Channel



The Unofficial Bonkers Page



The World's Greatest BOTS Master Page


Brak Show, The

Official Cartoon Network Site

Brak's Scrapbook


Brothers Garcia, The

Official Nick Site


The Brothers Grunt

The Brothers Grunt Monastery


Bucky O'Hare

DJ Clawson's Bucky O'Hare Fan Fiction and Information Page


The Bugaloos

Tranquility Forest


Bump in the Night

Coming Soon...


C-Bear and Jamal

Toonarific Cartoon Archive



Official Site

Official PBS Site


Calvin and the Colonel

Toon Tracker


Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels



Captain Kangaroo

Lost Kid Shows

Tim's TV Showcase


Captain N

Coming Soon...


Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future



Care Bears

Care Bears Page



Official Nick Site

The First Official CatDog Fan Site

Miss Sunshine's


Celebrity Deathmatch

The Celebrity Deathmatch Obsession Page

Celebrity Deathmatch Haven


Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Everything Rescue Ranger



Fan page


Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa Explains it All

Clarissa Explains it All Fan Site


Clifford the Big Red Dog

Official PBS Site

Scholastic's Clifford Site


Clone High USA

Official Site

Official MTV Site


Count Duckula

Nick Nostalgia Site


Courage the Cowardly Dog

Official Cartoon Network Site


Cousin Skeeter

Official Nick 'Cousin Skeeter' Site 


The Critic

The Critic Homepage



Official WB Site



Dangermouse! A fun British cartoon.


Darkwing Duck

Mander's Darkwing Duck Archive


Davey & Goliath

The Unofficial Davey & Goliath Home Page


Dexter's Laboratory

Vnet's Dexter's Laboratory page

Maavwik's Dexter's Laboratory Page

Official Cartoon Network Site


Digimon: Digital Monsters

The Digimon Frontier



The Unofficial Dinosaurs Home Page


Double Dare 2000

Official Nick 'Double Dare 2000' Page



Official Nick 'Doug' Page

Official Disney 'Doug' Page


Dr. Katz

The Many Faces of Dr. Katz


Dr. Snuggles

Doctor Snuggles Shrine


Dragon Ball /Z/GT

Official Site

Official Cartoon Network Page

Z Official Site

Z Official Cartoon Network Page

The Unrvialed Dragon Ball Source


Dragon Tales

Official PBS Site

Dragon Tales from Sesame Workshop

Dragon Tales Fan Megasite

AniSama's Dragon Tales Zonw


Drak Pack

DrakPack HQ



Ryan's Duckman Page


Earthworm Jim

Amram's Earthworm Jim Page


Eddie McDowd

Official Nick 'Eddie McDowd' Page


El Hazard

The Magical World of El Hazard


The Electric Company

Coming Soon...


Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl

The Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl Gallery


The Elephant Show

Sharon, Lois & Bramís Elephant Show 



Gate to the Vision of Escaflowne

Vision of Escaflowne Home page


Even Stevens

Official Disney Site

Even Stevens Online

Even Stevens World


Extreme Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters Fan Forum


Father of the Pride

Official NBC Site


Felix the Cat

The Felix the Cat Website

Dave Gerstein's Classic Felix the Cat Page


Fighting Foodons

Official FOX Site


Figure It Out

Official Nick 'Figure It Out' Page


Fireball XL5

Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5


The Flintstones

Coming Soon...


Fonz and the Happy Days Gang

Fan Page


Fraggle Rock

Chris' Fraggle Rock Page



Official Nick Jr. Site


The Friendly Giant

Paul Tripp and the Friendly Giant



Official FOX Site

Official Cartoon Network Site

Much Ado About Futurama

Can't Get Enough Futurama

The Leela Zone


G Gundam

Official Cartoon Network Site


Galaxy High

Coming Soon...


Galaxy Rangers

The Guild's Rangers Page



Official Site



The Gargoyles Fan Website


Generation O!

Official WB 'Generation O' Page


G.I. Joe

The Ultimate G.I. Joe Cartoon Website



Coming Soon...


The Great Space Coaster

The Great Space Coaster Unofficial Homepage



Coming Soon...



Official Cartoon Network Site

.hack//SIGN Defragmented


Hang Time

TV Tome


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

Official Cartoon Network Page


Henry's Cat

The Warm Lap


Hey Arnold

Official Nick Site

The Unofficial Hey Arnold! Site


Hey Dude

An Unofficial Fan Site


The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

Castle of Frightenstein


Home Movies

Official Cartoon Network Site

Leggman's Home Movies Fansite

Starboy Home Movies Supersite


Hong Kong Fooey

Cartoon Network


House of Mouse

Official Toon Disney Page


HR Pufnstuf and other




Hypernauts on the Net


Incredible Hulk: The Animated Series

DRG4's Page


Inspector Gadget

Coming Soon...


Invasion America

Coming Soon...


Isis TV Show

Oh Mighty Isis


Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Cindy's Page


Jem and the Holograms

Moonsis Jem & The Holograms Site


Jersey, The

Official Disney Site


The Jetsons

The Jetsons Unofficial Home


Johnny Bravo

Coming Soon...


