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Episode # 9972 ~ Phyllis Wants Daniel to Cut Ties With Heather

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Genevieve: You and I both know that Samantha could not have written this note.

Cane: "Cane, thought we had an appointment. I couldn't wait for you anymore. Love, your sister."

Genevieve: What about the handwriting? Does that mean anything to you?

Cane: No, it's block. It's block letters. Anyone could have written this.

Genevieve: How-- how long ago did they say the girl left?

Cane: The waiter said a couple of minutes.

Genevieve: Well, you know, maybe you can catch her.

Cane: Still catch her.

Genevieve: Yeah.

Cane: Did--did you see anyone outside, any strange ladies with the valet or anyone in the parking lot?

Lily: No, I was on the phone with the nanny.

Cane: No?

Lily: I wasn't paying--what? What?

Genevieve: What did that girl look like?

Adrian: I-I wait on so many people. (Chuckles)

Genevieve: Did she say something?

Adrian: She asked for creamer with her coffee.

Genevieve: Uh, no, besides that-- something that might give us a clue about who she is.

Adrian: Not that I recall. (Chuckles) I wish I could be more help.

Lily: Hey, what is going on?

Genevieve: Lily?

Lily: What's happening?

Cane: There's no one outside.

Genevieve: No?

Lily: Wait, who are you looking for?

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: Your sister? But Samantha is... I mean...

Genevieve: It--it-- it's so sick what this person is doing. It--to disrespect her memory in this way.

Lily: Okay, you know what? Enough is enough. We have to call the police.

Heather: Okay, what's wrong?

Michael: I just got off the phone with Rafe Torres.

Heather: Tim Reid's attorney.

Michael: Billy Abbott ambushed Tim Reid with a camera crew, grilled him about the deposition.

Heather: Well, how did Billy know that we were deposing him?

Michael: (Gasps) excellent question.

Heather: (Chuckles)

Billy: Yes, I-I understand that shows needs more than just Tim Reid running from the camera, but it's gotta mean he has something to hide, right? And the authorities must think so, too. Otherwise, the D.A. Wouldn't be deposing him. Well, I will tell you why that is important. I did a little research myself, and it turns out that the good doctor was a court-mandated therapist for Phyllis when she was married to Danny. Uh-huh, exactly right. Now if I were still a betting man, I would wager that if anyone knows Phyllis' deep dark secrets, it's Tim Reid.

Daniel: It's really, uh, really nice how summer took Lucy and faith to the children's museum.

Phyllis: Yes, it was.

Daniel: Sweet how faith wants to help look after Lucy.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. She gets the family thing.

Daniel: Mom, I had dinner with her. It wasn't a date even. I had dinner with heather. It's not like I don't support you. It doesn't mean I don't support you.

Phyllis: Really? Because that's what it looks like-- that you don't support me. That's what it looks like to me, and that's what it looks like to the rest of the world.

Nick: You're coming to the board meeting?

Sharon: That's right.

Victoria: I'm not sure you're understanding what's going on here, Sharon.

Avery: The thing is, while you are an employee of Newman enterprises, you're not on the board.

Sharon: Um, I am more than just an employee. I'm the one who closed the mitsukoshi deal. Not only that, I have worked my tail off to build that cosmetics line.

Nick: Yeah, we built that together.

Sharon: Oh, come on, nick. Half the time, you don't even show up, you're so busy with Phyllis' legal matters.

Nick: That still doesn't give you any right to show up to a board meeting.

Sharon: I am victor's wife. I have just as much a right to be there as anyone else. You are not going to exclude me just so that you can bad-mouth me behind my back.

Victoria: Believe it or not, Sharon, not everything is always about you.

Nick: We were simply getting together to figure out how to reassure the shareholders and wall street.

Victoria: We have to stress that dad's absence is temporary and that it won't have a negative effect on Newman enterprises.

Sharon: Um, I realize that.

Nick: Then you must also realize that the boardroom is no place for a family feud.

Tucker: Is there a problem here?

