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Gilmore Girls Episode Guide

by Elizabeth, January 2005

Season One (2000 - 2001)


 1. Pilot
Rory is accepted to Chilton, a private school that is too expensive for her mother to afford on her own. Lorelai is forced to go to her estranged parents for financial help in paying for her daughter's school. The Gilmoreís (Richard & Emily) gladly give the money to Lorelai & Rory in exchange for a family dinner every Friday night. During her last week at public school Rory meets Dean. This new development makes her doubt wanting to attend prep school and causes an argument between her and Lorelai.

2. The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton
Lorelai embarrasses both her daughter and her mother on Rory's first day at Chilton. Rory seems overwhelmed by the amount of work she has to catch up on from the first week of school.

3. Kill Me Now
Rory spends some time with her grandfather and discovers that they get along better than she anticipated. Lorelai freaks out when she finds out that her daughter enjoyed spending time with her father. Lorelai is busy at work with a double wedding for twins.

4. The Deer-Hunters
Rory gets a low grade (her first ever) on an English paper and is teased by Paris. This gets Rory even more stressed out about an upcoming English exam. Lorelai helps her daughter study and on the day of the test the two oversleep. On the way to school Rory gets into a car accident and arrives too late to take her test. Rory gives both Paris & Tristan a well deserved tongue lashing. Lorelai pleads with the headmaster on behalf of Rory which doesn't help. When the girls get home Rory's English teacher has left a message telling her that he's spoken with the headmaster and that Rory can have some extra credit work in order to bring up her grade.  Sookie gets an amazing review in a magazine, but focuses on a minute aspect of the article. When she finds out the problem she arrives at the critic's home with the corrected meal.

5. Cinnamon's Wake
Sookie makes food for a Chilton Bake Sale and draws the attention of Rory's English teacher (Max) to the table. He asks Lorelai out on a date and she agrees to meet for coffee. The two have a wonderful time. Lorelai finally talks to Rory about Max. Dean and Rory continue to run into one another in town. Dean finally tells her that he's interested in her and that if she wants him to leave her alone that he will. She tells him that she's interested and then runs away. Babbette & Morey's cat, Cinnamon dies. Lorelai ends up skipping out on the funeral of a cousin to attend the funeral of Cinnamon.

6. Rory's Birthday Parties
Rory is about to turn 16, and Emily & Lorelai argue over what kind of birthday party Rory should have. Emily argues that her granddaughter should have a 'proper' party while Lorelai is in favor of a more informal gathering. They agree to have two parties for Rory. Emily's party does not go well when she invites classmates of Rory's without checking with her. Rory tells her mother who feels badly. Lorelai and Emily argue over how Emily treated her granddaughter. When Emily & Richard attend Lorelai's party for Rory, Emily realizes that she doesn't know her daughter at all. Dean makes Rory a bracelet for her birthday.

7. Kiss and Tell
Dean and Rory have their first kiss in public, at the grocery store where Dean works. Rory gets home and decides not to tell her mother who is in a bad mood. Lorelai finds out about the kiss from Mrs. Kim, who thinks that Rory is a bad influence on her daughter, Lane. Lorelai is upset that she had to hear about the kiss from someone other than Rory. Lorelai decides to invite Dean over to watch movies with them, which bothers Rory at first. Lorelai warns Dean to treat her daughter the right way. Dean and Rory share a second kiss on the front porch.

8. Love and War and Snow
Rory becomes stranded at her grandparentís house after a snowstorm. Lorelai runs into Max whose car has died in Stars Hollow on his way home. Max and Lorelai watch movies and have burgers on their first date. Luke looks less than pleased when he witnesses the two of them walking around town together and then sees them kiss. Lane is already at Lorelai's house, waiting to talk to Rory. Lorelai talks to Lane who is embarrassed by something that happened at school. Rory comes home in the morning to find Lane in her bedroom and her English teacher on the couch. Lorelai and Rory talk about Lorelai beginning to date again.

9. Rory's Dance
Lorelai finds out about a Chilton dance from her mother who receives the school newsletter. Rory doesn't want to go and her mother convinces her that it might be a good idea. Lane helps give Rory the courage to ask Dean to the dance and even though he's not the 'dance type' he agrees to go. Emily is invited to see Rory leave for her first dance and ends up staying in Stars Hollow after Lorelai suffers from a back spasm. Lorelai and Emily share some bonding time. Dean almost gets into a fight with Tristan at the dance. Dean and Rory finally have the 'boyfriend/girlfriend' talk. The two fall asleep at Miss Patty's reading to one another which cause Emily & Lorelai to argue the next morning. Lorelai and Rory argue.

10. Forgiveness and Stuff
Lorelai and Rory are still arguing as evidenced by their avoidance of one another. Lane tries to help Rory give Dean the perfect Christmas gift for Dean. Emily and Lorelai argue about Christmas dinner, and Rory has to go alone. Richard collapses. Luke helps Lorelai out and drives her to the hospital. Emily has a near melt down at the hospital and is impressed with how her daughter helped save the day. Emily and Lorelai call a truce after hearing the Richard's collapse was angina.

11. Paris is Burning
Lorelai and Max get closer. Rory becomes used to the idea of her mother dating Max. Sookie and Lorelai have a talk about relationships and Lorelai inadvertently insults her best friend. During Parent's Night at Chilton Max and Lorelai end up kissing in his classroom, which Paris ends up witnessing.  Soon Lorelai is at the center of the Chilton rumor mill and Rory is embarrassed. Emily finds out about the kiss and berates Lorelai for it. Paris apologizes to Rory for spreading gossip and Rory offer to listen to Paris about her parents divorce. Max realizes that the kiss at Chilton could have ended his career and opts to back off things with Lorelai. Sookie asks Jackson, the produce man out on a date and he happily accepts.

