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We need more daytime recap/update writers, article writers, MS Frontpage and Web Expression users, graphics designers, and more, so please email us if you can help out!  More volunteers always needed!  Thanks!

Happy New Year! Last year was a great year for the site and I hope it gets even better this year.
We have new advertising as of today so I hope it makes some money for the volunteers! The company seems very professional.

We have 70 volunteers and getting more every day. We have a great message board where volunteers can get to know each other and learn about things on the site. And we have started promoting our other message boards, too.

Things just keep getting busier...but in a good way. There are 65 volunteers now; hard to keep track of everyone! We have a bunch of new proofreaders and a manager for them, Brianne (everyone is doing such a great job!). This week I made a frames version of tape trading list, so it is much easier to load. Amanda came up with this idea, and although I really hate frames, it is the only way to make this page load faster.

We have some advertising now! It's not a ton of money so far but it's good to get anything. There is a banner on the top of all the pages and we get a small amount for that. I have to get a city business license now, so after that is paid off, I will start a fund for the extra money and dole it out among the volunteers as soon as it gets to a reasonable amount. I wish it were more! I have this other new ad program that I'm hoping will pay off. We get paid every time someone buys something or registers, and then if it goes well, they will start paying us per click instead.

I've been working on a new design for the pages that is simpler and loads faster. You can check it out here, but it won't be implemented for quite a while (probably 6 months to a year). It will take a long time to change all of our pages, and I am still not set on how I want it to look.

Heather has been working up a storm to fix a lot of little problems all over the site and also she will start working on the classic tv show links, which are long overdue to be fixed! Also I fixed all the links on the primetime general tv links site.

September was a very busy month! Training lots of new volunteers. We have a form up so the soap update writers can publish their updates right away to the web (and just a few bugs to work out). We're fixing up a lot of things all over the site and updating stuff very quickly now. It's exciting and exhausting at the same time!

I just got a few more volunteers to do the soap scoops, make banners, and contribute other content! Some were from my pool of volunteers that I already had, taking on extra duties. So it's going really well. We lost Rebecca, our manager, but Amanda stepped in to take her place. I don't know where I'd be without Amanda lately, she has proven herself to be pretty invaluable to the page! The primetime links are almost done so I can turn my attention back to the soap links.

I keep forgetting to update this page! So busy and so much has happened. We have added a lot more content to the daytime pages and they are really coming along nicely. Soon we hope to have forms in place so that the update writers can just submit the updates on the web (less work for me). The people who host our page have been doing a great job and we have had very few technical problems, which is fantastic. We may soon be getting a little bit of advertising. Now it's time to work on the primetime pages and get ready for the new fall season!

We have had to move the page a few more times, which has set us back a little bit on how things are progressing. Our one advertiser that looked promising didn't pan out, and the affiliate programs have not been paying off like they used to. So we will be taking most of the ads off the pages, to make them load faster.

Sorry this page hasn't been updated lately...we've been working so hard on the site! The new design is now up on almost all of the pages. Classic TV links are being fixed up by George. Stephanie had to step down but we have a new volunteer, Karla, who will be helping us put up updates and check soap links. Amanda has left the site. Imran hasn't had much time to work on the site. Jesse will be helping us update our current primetime TV links. Dan will be fixing up things around the site. Suzanne has been very busy getting things fixed up on the primetime show pages and is fixing up a lot of other odds and ends. We still have daily updates and transcripts for every soap and weekly scoops/spoilers. We're grateful that Glynis has been back to write updates for many shows. We have our first advertiser and we may be getting more new advertising soon!

We've done so much on the page lately! Suzanne has been putting new designs up on the primetime pages and Imran has been making new logos for them and updating the Angel, Charmed and Buffy pages, with help from Corey and Amanda. We now have daily transcripts for all the soaps, thanks to Stephanie and Amanda. We seem to be having trouble getting more updaters, especially GL. Suzanne has been writing daily summaries for GH and Days. Glynis has been a real help in covering most of the others. Boo can't do OLTL updates any more but she's so dedicated, she's now putting up all the new updates and transcript pages on Sunday nights for us, which is a big help. We have been getting a lot more helpers working on the page in Frontpage so hopefully we will have the primetime section going as good as our daytime section!

