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Gilmore Girls Episode Guide 

by Elizabeth, January 2005

Season Three (2002 - 2003)


1. Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days
Lorelai has a dream about living with Luke and being pregnant. Rory comes home from Washington DC to find that Jess has a girlfriend. Jackson gets angry at Sookie when she wants to make their home more ‘manly.’ Rory helps Paris get ready for a date with Jamie. Lorelai tells her parents the truth about her and Christopher. Emily and Richard argue about Lorelai, Christopher, Sherrie, Rory and the new baby.

2. Haunted Leg
Kirk asks Lorelai out on a date. Emily has lunch with her daughter and confesses that she has spoken to Christopher, who is not in love with Sherrie. Jess confesses to Rory that he was hurt that he never heard from her all summer. Rory realizes she may have a new nemesis at Chilton, Francie. Lorelai continues to ignore Christopher until he shows up at her parent’s house.

3. Application Anxiety
Rory gets her Harvard application in the mail. A Chilton college application seminar creates more stress for Rory. Taylor decides he’s opening an old fashioned soda shop next to the diner and forces Luke to agree to it. Dean talks to Rory about their future. Lorelai and Rory attend lunch with a Harvard alumnus to ease her anxiety about the Harvard application.

4. One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes
Lorelai and Luke are asked to speak to a group of students from Stars Hollow high school. Everything goes fine until some of the students start asking questions about Lorelai being a teenage mother, which enrages some of the local mothers. Luke lectures Jess on the right way to treat his girlfriend. Lane decides to dye her hair. Rory runs into Shane, Jess’s girlfriend numerous times and decides to be mean to her.

5. Eight O'Clock at the Oasis
Lorelai attends an auction with Michel that her mother has told her about. She meets a man there and ends up having to ask her mother for his name and phone number. She goes on a date with the man which makes her mother happy. Lorelai and Rory get a strange new neighbor. Jess helps Rory out.

6. Take the Deviled Eggs...
Lorelai takes Rory to Sherrie’s baby shower in Boston with the intent of going shopping while Rory is busy. Lorelai gets dragged into the baby shower against her. Will. Jess buys a car and Luke can’t figure out how his nephew can afford it. Lorelai and her daughter ‘devil egg’ Jess’s car with goodies that Sherrie has sent home with them.

7. They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?
Lorelai wants to win a town dance marathon, but first has to find a partner. She eventually convinces Rory to be her partner. Dean and Jess both show up to watch Rory at the marathon. Dean realizes that his girlfriend may like Jess and breaks up with her. Kirk wins the dance marathon for the fifth year in a row.
8. Let the Games Begin
Someone steals Kirk’s dance marathon trophy. Luke gives Jess some rules if he’s going to be dating Rory. Lorelai and Rory agree to go with Richard and Emily to Yale for an alumni event. Richard surprises the Gilmore women with an interview appointment for Rory. Jess and Rory have their first kiss. Rory tries to mend fences with Dean.

9. A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving
Kirk gets a cat and names it after himself. Lorelai and Rory are invited to four different Thanksgiving dinners and plan on attending each one of them. At the Kim’s Thanksgiving dinner Lane has managed to get Dave invited by telling her mother he plays Christian music on his guitar. Lane gets her first kiss and then is asked out by Dave. At Luke’s they share dinner with Rory’s new boyfriend and his uncle. At Sookie’s house Jackson has deep fried the turkey sending Sookie into anxiety mode. At Richard and Emily’s Rory reveals to everyone there for the first time that she has applied to Yale.

10. That'll Do, Pig
Dean and Rory decide to be friends with one another. Lorelai's grandmother, Lorelai I visits Connecticut as a surprise on her son’s birthday. Lorelai struggles to find a good gift for her father and ends up letting Rory deal with it. Emily takes advice from her daughter on how to deal with her mother-in-law. Rory decides that she’s not going to take any more crap from Francie. Jess and Rory go to the town Winter Carnival with Dean and his younger sister.

11. I Solemnly Swear
Lorelai and Sookie attend a ‘How to Run an Inn’ Seminar. While there Sookie runs into an old friend and his new business partner. Sookie is asked out by her friend and Lorelai is asked out by the business partner. Lorelai has to give a deposition for her mother. Francie lies to Paris about Rory which causes problems between Rory and Paris.

