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Y&R Trivia Quiz

Y&R Historical Quiz by Kate

How good is your memory? Have you been with us long enough to remember.....

1. What was the name of Jack Abbott's first secretary?

  1. Susan

  2. Carol

  3. Sally

  4. Peggy

2. Who did Leslie Brooks marry?

  1. Lucas Prentiss

  2. Derek Thurston

  3. Brad Eliot

  4. Pierre Rouland

3. Which one of the Brooks sisters was raped?

  1. Leslie

  2. Chris

  3. Laurie

  4. Susan

4. What was the subject of Laurie Brooks' book?

  1. An autobiography

  2. Historical fiction

  3. Her relationship with her sister

  4. Family history

5. Why did Jill seduce Stuart Brooks?

  1. An immature crush

  2. Stuart chased her

  3. She lost Derek

  4. Revenge on his daughters

6. Who did Casey Reed set Nikki up with in hopes of straightening her out?

  1. Greg Foster

  2. Paul Williams

  3. Dr. Scott Adams

  4. Michael Scott

7. How did Katherine Chancellor save Derek Thurston's life?

  1. Buying his way out of a gambling debt.

  2. Stopping him from a suicide attempt.

  3. By taking a bullet for him.

  4. By doing mouth to mouth resuscitation.

8. How did Katherine try to commit suicide while married to Derek?

  1. With barbituates

  2. By driving into a tree.

  3. By diving off their cruise ship.

  4. With a hand gun

9. Who took the pictures that lead to the divorce between Jill and John Abbott?

  1. Skip Evans

  2. Eric Garrison

  3. Lindsey Wells

  4. An anonymous photographer

10. How did Eve Howard try to kill Nikki?

  1. By knifing her

  2. By shooting her

  3. By poisoning her

  4. By running her over


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