Man: (Sighs)

Sharon: Yes, these people are trying to bully me.

Victoria: God, nobody is bullying anybody.

Sharon: Oh, okay. I guess I misunderstood you then when you told me I wasn't welcome at the board meeting tomorrow.

Tucker: You said that?

Nick: We tried to explain why it wouldn't be a good idea.

Sharon: No, you didn't. You accused me of trying to create a family drama. I'm not the one who fell off a horse and went missing.

Victoria: Oh, god, calm down.

Sharon: You know, after victor disappeared, not one of you thought to ask how I'm doing.

Victoria: Well, that's because we were worried about our dad.

Sharon: Okay, but that doesn't give you the right to attack me. I know you don't agree with my marriage to your father, but did it ever occur to you that I worry about him, too?

Victoria: Considering your actions, no.

Sharon: This is what I'm dealing with. You know, if tucker hadn't stopped by the house the night that victor went missing, um, I'd have no support at all.

Nick: Why did you go to see my father?

Tucker: He asked me to come by.

Nick: Did he give you a reason?

Tucker: He wouldn't give any details over the phone, except to say it would benefit both our companies.

Victoria: Sharon, we're not out to get you, okay? We're just trying to protect Newman from scandal.

Nick: You're on the board, tucker. You must know how important that is.

Tucker: It's crucial. If the board of directors doesn't project stability, it could send investors and wall street into a panic. Our stock would tank.

Nick: Which is why we need Sharon to sign a postnuptial agreement to show everyone that everything will remain status quo.

Victoria: Sharon, if you want to step up as dad's wife, you need to do what's best for the family business.

Sharon: That document has nothing to do with victor. He is not here asking me to sign it. You are, and I don't trust you.

Avery: Sharon, I've gotta tell you as victor's lawyer--

Sharon: No, why don't you just save it, okay? It's pretty obvious what side you're on, and it's not mine. You can all take your postnup and shove it.

Victoria: Oh... my god.

Nick: I've never seen Sharon like this.

Victoria: I think I liked her a lot better when she was all clingy and helpless.

Avery: Tucker, you and Sharon seem to have a pretty good relationship.

Tucker: We barely know each other.

Nick: Clearly, she considers you to be her only friend right now.

Tucker: You want me to talk to her?

Nick: Would you?

Daniel: I like heather, mom. We've got a lot in common, and that's got nothing to do with you.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure that's what she wants you to believe.

Daniel: Is it so hard for you to believe that maybe she actually likes my company?

Phyllis: I-I'm sure she likes your company. You're--you're a great guy, Daniel. Any girl would be lucky to be around you.

Daniel: So what's the problem?

Phyllis: She's trying to cozy up to you to get ammunition on me. Can you not see that?

Daniel: Nope, heather's not like that.

Phyllis: (Scoffs) you are so naive.

Daniel: (Chuckles) I'm naive.

Phyllis: She is trying to prosecute me for attempted murder! Do you get it? Who knows how far she'll go to try to destroy me?

Daniel: Okay. Message received loud and clear.

Phyllis: Thank you. That means a lot. Thank you.

Heather: I didn't say a word about this to anyone outside this office.

Michael: Fine. But somebody told Billy about the deposition.

Heather: Mm-hmm. What are you gonna do about it?

Michael: Well, since it's already out there, I arranged with Rafe to have Tim deposed tomorrow evening. In the meantime, I'm gonna plug myself a leak.

Billy: Tomorrow night probably? So there's less people around. And try to find out what they want to ask Tim about. If you do, I'll make it worth your while. You don't believe me.

Woman: Johnny's down for his nap.

Billy: Hold on. Yeah? Did Keely take his guard position underneath the crib?

Woman: Yes. Isn't that the cutest thing?

Billy: It is. That's my dog. I am gonna go give Keely a kiss and scratch Johnny behind the ears.

Woman: (Laughs)

Billy: Hey, yes, so tonight we're on? Um, now if we can perform here-- (knock on door)

Billy: Can you get this for me, please? Thank you. I will be looking for more work for you in the future. Believe me. Yes.

