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Primetime TV Puzzle

This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to any shows or networks.

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Puzzle by Suzanne 7/28/03

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5. Doofus dad on animated FOX sitcom.
8. "Six Feet Under" is about a _____ home.
9. Frasier's specialty.
12. John Forsythe portrayed Blake _______ on "Dynasty".
15. Creator of the "Law & Order" dramas.
17. Doctor-turned author whose books have been made into many movies and TV-movies.
18. Producer/Writer David E. Kelly was this profession before he turned to TV.
19. He always tried to get the castaways off the island.
21. State that Magnum worked in.
22. State in which "South Park" takes place.
25. Julian ______ stars in "Nip/Tuck" on FX and previously starred in "Charmed" and "Profiler".
26. Job of Hart to Hart's Max and The Nanny's Miles.
27. Town in "The Gilmore Girls", Star _________.
29. On "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", vampires are inhabited by these.
30. Dawson's favorite film director.
33. Nick was addicted to this drug on "The Guardian".
35. Friends coffee shop (2 wds.)
36. John Ritter's character on "8 Simple Rules for Dating" writes about this for a living.
37. Stockard Channing plays this on "The West Wing".
38. Another name for "The Sopranos" family.

1. Second series for M.A.S.H.'s Mike Farrell.
2. Legal drama set in L.A. about family court, starring Dixie Carter (2 wds.)
3. British series similar to Friends that is being remade for U.S. TV.
4. State that 70's cop "McCloud" hailed from (2 wds.).
5. St. Elsewhere and Scrubs were set in this.
6. advertisements in the middle of our shows.
7. T'Pol is one on "Enterprise".
10. Bob _______ of "Mr. Belvedere" was just inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
11. Robert Conrad was famous for the commercial where he dared you to knock this off his shoulder.
13. Birmingham winner of the second American Idol.
14. Where "Boston Public" takes place (2 wds.)
16. show where contestants test their fears, strength, endurance, etc. (2 wds.)
20. Fred and Ethel relationship to Lucy and Ricky (besides friends).
23. "Monk" has a phobia about these.
24. Grissom was losing this on CSI.
26. Simon and Simon were this.
28. Lucy and Kevin had one in the 2002 season of "7th Heaven".
31. The Dead Zone of the series' title refers to an area in Johnny's _____.
32. ABC spy show
33. Gary Cole short-lived scifi show.
34. singing cop show of 1990 (2 wds.)



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Updated 10/17/07  


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