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Gilmore Girls Episode Guide 

by Elizabeth, January 2005

Season Four (2003 - 2004)


 1. Ballrooms and Biscotti
Lorelai and Rory return from Europe. Sookie updates those who want to know on what sex the baby is. Rory decides not to be an ‘Ice Cream Queen’ when she realizes she wrote down the wrong date for freshman orientation. Luke tells Lorelai what happened on his cruise with Nicole. Lorelai misses dinner at her parent’s house which gets Emily angry.

2. The Lorelais' First Day at Yale
Lorelai borrows Luke’s truck to help Rory move into Yale. Rory meets her roommates – a 16 year old whiz kid, a runner and Paris. Luke refuses to hire a lawyer to deal with his divorce from Nicole which sends a troop of lawyers to the diner to deal with Luke. Rory becomes homesick and Lorelai ends up spending the night at Yale and helps Rory make some new friends.

3. The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles
Lorelai agrees to plan & cater a child’s birthday party after some coaxing from Sookie. Emily breaks into Rory’s dorm room and furnishes the place. Sookie has a meltdown when she realizes she’s not great with all kids. Richard debates taking on a business partner. Paris convinces Rory to participate in their floor’s first week party.

4. Chicken or Beef?
Rory returns home with shorter hair and discovers that Kirk has installed a security system at her mother’s house. Rory finds out that Dean & Lindsey’s wedding is happening on Sunday. Lane & the band search for a guitarist to replace Dave. Rory runs into Dean who awkwardly invites her & Lorelai to the wedding. Sookie and Lorelai visit Michel at his new job and ask him to join them at the Dragonfly. Lorelai & Sookie have trouble getting Taylor to agree to let them make changes to the Dragonfly. Dean makes a confession to Luke after having a bit too much to drink the night before his wedding.

5. The Fundamental Things Apply
Rory goes out on a date with a classmate and realizes that it’s going to be as easy as it was in Stars Hollow. Luke goes to Lorelai’s for the Gilmore movie night that she used to share with her daughter. Rory meets Marty, the boy she lent her robe to after the party. Lorelai finds out that the woman, Natalie who is in charge of decorating the Dragonfly Inn also worked for her mother. Sookie & Jackson choose names for the baby. Two of Rory’s roommates have trouble getting along.

6. An Affair to Remember
Under pressure from Sookie Lorelai tells her mother that she and Sookie cater events and would like to have the job of catering Richard’s new business dinner. Rory has trouble finding a good spot to study. Kirk has a date with Lulu. Emily’s feelings get hurt when Richard’s new business partner is rude to her. Lorelai defends her mother and gets a date.

7. The Festival of Living Art
Stars Hollow puts on their ‘Festival of Living Art’ and Lorelai has to beg Taylor to let her be involved. Kirk is excited that he has a girlfriend and lets everyone know about it. Nicole approaches Luke and wants to postpone the divorce until after they give dating another shot. Sookie and Jackson decide to get a midwife and have their baby at home. Lane and the band interview a great guitarist with one down side. Sookie goes into labor.

8. Die, Jerk
Rory tries to appease her editor at the newspaper and writes a scathing review of a ballet. The ballerina takes it personally and lets Rory know that she doesn’t appreciate it. Richard’s business partner takes a challenge from Lorelai and gets invited to dinner at Emily & Richard’s. Lorelai argues with Luke when she finds out that he’s going to give it another go with Nicole. Lane and Dave argue. Sookie’s midwife is a bit overprotective of Davey, Sookie and Jackson’s child.

9. Ted Koppel's Big Night Out
Lorelai and Rory attend the Yale/Harvard game with Richard & Emily. Rory and Paris have lunch with Richard who introduces them to his friend, Asher Fleming who happens to be a professor. Paris is determined to interview Asher after finding out that he is a famous commentator. At the game the Gilmore’s run into Richard’s ex girlfriend. Emily finds out about a secret that Richard has kept from her for 39 years. Stars Hollow boycotts Luke’s diner and tell him that he needs to fore an employee before they will come back. Rory finds Paris and Asher Fleming lip locked after the game. Lorelai has a date with Jason and at their first restaurant they run into Ted Koppel.

10. The Nanny and the Professor
Lorelai and Jason decide not to tell Emily & Richard about their relationship. Rory returns to school and finds out that she is in one of Asher’s classes. Rory ends up having to cover for Paris so that she can be with Asher. Sookie hire Tobin as a nanny which gets Michel competitive. Luke hires Lane to work at the diner.

11. In the Clamor and the Clangor
Lane sneaks out of the house for a band gig and ends up at Rory’s. Lorelai finds out that Luke is living with Nicole and is less than thrilled about it. Mrs. Kim finds out about Lane’s ‘secret’ life and orders her to move out if she wants to continue playing in her band.