Woman: Um, Mr. Abbott?

Billy: Yeah, I'm gonna have to call you back. (Clears throat) officer?

Man: Sir, we need you to come with us.

Billy: (Sighs) will you take this basket of cash... what?

Cane: (Sighs) you know we cannot go to the police.

Lily: Because of Genevieve's secret bank account? The money is gone now.

Cane: It doesn't matter. She still kept it from the feds.

Genevieve: It would void my deal with them, and I'd go to prison.

Lily: (Sighs) of course. And we can't have that. Well, this harassment or stalking or whatever you want to call it is getting worse, and we have to do something.

Heather: Hey, lacey, could I get a cup of coffee to go with cream?

Avery: Heather, hi.

Heather: Hey.

Avery: How's your dad doin'?

Heather: Uh, at least he's out of jail. Thank you for that, by the way.

Avery: Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah, my pleasure.

Heather: He's still in a really dark place, though.

Avery: I know. If I could just find something to corroborate Paul's story that Ricky was homicidal...

Heather: He might be able to let go of some of his guilt?

Avery: Yeah.

Heather: Look, I gotta tell you something since it's about to become public knowledge anyway.

Avery: What's that?

Heather: It's about your sister's case.

Avery: What about it?

Heather: We're gonna depose Tim Reid.

Avery: I see.

Heather: You know, though, while he's under oath, one of the things we're going to ask him about is Ricky.

Avery: Well, actually, I'd like to be there for that part.

Heather: Yes, I will talk to Michael.

Avery: I would appreciate that.

Heather: Okay.

Avery: Uh, I have to run, so have a good day.

Heather: Yeah, you, too. Oh, perfect.

Heather: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Hi. You look nice.

Heather: So do you. This is awkward. (Sighs)

Daniel: In a good way?

Heather: How's your mom?

Daniel: You mean after last night?

Heather: Yeah, she definitely wasn't happy to see us together at Gloworm. Can you imagine what would have happened if she'd seen us kissing?

Daniel: I'm sorry about that.

Heather: The kiss?

Daniel: Sorry about my mom ruining our evening. I mean, I-I guess I should be sorry about the kiss, um, since you're trying to put my mom in jail, but I'm not.

Billy: Thank you, gentlemen.

Michael: Here.

Billy: Here.

Michael: Billy Abbott. Thank you.

Billy: Hi.

Michael: I heard about your stunt with Tim Reid.

Billy: Oh, what stunt?

Michael: (Sighs) how did you know I was planning to depose him?

Billy: So you're confirming it's true?

Michael: The only way you could have found out is through a leak in my office. I want to know your source, Billy.

Billy: Ahh.

Victoria: Can you believe Sharon claiming that she never signed that prenup that Avery drew up?

Nick: Even if dad only married Sharon to get back at mom for marrying jack...

Victoria: Which is something that he would definitely do.

Nick: But he's still too smart not to get Sharon's signature on that document.

Victoria: The trick is proving it.

Nick: I was hoping the judge who performed the service would have seen something, but he didn't.

Victoria: No, of course not. That would be way too easy.

Nick: I have a call in to dad's pilot, too.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nick: Maybe he knows something about a prenup.

Victoria: Well, at least we have Avery. Maybe she can find the person who notarized it.

Nick: Vick, we don't even know if the notary's from the state of Wisconsin or Nevada.

Victoria: Based on the way that Sharon was talking at crimson lights, I am more convinced than ever that she burned it.

Nick: And now she's coming to the board meeting. What do you think she's up to?

Tucker: (Chuckles) oh, man, you were on fire!

Sharon: I am so sick of Nicholas and Victoria trying to manipulate me.

Tucker: And you told 'em so.

Sharon: Yeah, I did, didn't I?

Tucker: Even when they got in your face, you didn't back down. You stood your ground. I'm proud of you, Sharon.

Sharon: Well, I'm proud of myself.

Tucker: You should be.

Sharon: But I couldn't have done it without your help, tucker.

