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What's New at The TV MegaSite--From Suzanne

We need more daytime recap/update writers, article writers, MS Frontpage and Web Expression users, graphics designers, and more, so please email us if you can help out!  More volunteers always needed!  Thanks!

We're going to try something new this year, since I never get around to updating this page in previous years...I am going to list my "to do" list, and so will Boo.  And then that way you will know what has just been done, and what will be done, as far as major changes on the site. 

Items that are in the "when I get to it" section will be highlighted in blue as they are finished

Suzanne's To Do List


  1. Write updates and recaps as needed for backup

Weekly or as needed

  1. Make new pages for transcripts, recaps, updates, and best lines (Sat. and Sun.)
  2. Send out soap scoops to mailing lists (Sunday)
  3. Deal with any issues that crop up during the week from volunteers or put up link changes, articles, etc.
  4. Fix/update important things as I come across them.
  5. Post for new volunteers when we need them.
  6. Review excel sheet (list of volunteers)
  7. Make screencaps for Cady site from AMC


  1. Keep cast pages updated
  2. Make Volunteer of the Month certificate and mail it.
  3. Put up new polls--not been good at this..
  4. Update site map as needed.
  5. Gather contest entries, pick winners, notify them and send out prizes.
  6. Update primetime current links.--not been good at this, either.

All done in 2005

  1. Finish updating primetime show links (for individual shows)

  2. Finish putting up other stuff that has been emailed to me in the past 6 months by volunteers.

  3. Combine forums.

  4. Add all subpages to navigation

  5. Finish polls.

  6. Fix titles of all pages (to update Site Map)

  7. Test all dropdown banner links

  8. Make sure all subpages are in navigation

  9. Make sure all movies & wallpapers, and some other picture links are working (from site mishap)

  10. Fixed up all existing character pages and rebuilt Jess Walton section.

  11. Updated Anna Lee Site extensively (because of her death).

  12. Update predictions and articles pages for 2003/04

  13. Fixed a bunch of broken links on Anna Lee site

  14. Put up DVD reviews.

  15. Updated primetime current links for most types of shows

  16. Updated daytime birthday lists

  17. Finish Dawson's Creek new design

  18. Fixed all working tickers

  19. Made animated pics for main daytime section

  20. Make 24 Site

  21. Help Boo with putting new design on daytime pages (doing this now)

  22. got rid of "under construction" on some pages

  23. made PC store

  24. put new menu on pages

  25. Started Lost site.

  26. Run Xenu link-checker

Boo's To Do List


  1. Make sure all updates, recaps, best, and transcripts are posted.
  2. Run transcripts for ATWT, BB, GL, AW, AMC, OLTL, and GH and put them up, along with Eric & Amanda's transcripts.
  3. Screen caps for ATWT, BB, and GL and post them.
  4. Post all proofread articles, recaps, updates & transcripts that are sent to me daily.
  5. Make sure Excel sheet is updated if needed.
  6. Make sure all credits pages are updated as needed.
  7. Write updates and recaps as needed for backup


  1. Send current Excel sheet to Suzanne.


  1. Check to make sure everyone is visiting the volunteer forum.
  2. Send reminders to volunteers that have forgotten to visit the volunteer forum. 


  1. Polls for CBS shows

All done in 2005

  1. Trading/lists page alphabetized.

  2. Trading/lists page - fix subject line in email addresses.

  3. Trading/lists page - make email list for Suzanne.

  4. Trading/links page alphabetized.

  5. Trading/links page - fix subject line in email addresses.

  6. Trading/links page - make email list for Suzanne.

  7. Trading/tradeads page alphabetized.

  8. Trading/tradeads page - fix subject line in email addresses.

  9. Trading/tradeads page - make email lists for Suzanne.

  10. Find logos for new design.

  11. Make animations for new pages.

  12. Alphabetize individual tape trade pages.

  13. Start putting new design on daytime pages

  14. New Design on ATWT pages

  15. Credits pages cleaned up

  16. New Design on BB pages

  17. New Design on City/Loving pages

  18. New Design on DOOL pages

  19. New Design on GL pages

  20. New Design on OLTL pages

Current What's New

2003 What's New

Older What's new

Updated slightly 11/17/09


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