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Gilmore Girls Episode Guide 

by Elizabeth, January 2005

Season Two (2001 - 2002)


 1. Sadie, Sadie
Lorelai accepts Max's proposal and tells everyone but her parents. Luke has lots of questions when he finds out about the upcoming nuptials. Lane's parents decide to send her to Korea, with a one way ticket for the summer. Emily and Richard meet Dean. Richard and Rory argue over her choice in boys.

2. Hammers And Veils
Henry goes to Rory for help in getting in touch with Lane. Richard apologizes to Rory. Emily gives Lorelai the cold shoulder when she finally tells her mother that she's marrying Max. Rory gets stressed out due to school reasons/ Lorelai and her mother make up.

3. Red Light on the Wedding Night
Dean gives Max some inside information on the Gilmore Girls. Max has a 'trial run' of living in Stars Hollow. Luke gives Lorelai and Max their wedding gift. Lorelai, Sookie, Emily, Michel, and Rory go to a drag club for Lorelai's bachelorette party where Lorelai ends up calling her ex. Lorelai announces to Rory after the party that the wedding is being called off (her decision). Lorelai and Rory take off in order to avoid

4. Road Trip to Harvard
In their attempt to escape Stars Hollow's reaction to the broken engagement the Gilmore girls hit the road and end up at a bed & breakfast that they hate. Eventually they end up at Harvard so that Rory can see where she will end up in a couple short years. Lane comes home from Korea. Luke gives everyone in the diner free coffee when he hears that the wedding is off.

5. Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy
Luke's nephew, Jess comes to Stars Hollow to stay with his uncle. Lorelai tries to help Luke out and even hosts a 'welcome to town' party for him. Jess takes a liking to Rory. Luke has to lay down the law when it comes to Jess within the first couple of days. Paris comes up with a plan to keep Rory from working on the school paper and it backfires.

6. Presenting Lorelai Gilmore
Emily gets upset at Richard because he cancels plans that they have with friends so that he can put in more hours at the office. Emily thinks that Rory should come out at a debutante ball and Rory agrees to do it. Dean and Rory take dance lessons for the ball. Christopher agrees to escort his daughter at the ball. When Christopher arrives in town she is surprises as some of the life changes he has made. Richard and Emily bicker loudly at the debutante ball and Emily finds out that her husband is worried about losing his job.

7. Like Mother, Like Daughter
Rory falls in with a 'secret society' at Chilton after her headmaster tells her that she needs to socialize more. During her iniation into the group she gets caught and in trouble with the headmaster. Lorelai joins the Booster Club in order to appease her mother and the Chilton headmaster. Headmaster Charleston decrees that both Gilmore girls need to improve their socialization skills at Chilton if they want him to write a glowing recommendation for Rory's Harvard application. Lorelai asks Luke not to date a specific woman and he tells her that he's not interested anyway.

8. The Ins and Outs of Inns
Lorelai and Sookie find out that their dream inn is not for sale. Sookie and Lorelai argue and then make up. Emily meets with the owner of the Independence Inn. They talk about the years that Lorelai was out of touch and called the inn her home. Taylor accuses Jess of putting up a fake murder scene outside of his store. After talking to Jess Rory gets him to be careful about having Luke take the blame for his actions.

9. Run Away, Little Boy
After urging from Sookie to get closure with the whole Max thing Lorelai goes on a date with someone from her business class. Rory and Tristan are cast as 'Romeo and Juliet' in a school project. Tristan has a run in with Dean and Rory has to pull them apart. Paris ends up having to step in as Romeo at the last minute.

10. The Bracebridge Dinner
When a storm doesn't allow a group to attend a historical night at the Independence Inn Sookie and Lorelai invite their Stars Hollow friends to enjoy what they have prepared. Luke lies to Jess in trying to protect him from getting hurt. Richard reveals at dinner that he quit his job which comes as a shock to Emily. Jess tries to come in between Rory and Dean.

11. Secrets and Loans
Lorelai goes to her parents for help with money and has to have her mother cosign a loan. Paris gets angry when Rory decides to not tell her the score she got on her PSATs. Lane decides that she wants to become a cheerleader which causes a tension between her and Rory.