Tucker: Ohh. (Inhales sharply) man, oh, man. Nick and Victoria, they were so smug and condescending. It's good to see 'em get a taste of their own medicine.

Sharon: You know, I'm kinda startin' to like being the new Mrs. Victor Newman, even without victor.

Victor: Good rum.

Man: Ship's comin' in ahead of schedule. The boss has been lookin' for guys to unload it. Sweetie, you have to scrub it first.

Nick: Okay, thanks. The pilot didn't come out of the cockpit until the ceremony.

Victoria: Okay, so then he didn't hear a prenup mentioned, either.

Nick: Nope.

Victoria: Man, Sharon has got to be the luckiest woman on earth.

Woman: Thank god you're home. I tried to call you.

Victoria: Why? What? Is there something wrong with the baby?

Woman: Johnny's fine, but the cops came and took Mr. Abbott.

Nick: (Scoffs)

Victoria: Oh.

Michael: I want a name, Billy.

Billy: Michael, you can't force me to give up my source.

Michael: This isn't just about Phyllis' case. If somebody in my inner circle is leaking confidential information to the press, who knows-- who knows if they're leaking information to criminals, defense attorneys? Telling people when there's search warrants, arrest warrants, subpoenas being issued.

Billy: Buddy, I have to tell you, you're wasting your breath.

Michael: Do you want guilty people to go free?

Billy: Of course, I don't, Michael. But this is a matter of principle.

Michael: Principle? Since when do you care about principles?

Billy: (Chuckles) okay, then maybe it's a matter of credibility. Do you think people will confide in me if they know I'm just gonna rat 'em out to the cops?

Michael: How much you want to bet I can't find something to charge you with? You know, it's going to be hard to do "restless style TV" from behind bars.

Billy: It would be hard, but you know what? A D.A. "Finding" something to charge me with would make a hell of a great TV show, and my crew can do it while I'm in jail.

Michael: That's all you care about, isn't it? A lousy TV show. Forget about what's right.

Billy: Michael, are you done lecturing me? 'Cause I should remind you of something.

Michael: What?

Billy: See... (chuckles) I already went to jail once because I wouldn't reveal my source, and I'm perfectly willing to do it again, so go ahead, Michael, you big D.A., Cuff me.

Heather: I should go in case anybody sees us together.

Daniel: Yep. Can't go to the movies, can't have dinner, can't take a walk in the park on the off chance that it gets back to my mom. She already thinks I'm a traitor.

Heather: No, I understand. So... I will see you around.

Daniel: Wait, heather. Heather, wait. (Clears throat)

Heather: No, no, no, no, no. I get it. Look, you and me-- it is not worth the hassle.

Daniel: (Chuckles) I didn't say that.

Heather: I'm confused.

Daniel: So, yes, being in public-- maybe that's a little sketchy. But, um, we could always go to my place.

Heather: Your place?

Daniel: It's private, and what mama doesn't know ain't gonna hurt her.

Phyllis: Oh, wow, look at this. You're here to pick another fight with me.

Avery: I'm not. I came to see if you found another attorney.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh. You mean since you quit on me?

Avery: Okay, let's not go there, all right?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, let's not go there. Let's not go there. Um, you should know that I retained... Leslie Michaelson.

Avery: (Scoffs) good. Good for you.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is very good for me.

Avery: I mean, I have my issues with Leslie, but she is an excellent litigator, and you're gonna need that.

Phyllis: Why, Avery?

Avery: Because the D.A.'S office is planning on deposing Tim Reid. And I guarantee you, they're gonna go hard on him.

Phyllis: Great.

Avery: You think he'll crack under that kind of pressure?

Phyllis: (Sighs) I don't know. It is possible.

Genevieve: I'm afraid our hands are tied.

Lily: What about hiring a private detective to look into all of this?

Cane: No, it would have to be someone we can trust completely. (Sighs)

Lily: (Scoffs) too bad we can't ask Paul Williams.

Genevieve: Mm. He's got his own troubles now.

Cane: Looks like we're doing this on our own.