12. Double Date
Sookie sets up a definite date with Jackson, whose cousin is in town. That means one thing - Lorelai is going as the date for Jackson's cousin. Rory goes to Dean for help in setting up Todd, Dean's friend and Lane. Lane lies to her mother so that she can have a double date with Todd, Rory and Dean. Sookie's double date with Jackson, his cousin and Lorelai starts off badly and ends at the diner. Mrs. Kim finds Lorelai and demands that they find Rory and Lane immediately. Mrs. Kim drags Lane home and grounds her. Lorelai decides to talk to Mrs. Kim the next day to see if she can help with the situation.

13. Concert Interruptus
Lorelai buys a sweatshirt at a Stars Hollow rummage sale that was donated by Luke. He freaks out by her wearing the shirt and she later finds out that it belonged to his ex-girlfriend, Rachel. Lorelai ends up giving the shirt back to Luke. Sookie scores tickets to the Bangles concert which happens to be in the city. Rory gets stuck working on a school project with Paris, Madeline and Louise. The girls end up in Stars Hollow and when Lane can't go to the concert they go to the Bangles concert (Sookie and Lorelai end up with seats in the nosebleed section that they bought at the door). Madeline and Louise take off with some college guys that they meet at the concert, while Rory & Paris stay to enjoy the music. After the concert Lorelai eventually tracks down the girls.

14. That Damn Donna Reed
Lorelai suggests that perhaps the diner needs a new paint job and gets commissioned to help out with the job. Dean and Rory argue over a womanís role in the household. Rory baby-sits Babbette's new kitten and makes Dean a 'Donna Reed' type dinner. While Rory is cat sitting Lorelai looses Rory's school project and has to call Luke to help her find it. Both Sookie and Emily press Lorelai for dirt on her relationship with Luke. Christopher, Rory's father shows up in town and needs a place to stay. Rory insists that her father stay at the house with the girls.

15. Christopher Returns
Rory gives her father the grand tour of her town and learns that he wants to be more involved with her life. Lorelai warns her daughter not to get her hopes up. Emily arranges a dinner with Christopher, his parents, Lorelai and Rory which turns out to be a mistake. Emily reminds her granddaughter how much she is loved and wanted. Lorelai realizes that although her father is willing to defend her he is not willing to forgive her. Christopher and Lorelai relive some of their past outside of her old bedroom. Luke is hurt when he finds out that Lorelai blew him & a 'painting date' off to be with her ex. Christopher asks Lorelai to marry him and she turns him down. Christopher heads back to California and promises the girls to be in their lives more.

16. Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers
Dean plans a romantic night for his and Rory's 3 month anniversary. Emily tries to set Lorelai up with a single man at the Friday night dinner. Rachel, Luke's ex girlfriend arrives in town and makes Lorelai feel inadequate. Richard helps his daughter 'escape' the house & bad date. Dean presents Rory with her anniversary gift, a car he's restoring for her and then he tells her that he loves her. Rory doesn't respond and Dean is so hurt that he breaks up with her.

17. The Breakup, Part 2
Rory is in denial about her breakup with Dean. Lorelai finds out that Rachel is staying in town for a while. Luke and Dean wrestle. Rory decides to go to Madeline's party and drags Lane along with her. Lorelai borrows Skokieís car in order to make a bold move in regards to Max. Lane meets Henry, a nice Korean boy at Madeline's party. Max and Lorelai get closer and then decide to talk on the phone regularly until they figure things out. Tristan kisses Rory at the party.

18. The Third Lorelai
Richard's mother, Lorelai I is coming to Hartford to visit the family. Emily is less than thrilled to hear about their new house guest. Lorelai fins her mother stressing out about her mother in laws visit. Lorelai admits to Rory that she knows very little about her grandmother. Rory convinces Tristan to ask Paris out on a date. At dinner with Lorelai I there the girls watch as Richard's mother berates Emily. Paris turns to Rory in getting ready for her date. When Rory isn't around Lorelai I tells Lorelai II that she has set up a trust fund for Rory. She agrees to arrange it so that Rory can use the money to pay school. Emily is upset and fears that she will never see her daughter again if she gets the money. She convinces her daughter that it will drive a wedge between her and Rory as well. Lorelai I witnesses the fight between her granddaughter and daughter in law and retracts the offer.

19. Emily in Wonderland
Rory invites her grandmother to Stars Hollow to check out Mrs. Kim's antique store. Rachel and Lorelai check out an abandoned building called 'Dragonfly.' Lorelai gives Rune (Jackson's rude cousin) a job at the Independence Inn as a favor to Sookie. Rachel admits to Lorelai that she's ready to settle down with Luke. Rachel asks Lorelai for help in convincing Luke that she's in town for good. Luke makes it clear the he doesn't like Rachel & Lorelai hanging out. Henry calls Lane. Emily takes a room in her house and fills it with the things Rory loves so that she will have a space of her own. Emily & Lorelai argue over the past.

20. P.S. I Lo ..
Rory finds out from Max that he and her mother are dating again. Luke goes to Lorelai for help when it comes to getting a present for Rachel. Dean and Lane are partners for a school project. Rory argues with Lane and then argues with her mother. Rory runs to stay at her grandparentís home for the night.

21. Love, Daisies and Troubadours
Tristan invites Rory to a concert and she tells him she can't go. Tristan then lies to everyone and tells them that he has a date with Rory. Luke avoids Rachel. Rachel leaves town telling Luke not to wait to tell the person he cares for how he feels. Dean and Rory make up. Max proposes to Lorelai by filling the Independence Inn with yellow daisies.

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Updated 1/20/05 

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