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Y&R Trivia Quiz

By Jennifer  

  1.  What was the gift that Scott gave Lauren that Sheila put poison on?
    A. date planner
    B. necklace
    C. book with his autograph
    D. a dress to wear in the wedding

  2. What was Sheila/Brenda's alias for when she works at the AC?
    A. Scott
    B. Nikki
    C. Jennifer
    D. Julie

  3. Where did Lily and Daniel go when they were hiding out?
    A. New York
    B. Paris
    C. Texas
    D. Malibu

  4. What was Cassie's favorite smoothie?
    A. bananas and strawberry
    B. peaches and strawberry
    C. mangoes and bananas
    D. mangoes and strawberry

  5. At Scott's surprise dinner, who did Jennifer save from choking?
    A. Gloria Abbott
    B. Mac
    C. J.T.
    D. Michael

  6. Which two people teamed up to stop Tom Fisher?
    A. Ashley and Michael
    B. Michael and Paul
    C. Lauren and Gloria
    D. Lily and Daniel

  7. What happened at the farewell party for Nikki and Victor Newman?
    A. The food got caught on fire
    B. Nikki had a panic attack when J.T. told Victor something
    C. Mac tried to kill J.T. for being a friend to Brittany
    D. Brad tried to steal Victor's necklace

  8. What did Yolanda steal from the Winters' house to buy drugs?
    A. Lily's bed
    B. Their food
    C. Their whole house
    D. Neil's watch

  9. Where did Lily and Daniel make love?
    A. in the park
    B. at school
    C. in Lily's bed
    D. at the Abbot property where she had hidden Daniel

  10. Brad Carlton now has stock from what company?
    A. Jabot
    B. Crimson Lights
    C. The Athlete Club
    D. Newman Enterprises


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