Genevieve: Yeah, and we really don't have much to go on.

Lily: Well, except for the fact that whoever's doing this has it in for you.

Genevieve: (Sighs) I still think that it's one of Collin's associates or maybe a disgruntled employee.

Cane: No. No, no, no, no, no. If it was, they would come at us directly. They'd attack us physically. They'd file a lawsuit. They--this person's toying with us. They're taunting us. I mean, why else would they bring Samantha into it?

Genevieve: (Sighs) I have no idea.

Cane: Are you sure about that?

Genevieve: Don't tell me you're gonna start accusing me again.

Cane: I'm not accusing you. Whoever's doing this has intimate details about our life in Australia-- intimate details about my life and my childhood and Samantha's life and her childhood.

Genevieve: I'm well aware of that. What are you trying to say?

Cane: What I'm trying to say is there's something about Samantha's death that you have not told me, mom.

Phyllis: Oh, oh, my god. I have to talk to Tim.

Avery: What? Are you insane?! That's the worst thing you could do.

Phyllis: Avery, you're not even my lawyer anymore, okay? What do you want me to do? Sit back and just wait until he spills his guts to the D.A.'s office?

Avery: I suggest you call your attorney.

Phyllis: (Sighs) oh, what is she gonna do?

Avery: (Sighs) all right, how much does Leslie know?

Phyllis: Uh, she knows the basics of the case.

Avery: Does she know that you paid Tim off twice to keep his mouth shut?

Phyllis: No.

Avery: Okay, does she know that there's a recording of you confessing to running down Paul and Christine?

Phyllis: Oh, come on, Avery. Of course not.

Avery: Phyllis, are you trying to go to prison? You have to tell your lawyer everything, no matter how bad it makes you look.

Phyllis: No, no.

Avery: The last thing you want is for her to be blindsided.

Phyllis: No, no, no. There's--I can't tell her.

Avery: Phyllis, Phyllis,

Phyllis, I am-- I am begging you, okay? I am begging you as your sister who loves you, who is very afraid for you, you have to be honest with Leslie.

Phyllis: Oh, god, Avery.

Avery: You have to do everything and only what she says.

Phyllis: Avery, what if she tells me something that I don't want to do, that I can't do?

Avery: Okay, well, you have tried--you've tried to do this on your own, and you've dug a deeper hole for yourself. Call your attorney. Trust that she has your best interests at heart, and for god sake, stay away from Tim Reid.

Victoria: No, no, no. He wasn't arrested. At least I don't think he was. Yeah, Billy Abbott. Billy Abbott. No, hold on. Don't put me on hold again. Please.

Billy: Hello?

Victoria: (Groans) I was so worried about you when I heard that the police...

Billy: Okay. All right.

Victoria: Were here--

Billy: Well, I called you.

Victoria: You did?

Billy: I called you. Oh, really? You don't believe me? You're gonna have to check now? Is that--

Victoria: Oh.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: It's dead. I was playing little lullabies for Johnny on the phone last night. It probably used up all the juice.

Billy: No worries. No worries. Michael just wanted to have a little "chat."

Victoria: (Sighs) about?

Billy: Tim Reid's deposition. (Chuckles) Baldwin's just a bit upset. He demanded I tell him how I found out about it.

Nick: They're deposing Tim Reid? When?

Billy: Yeah, well, my sources say it's tomorrow.

Nick: I gotta get home and talk to Phyllis.

Victoria: I'll walk you out.

Billy: You're welcome.

Nick: Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, they do.

Victoria: All right, well, just hang in there. Let me know if you hear from tucker, okay?

Nick: Well, let's hope he gets through to Sharon.

Sharon: So we both agree I should go to the board meeting tomorrow?

Tucker: Oh, most definitely.

Sharon: Okay. What am I gonna do when I get there?

Tucker: Duck and cover?

Sharon: (Chuckles) no, seriously. We both know everyone's gonna be against me.

Tucker: Well, everyone was against you today, and you handled it like a champ.

Sharon: That's true. But this is a board meeting. It's a little different. So how do you think I should play it?