We haven't had time to update this page lately. First the page was moved to its new home at Then Suzanne spent the summer moving and didn't have time to do much on the page, but she is back at work on the new design. Stephanie, Boo, Imran, and Amanda have been doing things to keep the page updated in the meantime (and a terrific job, especially Steph!!) We've had some great help from our soap updaters, too. We're still fixing up the daytime pages so that they will be 100% in the new design. We added scoops this week. New primetime areas are being fixed up, including the pages for Angel, Buffy, Charmed, and Babylon 5.

Things are going great. The new design is halfway up and we are getting lots of great new volunteers. Imran has been working on our Buffy and Angel pages, too.

We have been having a lot of problems lately. Our site has been on and off due to the people who host our page (including our email). A lot of our graphics, navigation, and other things have been getting messed up due to this. We have been trying to put up the new design for the site but have to keep backtracking and fixing problems caused by all this. Amanda is no longer co-president but is still going to do some work on our site. We have lost a lot of soap updaters but are posting to get more. On the bright side, Imran is learning great stuff. He is already a whiz at Frontpage and is learning javascript.  

Imran is learning Frontpage and will be one of our new editors on the site. Amanda is doing a great job putting up the daily updates and posting for new updaters. Both Amanda and Imran have been making a great Dawson's Creek site for us. Joey will soon learn Frontpage, too, so she can hopefully help us edit Passions and Dawson's Creek content. Rebecca is still cranking out those newsletters and being a great help.

Suzanne updated the tape trading list page and chatted with Bhava to prepare him for getting into the site. We lost three more updaters this week :(

Suzanne has been working on the site in various things. Amanda is back in full form. She is constructing primetime pages for Buffy, Angel, etc. Suzanne and Amanda put up the daily soap updates. We welcome to our site three new people who will help us work on the page directly--Mark, Paul and Bhava.

Suzanne has been working on graphics for all the web pages. Right now the site is being fixed up so it can be moved to a new server. After that, more work with graphics.  

Amanda quit as partner but is still a volunteer; Heather quit as webmaster.

Suzanne added Ashley's bio to the Many Faces of Eileen, updated this page and the credits page. Amanda is writing OLTL updates.

Suzanne has been working on organizing the site's images and updated the daytime appearances pages. Amanda has been working on the new Buffy page.

Suzanne and Amanda updated all the cast and birthday lists for the daytime pages. Heather has been working on the primetime TV show links pages.

Suzanne updated the daytime appearances pages. Rebecca may have some businesses to buy advertising. Heather continues putting up the updates that our great updates are writing and searching for funding. We lost a bunch of volunteers for various reasons. Amanda continues to post on message boards about getting more volunteers.

Suzanne changed the top shared border to incorporate the logo and main navigation. Rebecca is getting access to the site so she can work on revamping the Eileen Davidson page, The Many Faces of Eileen.

More broken links to fix, ugh! Suzanne and Heather persevere. Putting icons all over the site (where we link to them) and Suzanne is going through email where she has saved stuff to do (mostly links people have sent). Getting emails from lots more volunteers, yay!

Suzanne and Heather have been fixing broken links. Lots of new volunteers have emailed us, thanks to our recruiting efforts. Volunteers and credits page have been updated.

1-11-01 This page is brand new!
We just moved our entire site (for the third time since October!) to a new web hosting company. We sure hope this one is the last, at least for a while...please excuse any messed up links or graphics you see while we fix everything up again.

Suzanne has been fixing the navigation and moving some graphics. Heather has been researching investing and putting up the week's updates that couldn't go up before. Amanda's been posting on message boards to try to get us more help.

Updated slightly 11/18/09


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