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What's New at The TV MegaSite--From Founder Suzanne

We need more daytime recap/update writers, article writers, MS Frontpage and Web Expression users, graphics designers, and more, so please email us if you can help out!  More volunteers always needed!  Thanks!

Well, I can't believe it's been over two months! Things are going great with the site. We put up a new Alias section and hope to have more new show sites up in the next few months.  Everything is really going well.  We might even have some new advertising that is actually paying (a very small amount but hey, whatever works!). It keeps me super-busy but I love it.

It hasn't been a good week so pardon me if I'm a little down.  I had a couple of volunteers really disappoint me and it's been hard to fill a couple of soap recap and updates positions (a lot harder than usual).  But I just have to remember all the great things that have been happening and all of the wonderful volunteers I have!  We got a Q&A from Brian Gaskill and might get a new one for Days of Our Lives as well.  The new design is coming along on the other pages.  Smallville pages look super.  More Anna Lee stuff updated.  Time to be happy! :)

Well, once again I've done a terrible job keeping this page updated...there's just always so much to do that I forget!
We have a huge number of volunteers now and lots of great articles and other content. The site's ads are doing well. We're about to start transferring the new design! Everything's going if only I had more free time...
I keep trying to find someone to manage certain things for me (like co-ordinating the volunteers) but so far no luck.  Feeling a bit stressed this week!  But it's a good kind of stress :)  I don't think this page will ever be one of those where we can list all of the new features because it just changes so often and we are constantly adding new stuff.

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