Tucker: Well, I've been thinking a little bit about that. I might have a few ideas for you.

Lily: Look, please don't argue. You two have come such a long way.

Cane: If you're hiding something, now is the time to tell me. I need to know.

Genevieve: I'm not hiding anything.

Cane: All right. Well, maybe it was someone who is seeking revenge for Samantha. You know, maybe it's someone she dated. You know, a friend or something like that. What do you think?

Genevieve: Mm. If that were true, why would they wait so long, Ethan?

Lily: That does seem pretty far-fetched.

Genevieve: Besides, it was your brother who killed her. If somebody's angry, holding a grudge, wants revenge, why would they come after us?

Cane: Because maybe it's someone who's involved with the cover-up, mom.

Lily: Cover-up?

Cane: That's right. A cover-up. Caleb wasn't charged with Samantha's death, was he?

Genevieve: Your father and I had just lost one child. We couldn't bear the thought of losing another one to life in prison.

Cane: Do you have any ideas who maybe, um, helped dad hide what Caleb did?

Genevieve: I-I had just buried my daughter. I can't even remember much about that time. I did what Colin told me to do. I said what he wanted me to say.

Cane: So you can't think of a single person who might be perpetrating this?

Genevieve: I don't know, Ethan. If I knew, I'd tell you.

Cane: (Sighs)

(knock on door)

Daniel: That was fast.

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Heather: Don't let it go to your head, Romalotti.

Daniel: (Clears throat) uh, yeah, sorry about the mess. I--

Heather: Hmm? No, no, no, I, uh, I like it. It's, uh, art and sippy cups. It's eclectic. It's very eclectic.

Daniel: That is the look I was going for.

Heather: Yeah. Where's your daughter?

Daniel: Summer took her to a children's pottery exhibit.

Heather: A children's pottery exhibit?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Heather: Wow. It must be in her D.N.A.

Daniel: Can I-- can I get you something? Do you want a beer maybe?

Heather: Mm, yeah.

Daniel: I'm pretty sure we've got beer. Um, and milk. We definitely have milk. Um, or... (chuckles) toddler food.

Heather: Mm.

Daniel: Applesauce. A little jell-o, cheese sticks.

Heather: Wow, god. How will I ever decide?

Daniel: Um... I'm not gonna let you starve. You don't have to worry about that.

Heather: Oh, yeah.

Daniel: 'Cause when in doubt, we can always take out.

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: We've got a great pizza place down the street and Chinese food or just--

Heather: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Or this...

(cell phone rings) (ring)

Tim: Hello?

Phyllis: A deposition? Really, Tim?

Tim: You really shouldn't be calling me, Phyllis.

Phyllis: This is a disposable phone. I paid cash. No one can trace this.

Tim: (Sighs) of course they can't. You always cover your bases, except for that one time you didn't, and here we are.

Phyllis: You listen to me, you greedy, greedy little twerp. I gave you an obscene amount of money-- obscene! You should be-- you should be on a safari in Africa or on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

Tim: Well, they subpoenaed me before I could get out the door. My lawyer says I have to show up.

Phyllis: Okay, so you remember our deal, right?

Tim: Oh, I see. If you want me to go to prison for perjury or contempt, then you're gonna have to sweeten the pot.

Phyllis: A-are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? You want more money?

Tim: I'm not asking for more money. Thanks to you, I have plenty.

Phyllis: What do you want?

Tim: Come on, Phyllis. You know what I want. But, hey, it's your choice. Make me happy, and I'll plead the fifth. Don't, and I'll go to the D.A.'s office and tell them all the juicy details of the hit-and-run. Maybe-- maybe I'll even land a guest spot on Billy Abbott's new TV show. I'll bet his audience would love to hear the tape of your confession.

(Key rattles in lock)

Phyllis: Someone's at the door. Hey. Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: How you doin'? Do you--do you want a drink?

Nick: No. I want you to sit down.

Phyllis: Why?

Nick: I have something to tell you, and you're not gonna like it.

