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Y&R Top Ten List

Top Ten List #7

Top 25 things to ask Santa for this Christmas

1. An end to lengthy and unbelievable pregnancies. Who is this world is pregnant for 11 months? I would have rebelled if I was Eileen Davidson (  Ashley Abbott) before I stayed in maternity clothes for so long. Oh, I  forgot, she only wore them for about 2 months towards the end. The rest of  the time she was so tiny that the pregnancy was not noticeable. 

2. Some brains for the writers. If any of us had the money that the Newmans  had, they would not be waving their ATM card around and writing the code down  for someone else and certainly not leaving the card hanging half out of the  pocketbook for goodness sake. 

3. A father that is interested in raising Diane Jenkins' baby as his own.  Maybe it will turn out that Jack is the baby's father.  

4. One the same vein as number 3, give Jack Abbott a baby, preferably a son  so he can raise a child from birth. One that he can truly call his own. 

5. Olivia Winters needs a man that is not a Winters. She needs to find a man  that can commit to her and not have those pesky little memories of her sister. 

6. Lily Winters needs to know who her actual father is. Is it Neil or her  Uncle Malcolm? That is who she perceives as her father and Uncle Malcolm. 

7. John Abbott needs a woman. Why not hook him up with Gina? They are both  alone and need someone special in there life. 

8. Give Katherine back her house Jill-less please. This is the most stupid  thing there could ever be. Two women who absolutely hate each other sharing  rights that belong to one's deceased husband that the other's deceased lover  whom I might add took the husband and made him her lover. 

9. Phyllis needs some clothes that doesn't show the south end of her back or  the north end of her cleavage. No animal prints or black. 

10. Give Phyllis back Dr. Tim. Okay, she hasn't been all that good this year  but then again she hasn't run down anyone with the car or doctored any  paternity test so for her, she has been sorta good. 

11. Give Neil a place to live besides up Victor's butt. God, he is the most  brown nosing employee I have ever seen. Victor doesn't need a loyal dog, he  has Neil. 

12. Please Santa, give Trisha McNeil a good psychiatrist. After the afternoon  that she had with Matt/Carter the poor girl is going to need it. She was  almost on the deep end before. Please pull her back before she knock off  someone else. On second thought, give her a gun to use on Matt/Carter. 

13. Give Cassie another doll to sleep with besides Cindy. I know that this is  her favorite but she can afford something new now. 

14. Let Nikki get a dose of her own medicine. Victor will be more than happy  to make sure she gets it when he finds out about the $35,000,000.00 that she  bought into the competition with. 

15. Mackenzie Browning needs to turn 18 very soon so that her mother can't  demand custody of her from Brock and Katherine when she finds her. I know  that can be a hard thing to give her so just keep Amanda from finding her  before she turns 18 naturally. Or you could send her to Victor's Swiss  boarding school, Katherine, that should do it in about 3 months. 

16. Esther Valentine needs to locate her daughter. We haven't see the child  in about 5 years it seems. 

17. Miguel needs a vacation to Mexico and a good stiff drink after the year  he had with Sarah/Veronica. He never takes off anymore. I guess since she  came along, he is afraid to go out and meet anyone. Please give him a nice  girl that he can call his own and time to enjoy her. 

18. Victoria needs a good nose job. She is really having trouble keeping it  out of places that it doesn't belong such as Ryan McNeil's marriage. She had  her chance once and she blew it. So leave the man alone and let him work it  out for himself. 

19. Gary Dawson needs a file to escape with. He's so cute. Please cure him so  he can come back again. 

20. Nina Webster needs to find her long lost son. By goodness, the child was  born in 1986. You would think that Paul could have found him by now. Of  course, Christine had to help him find his very much alive father whom he had  given up hope of ever seeing again. 

21. Mary Williams needs her granddaughter. She sticks her nose everywhere  else so why not give her a plane ticket to New York and let her go up there  and tell Heather that she is her grandmother for a while? At least Paul and  Christine could figure out if they are ready to procreate in peace. 

22. Michael Baldwin needs a new obsession besides Christine. What in the  world he would want with her is beyond me. He spent several years in prison  because he couldn't keep his hands and eyes off her. You would think that he  would look elsewhere. Phyllis is more than available for the taking. 

23. I would say give Tomas something but the new movie deal should occupy him  for the New Year. Thanks to Santa in advance. 

24. Ashley Abbott Carlton's baby needs a name. You would think that after 11  months she could at least have something in mind by now. The only two names  that we have heard so far are Angel and Jacquelyn. So name her all ready. 

25. Tracie Abbott Conley needs a new telephone. Evidentially the one she has  doesn't work because no one has bothered to tell her about her new niece or  new brother-in-law. This is worse than the Winters crowd. They have not  actually married each other's ex-spouse yet.

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