12. Lorelai Out of Water
Lane comes up with a plan to convince her mother to let her go to the prom, it works but with different results than she had anticipated. Luke meets with Taylor’s attorney to fill out paperwork for the soda shop and the two connect. Lorelai goes out with Alex, the business partner of Sookie’s old friend. Lorelai lets Lane and her band practice in their garage. Paris tries to get Rory impeached and the two girls get in trouble with the headmaster.

13. Dear Emily and Richard
Jess and Dean argue over Rory. Luke and Nicole go on their first date. Sherrie goes into labor and has only Lorelai and Rory by her side. Lorelai buys her mother a DVD player. Emily and Richard don’t agree with Lorelai and Rory’s idea of a vacation. During the entire episode Lorelai thinks back to when she was younger and became pregnant.

14. Swan Song
Lorelai has a double date with Alex, Sookie and Jackson in New York City for the weekend. She worries what Rory will be doing at home alone. Jess gets a black eye and doesn’t tell anyone the truth about it but Luke. Emily gets Rory to bring Jess to dinner which results in the two teens having their first full blown argument. Lane and Dave continue to hide the fact that they’re into one another from the rest of the band.

15. Face-Off
Taylor and his family take over the Independence Inn for their family reunion. Lane and Dave figure out a way to date one another. Emily gets rid of her mother-in-law by using some unscrupulous tactics. Rory finds out that Dean has another girlfriend.

16. The Big One
Sookie and Jackson find out that she is pregnant. Paris and Rory make up and compete to speak at a Chilton event. Max and Lorelai kiss after running into one another numerous times. Paris freaks out on C-Span when she doesn’t get into Harvard. Rory gets her college acceptance letters.

17. A Tale of Poes and Fire
There is a fire at the Independence Inn and the townspeople come together to help make sure all the guests have a place to stay. Lorelai spends the night at Luke’s and finds out that Nicole doesn’t like her too much. Sookie and Luke bond over food. Jess receives an ‘Employee of the Month’ award and Luke wonders how much time he’s spending at school. Kirk decides to go into the t-shirt business. Rory has to decide between Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Rory gives Paris a pep talk after she shuts herself off from the world.

18. Happy Birthday, Baby
Lorelai and Rory announce that she’s going to Yale and her grandparents couldn’t be happier. Rory plans her mother’s birthday week and Kirk gets injured in making the world’s largest pizza. Michel competes with the day manager over who can give Lorelai the ‘best’ present. Richard gives his daughter a 75k check that was from an investment made in her name for her when she was born. Emily gets mad at her daughter with what she wants to do with the money. Luke meets Nicole’s parents and it doesn’t go well.

19. Keg! Max!
Lorelai runs into Max at a Booster Club meeting. Lane, Dave and the band get their first job playing at a party. Lane realizes that Young Chiu is in love with her. Jess and Dean have a fist fight. Lane gets drunk and calls her mother to make a confession. Jess flunks out of school and he doesn’t tell Rory. The two argue. Lorelai finds Nicole and Luke in bed at the Inn and is surprised even though she invited them to stay the night.

20. Say Goodnight, Gracie
The owner of the Dragonfly dies and Lorelai and Sookie try to buy it. Rory and Jess still aren’t talking. Dean gives Rory some surprising news about his love life. Dave makes a heartfelt plea to Mrs. Kim and she agrees to let him take her daughter to the prom. Jess’s father comes to Stars Hollow. Luke gives Jess an ultimatum.

21. Here Comes the Son
Jess leaves Stars Hollow to find his father, Jimmy in California. Lorelai tries to figure out a way to tell her daughter about Jess leaving as well as the fact that Yale didn’t offer them any financial aid. Lorelai and her parents are still at odd over the 75 thousand dollars. Rory tells her grandmother what she thinks of how she is treating Lorelai.

22. Those Are Strings, Pinocchio
Rory finds out that Yale did not give her any financial help and that her mother isn’t going to buy the Dragonfly so that she can pay for Yale. Richard and Emily consult with Lorelai on Rory’s graduation gift. Rory goes to her grandparents and negotiates a deal so that she can go to Yale and that her mother can buy the Dragonfly without telling Lorelai. Jess calls Rory. Rory makes up with Dean and wishes him well in his future with Lindsey. Lorelai and Rory pack for Europe.

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Updated 1/20/05 

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