12. Richard in Stars Hollow
Emily is annoyed by the fact that her husband is now around her 24-7 and decides that he should spend a day with his daughter. Lorelai's father visits Star's Hollow and drives his daughter crazy. Paris decides that in order to win a National High School newspaper contest that they need a good story. She's convinces that she will find that story in Stars Hollow.

13. A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Dean gets angry when he is outbid at an annual auction where you bid on a picnic basket and time spent with the maker of that basket. Jackson gets angry at Sookie and refuses to bid on her basket, causing Kirk to win it. Luke wins Lorelai's basket. Miss Patty tries to set Lorelai up with some bachelors. Henry lets Lane know that he's tired of having to avoid her mother. Sookie and Jackson make up and get engaged.

14. It Should've Been Lorelai
Christopher arrives in Stars Hollow and introduces Lorelai and Rory to his girlfriend, Sherrie. Sherrie and Rory have a girlís night out while Christopher and Lorelai have dinner with Richard and Emily. Emily gets mad that Christopher has another girlfriend when she finds out and blames her daughter for driving him away. Lorelai thinks about what her mother says and then tells Christopher the next day that she's always secretly thought that they would end up together. She adds in that she thinks this is the cause of her not having a long lasting relationship. Christopher gets angry and tells her that she needs to accept responsibility for the way her life has turned out.

15. Lost And Found
Lorelai employs Jess in order to appease her daughter and give Jess another chance. Luke goes apartment hunting and ends up buying a building. Dean notices that Roryís bracelet that he made her for her birthday is missing. Lorelai realizes that Jess is interested in her daughter.

16. There's the Rub
Lorelai accepts a weekend of relaxation from her mother, not realizing that her mother attending was a part of the deal. The two end up enjoying some time together and Emily ends up blaming her daughter for some of her behavior. Rory's hopes for a quiet weekend at home are destroyed when she gets visits from Paris, Jess and Dean.

17. Dead Uncles and Vegetables
Luke plans his uncle's funeral. Emily helps Sookie plan her wedding while Lorelai and Rory help run the diner. Taylor gets angry and calls a town meeting because of a farmer's market that has opened across from Doose's.

18. Back in the Saddle Again
Rory goes to her grandfather when she needs help with a business project. His time spent with Rory and her classmates makes Richard realize that he's unhappy with being retired. Michelís mother visits. In trying to get close to Rory Dean becomes clingy, driving Rory even further away.

19. Teach Me Tonight
Lorelai is put in charge of choosing a movie for the towns "Movie in the Square Night" and it is much harder of a job than she originally anticipated. Lorelai allows Rory to tutor Jess and on a study break the two end up in a car accident. Rory receives a broken wrist and Lorelai blames Luke for the accident. Christopher comes to town to check on his daughter. Jess leaves town. Kirk's film is the opened for the town's movie night.

20. Help Wanted
Richard opens his new International Consultation business. Lorelai fills in for her father at the office until he can find someone to replace her. Lane sees a drum set a new music store in Stars Hollow and decides that she wants to be a drummer. Everyone in town blames Jess for the car accident to Rory's dismay. Luke takes a break from the diner and Stars Hollow.

21. Lorelai's Graduation Day
Lorelai avoids Luke at the diner and runs into him at the grocery store. She apologizes and things are still awkward between her and him. Rory tells her grandparents about her mother graduating from college and invites them to the ceremony. Jess calls Rory. Rory cuts school, visits Jess in NYC and misses her mother's graduation. Christopher sends Lorelai a graduation gift. Richard and Emily attend their daughter's graduation and are obviously proud of her. Lorelai realizes that her daughter has feelings for Jess.

22. I Can't Get Started
Lorelai apologizes to Luke a second time for her remarks about Jess. Christopher comes to town to visit his daughter and decides to stay for SOokie's wedding. He tells Lorelai that he and Sherrie are through. Lorelai and Christopher look as though they're an item once more, which makes both Emily & Rory happy. Christopher has to return to Boston after an unanticipated phone call from Sherrie. Paris runs for student body president and requests that Rory be her vice president so that she has a better chance of winning. The two win. Jess returns to Star Hollow and wants to stay, Luke agrees. Jess finds Rory at the wedding and she kisses him.

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Updated 1/20/05 

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