Phyllis: What is it?

Nick: The D.A. is taking Tim Reid's deposition tomorrow.

Phyllis: I know. Avery told me.

Nick: You took a big risk paying off a blackmailer. You better hope Tim keeps quiet.

Lily: I thought that we agreed that you two weren't gonna turn on each other anymore.

Genevieve: Yep, we did. But Samantha's death is the most painful thing for this family.

Cane: And whoever is gaslighting us knows it.

Lily: I realize that it's hard, but you can't let him or her push your buttons.

Cane: Lily's right. We shouldn't-- we shouldn't waste our energy bickering. We need to stick together.

Genevieve: Okay.

Cane: Okay.

Genevieve: So if you want to be on the same team with me, then stop blaming me for everything. I'm just as much a victim here as you are.

Cane: Okay. Okay.

Billy: Sounds like Sharon's hell-bent on getting some revenge.

Victoria: Well, you know, with my father missing, Sharon can lie all she wants and he can't contradict her.

Billy: You're talking about the prenuptial agreement.

Victoria: Who makes a fire in the fireplace in the middle of august? Look, she burned that prenup, and I am sure of it.

Billy: Yeah, well, I tell ya, I would love to be in that board meeting when she waltzes in.

Victoria: I just wish I knew what Sharon's endgame was.

Billy: Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Victoria: You know, considering how crazy she's been acting, I've been thinking about something.

Billy: Tell me it doesn't involve burying any bodies.

Victoria: I'm talking about getting involved in Newman again.

Billy: (Groans) really? Your dad could be back at any moment. You sure you want to do that?

Victoria: If it keeps Sharon from stepping out of line, yes.

Michael: Oh, hey. Avery, I got your message.

Avery: Hey, Michael.

Michael: So... any word from victor?

Avery: None.

Michael: (Sighs)

Avery: Listen, you've known him a lot longer than I have. Why do you think he would disappear?

Michael: Well, victor's taken off on his own in the past, but...

Avery: What?

Michael: The man has had some health issues.

Avery: Okay, well, the police have searched every hospital within 100 miles, so...

Michael: And he's made his share of enemies over the years.

Avery: So we can't rule out foul play.

Michael: Well, I wouldn't be sounding the alarm just yet, but I would be trying to find him.

Avery: Mm-hmm, well, authorities are looking. We've got his security people on it, and, of course, the family is searching for him.

Michael: Yeah, yeah. Uh, speaking of family, I understand your sister has retained Leslie Michaelson.

Avery: Mm-hmm. That's right.

Michael: Let's hope Phyllis doesn't fire her, too.

Avery: Well, I have advised her that would be a very bad idea.

Phyllis: Wow, that's crazy. That's crazy. So miss "I can't live without a man," she finally grew up, right?

Nick: I just wish she hadn't chosen now to do it.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, because, uh, the-- the board meeting's tomorrow evening, right?

Nick: Yeah, there's no predicting what Sharon's gonna say or do. (Cell phone rings)

Nick: Hey, summer. What's up? (Chuckles) okay. Uh, okay, just hang tight. Daddy is on the way. (Chuckles)

Phyllis: What's so funny?

Nick: Summer is too pooped to walk home from the museum.

Phyllis: Oh, faith and Lucy wore her out.

Nick: Yeah, those little angels.

Phyllis: (Chuckles) yeah, they are. (Cell phone rings)

Tim: Yes?

Phyllis: Come over tomorrow night. My husband will be gone.

Sharon: So you really think I can do it?

Tucker: Sure you can. I'll teach you what you need to know. The only person who could stop you is victor.

Sharon: And he's apparently fallen off the face of the earth.

Tucker: As long as he stays gone, darlin', you are holdin' all the cards.

Man: Listen up, guys. I need some workers down at the warehouse pronto. Anybody interested?

Man: (Clears throat)

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Phyllis: You made it. (Chuckles)

Tim: I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Tucker: Now as long as your hubby stays M.I.A., You're in for the ride of your life.

Man: You need a doctor.

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