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This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to "Young & the Restless" or CBS.


Y&R Trivia Quiz

This was downloaded from Soap Opera Digest on AOL years ago
when SOD was only available there and not on the Web.

Y&R Quiz #1

1) When Drucilla first arrived on the Genoa City scene, what crime did she commit? Who was her victim?

2) What kept Cricket Blair from marrying Scott Grainger?

3) Where did Victor Newman imprison Julia's lover, Michael, and how did Victor explain the situation to Paul, whom Victor hired as Michael's guard?

4) Who did Snapper Foster have an affair with while engaged to Chris Brooks?

5) Where did Danny and Phyllis first meet?



Quiz #2

1) Who forced Lauren to divorce Paul? How?

2) Why did Chase try to prevent Nina from marrying Phillip? Did he succeed?

3) Who was Victor's younger brother? Where is he now?

4) How did Kay's husband Rex die?

5) What Broadway show did Danny leave Genoa City to perform in?



Quiz #3

1) Which Abbott child is not John's?

2) What were the names of the four daughters of Stuart and Jennifer Brooks?

3) Who played Chris Brooks' rapist, George Curtis?

4) What is Victor and Nikki's song?

5) Who did Quinn Redeker portray on the show prior to Rex Sterling?



Quiz #4

1) Who was Traci Abbott's first husband?

2) Who was Victor's first wife?

3) How did Jill's son, Phillip, die?

4) What does Brock call his mother, Kay?

5) What was Brad's occupation when we first saw him in Genoa City?



Quiz No. 5

1) What are the names of Foster siblings?

2) It's hard to believe but Melody Thomas Scott is not the first actress to portray Nikki; Who originated the role?

3) What did Jill Abbott accomplish the night before her husband, John, was scheduled for a vasectomy? What was the result?

When did the show premiere?

Who was Chris's mom and how did she die?



Answers to #1

1) Dru was a pickpocket; Nathan.

2) Cricket and Scott discovered that they had the same father, Jim Grainger, which made them half-brother and sister.

3) Victor held Michael in a specially built cell in his basement. Michael was supposedly Victor's deranged brother-in-law.

4) Sally McGuire

5) They met in New York while Danny was starring on Broadway

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Answers to Quiz #2

1) Shawn Garrett threatened to put a contract on Paul if she didn't leave Paul to move in with Garrett.

2) Jill hired Chase to seduce Nina, but Nina came to her senses and married Phillip.

3) Victor's younger brother Matt left town.

4) He was shot by Esther's crazed beau in the living room of the Chancellor mansion.

5) Danny left to star in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

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1) Ashley is the daughter of Brent Davis

2) Laurie, Leslie, Chris and Peggy

3) Anthony Geary

4) Through The Eyes Of Love (The Theme from ICE CASTLES)

5) Nikki and Casey's father, Nick Reed

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1) Danny Romalotti

2) Julia

3) He was driving drunk and crashed his car.

4) Duchess

5) He was the Abbott family gardener.

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1) Jill, Snapper and Greg (not absolutely sure about this one)

2) Erica Hope

3) She seduced him (?) and got pregnant

4) 3/26/73

5) Jessica. She died of AIDS (she also married John Abbot)

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