12. A Family Matter
Lane is living at Rory’s dorm. Luke’s sister and Jess return to Stars Hollow. Jamie visits Yale for his birthday and Paris avoids him. Rory tells Paris that she needs to choose between Jamie and Asher. Paris breaks up with Jamie. Jess finds out that Luke stole & hid his car in an attempt to get him to go back to school. Rory sees Jess and keeps on walking. Lorelai promises Jason that she will tell her parents about their relationship.

13. Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels
Jess is stuck in Stars Hollow until his car gets fixed. He keeps running into Rory all over town. Lane asks Lorelai about her mother. Lorelai attends a benefit dinner at her parents house where she runs into Jason. Luke allows his sister, Liz to try her new business venture out on his customers. Luke and Jess meet Liz’s boyfriend, TJ. Lorelai comforts Luke when he gets upset at something Jess tells him. Jess makes a confession to Rory before he leaves town.

14. The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais
Lorelai I returns to Connecticut and yells at Lorelai II for her money problems at the Inn and then at Richard for not helping her out. Richard tells his mother that she is being inappropriate. Dean is working for the Dragonfly Inn construction crew. Lorelai and Rory can’t seem to connect on the phone. Lorelai and Sookie bicker over the responsibilities of getting the Inn ready. Rory finds out that she may be taking too many classes. Paris and Janet argue. Lane moves in with Lorelai and gets her job back at the diner. Lorelai goes to Luke for help.

15. Scene in a Mall
Kirk takes up dog sitting. Lane decides to move in with the band and has to see her mother to get her things. Lorelai and Rory decide to spend the day together at the mall when they realize they hardly have time for one another anymore. At the mall Rory and Lorelai run into Emily who tells them that she’s sick of Richard’s attitude. Luke lends Lorelai money to finish work on the Dragonfly. Dean seems unhappy with his marriage, despite what he tells others.

16. The Reigning Lorelai
Emily is upset when her husband would rather play golf than go with her to a funeral of a friend. Lorelai I dies unexpectedly and Richard has a meltdown. Emily begins planning the funeral until she finds a letter from Lorelai I to Richard the night before her wedding. Lorelai II takes over planning the funeral. Luke and Nicole argue. Richard refuses one of his mother’s last wishes to help reconnect with his wife.

17. Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist
Rory and Paris decide to head to Florida for Spring Break and run into Madeline and Louise. Jason gives Lorelai the key to his place. Luke confesses to Lorelai that he thinks Nicole is seeing someone else. Paris kisses Rory. Luke calls Lorelai to bail him out of jail. Rory leaves Dean a drunken phone message. Kirk begins a new business.

18. Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!
Rory is upset to find out that Dean is dropping out of college so that he and Lindsey can afford a house. Richard and Jason get sued. Taylor comes home from vacation to find Stars Hollow has a funky smell due to Kirk. Jason’s father tells Emily & Richard that Jason and Lorelai have been dating for a long while. Rory and Dean maintain their friendship despite what Lindsey has to say about it.

19. Afterboom
Lorelai finds out that Jason and her father are no longer working together. Luke informs Lorelai that he’s finally getting a divorce from Nicole. Emily overhears her daughter confront her husband. Lane realizes that she misses her mother more than she wants to admit. Ashe dedicates his book to Paris. Rory finds out that Asher has an affair with one student every year. Jason decides to sue Richard and Lorelai breaks up with him because of it. Emily and Richard act strangely at dinner. Lorelai finds out that he mother is no longer living at home.

20. Luke Can See Her Face
Liz comes to town and tells her brother that she’s getting married. Luke finds out Jess isn’t going to the wedding and hunts him down. Jess changes his mind. Lorelai tells her daughter about hearing Dean & Lindsey fight. Lorelai, Sookie and Michel are nervous about the opening of the Inn. Paris decides to go to Oxford with Asher for the summer. Asher is rushed to the hospital. Luke asks Lorelai to be his date at his sister’s wedding.

21. Last Week Fights, This Week Tights
Mrs. Kim visits her daughter’s apartment and is shocked. Liz and TJ get married. Emily tries to set Lorelai up with an appropriate boy. Rory calls Dean for help. Luke asks Lorelai out on a date. Jess thanks Luke and then asks Rory to go away with him. Mrs. Kim gets some advice from Lorelai.

22. Raincoats and Recipes
The Dragonfly Inn opens. Sookie comes up with an interesting way to decide who on her kitchen staff needs to be fired. Kirk goes to Luke for advice with his girlfriend. Lorelai invites her parents to the grand opening of the Inn. Luke tells Lorelai that he wants to seriously date her. The two kiss. Emily and Richard admit that they are separated. Rory runs into Dean at her home and the two end up sleeping together. Lorelai finds out and is not pleased, causing Rory to leave.

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Updated 1/20/05 

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