Jonny Quest

Cartoon Network 


Josie and the Pussycats

Brad's Unofficial Josie and the Pussycats Website



Official Nick Site


Kenan & Kel

Official Nick Site

Completely Unofficial Kenan & Kel Website


Kids Incorporated

Mike's Page


Kid Notorious

Comedy Central


Kimba the White Lion

60's Anime Page

Kovu's Kimba Page


Kukla Fran and Ollie

The Unofficial Kuklapolitan Web Page


Land of the Lost



The Lassie Network


Lazer Tag Academy

Fan Page


Liberty's Kids

Official PBS Site

The Rebel Flowers' SIte



Coming Soon...


Lloyd in Space

Official Disney Site


Lizzie McGuire

Official Disney SIte

Lizzie McGuire's Fan Group

Hilary Duff Total Access 24/7


Lupin the Third

Official Site

The Lupin Encyclopedia

Lupin the Third Street


Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Official Nick Jr. Site


The Magic Garden

Coming Soon...



Official Nick Jr. Site


Maurice Sendak's Little Bear

Official Nick Jr. Site


Max & Ruby

Official Nick Jr. Site

Official Site

Rosemary Well's Website


Max Steel

Coming Soon...


The Maxx

Coming Soon...



Official Site



Mickey Mouse Club

Coming Soon...


Mighty Ducks

Dragon's Den


Mighty Orbots

Mighty Orbots


Mr. Benn

Coming Soon...


Mr. Magoo

Coming Soon...


Mummy, The

Official WB Site


The Muppets

Muppets Home Page


Muppet Babies

Coming Soon...


The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Official Nick 'The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo' Page 


The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog

Pazsaz Page 


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Completely Illustrated Fiction site

Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion


The New Tom and Jerry Show

Aaron's New Tom and Jerry Information Site


The New Zoo Revue

Coming Soon...


Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

Official Page


Ocean Girl

Noreo's Ocean Girl Home Page


Oh Yeah

Official Nick 'Oh Yeah' Page



Official Nick Jr. Site


Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Official Site


Phantom 2040

The Ghost Jungle


Pingu the Penguin

Frackles' Pingu Page


Pole Position

The Pole Position Animated Series Web Site



Popples Playground


Quack Pack

Coming Soon...


Rainbow Brite


Leia's Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite World


Ranma 1/2

Coming Soon...


The Real Ghostbusters

The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page


Real Monsters

Official Nick 'Real Monsters' Page



Official ABC Family Site


Ren and Stimpy

Ren-n-Stimpy Page

The Spumco Ren & Stimpy Archive

Ren & Stimpy Mainpage


Rescue Heroes

Official WB Site



Fokker's Robotech Homepage

Chad's Robotech Homepage


Rocket Power

Official Nick 'Rocket Power' Page


Rocko's Modern Life

Official Nick 'Rocko's Modern Life' Page


Rocky and Bullwinkle


Rocky and Bullwinkle Insantiy


Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Official PBS Site


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Universe

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon Hideaway


Saved by the Bell

The Saved by the Bell Web


Science Friday

Official Site



Cartoon Network

Official Site


The Secret Files of the Spydogs

Coming Soon...



Shazam! The Cartoon Show


The Shirt Tales

All Star Comics



Sigmund & The Sea Monsters

Coming Soon...


Silver Surfer: the Animated Series

DRG4's Silver Surfer the Animated Series Page

Silver Surfer Cartoon Central



Official Site

Just Smurfing Along


Fan page



The Soupy Sales Show

TV Party


Space Goofs




Speed Racer

Coming Soon...


Speed Racer (2002)

Official Site

Official Nick Site



Official MTV Site


Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

The Unofficial Web Page



Official Noggin Site


Stargate Infinity

All Stargate




Gerry Anderson's Supercar


Super Chicken

Dave's Un-Official Super Chicken Homepage



MRupprecht's Page

The World's Greatest Superfriends Archive


Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Coming Soon...



Official Warner Brothers Site

Superman Homepage


Super Mario Bros.

Coming Soon...


The SWAT Kat

Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Official TMNT Site

Dawnatello's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Homepage



Official Tech TV Site



The Ultimate Thundercats Webpage

Thundercats Shrine


The Tick

SPOON! The Tick Headquarters 

Brandon's Tribute to the Tick


Time Squad

Official Cartoon Network Site


Tiny Toon Adventures

The Tiny Toons Preservation Society

Buster Bunny's Home page


Today's Special

Fan  Page


Tokyo Pig

TV Tome Page


Tom and Jerry

        Coming soon...


Tomorrow People

Teleporter Take-Out


The Transformers

Coming soon...


Transformers: Armada

Official Cartoon Network Page

Transformers Armada Portal


Transformers Network


The Trap Door

The Unofficial Trap Door Page



Ultraman Archive


Ultraman Tiga

Official FOX Site

Absolute Ultraman



DJ Clawson's Underdog Home Page

Super Series



Coming soon...


VR Troopers 

Coming soon...


The Weird Al Show

Coming soon...


Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?

Official Cartoon Network Site


Wild & Crazy Kids

Official Nick Site


Winky Dink and You

TV Party


The X-Men

DRG4's X-Men The Animated Series Page


X-Men Evolution

Official WB Site

Cartoon Network


X-Men Evolution Online (Russian site)


You're On

Official Nick 'You're On' Page


Young Hercules

Kristen's Young Hercules Page


Yu Yu Hakusho

Official Cartoon Network Site

Kurama's Territory


Zeta Project, The

Beegirl's Zeta Project Site

Upgrade: A Zeta Project Website



Official PBS Site



Official PBS Site

If you are interested in helping out with these pages, please email us! It is not hard and we will give you complete instructions on how to help.  Thanks!!

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