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The Young and The Restless Predictions Pages

Y&R Rumors & Predictions

10/30/06 by Glynis

I think that Mr. Kim killed Carmen.

I think that when Jack told him about her and how she could blow their plans out of the water, Mr. Kim, (who I think is secretly going to try to steal Jabot right out from under Jack) panicked and got rid of Carmen his own way.

Yes, they could send her to Asia to work over there but then when and if Mr. Kim took over the company, pushing Jack completely out of the picture, Carmie could come forward and tell that Jack is in fact the owner.  Without her around, Mr. Kim could just keep pretending that he owns the company, and therefore couldn't ever be sued for the 250 million dollars that the company is valued at.

Jack would be in a pickle as he would have basically given his company away for free, and he would be in debt for the 250 million that he owes Victor.  He would be facing bankruptcy and so would his family.

Mr. Kim has been making himself at home at Jabot, looking into files, poking into the way people have been doing things.  It wouldn't be too difficult for him to hear about the case between Dru and Carmen, and use that issue to get Carmen out of the picture for good.

I am also suspicious of that bartender Vincent, who was chatting up Dru, Lily and then Sharon. There was something strange about him but I couldn't put my finger on it.  The last time that we see Vincent before the nightclub opens, Neil is telling him to go to the back as a delivery has arrived.

I think that Mr. Kim killed Carmen and then had her dumped there to cause Neil and Dru trouble, which would take the suspicion off Jack and/or himself.

10/16/06 by Patricia

Since Adrienne Frantz will be coming on the show as Amber, I think she will turn out to be Sheila in disguise.

08-29-06 by Amanda

With everything going on between the Abbotts, I think Jack will come close to someone, and that someone being Sharon. It's a perfect, yet weird match. And only because we haven't really seen them together. And I personally would like to see Phyllis with Jack. Only because I'm used to them being together. In addition I do love Phyllis and Nick. I also have a feeling Lily will come together with her hubby again and hopefully re ignite the flame. Her family probably won't be happy, but hey they have their own problems right? Neil will probably admit their marriage is not working, therefore give Neil the perfect excuse to date Carmen openly. As for Drucilla... Hopefully she can accept the fact of her marriage being over. Not even she can live a lie so huge. The lie being she's in a marriage where no one's happy, not even their kids. I would like to see Nikki bonding a little more with Phyllis, I mean she is carrying her granddaughter. They really should just put the past behind them and accept the fact of which Nick and Sharon's marriage is over and Nick is now going to be a father again. Sharon and Nick should also stop easing the truth to Noah about Nick and Phyllis. I mean they took forever just to tell the poor boy about them getting a divorce. Come on, it's the 21st. Century here people, getting a divorce is common. I'm not saying it's still not going to hard, but they have been growing further apart for months, so why keep hanging on? It's like a Band-Aid needing to come off, you know it'll hurt but it has to be done. And Noah's a big boy, it's not like he's five where you have to sugar coat the truth. He'll get no where in life with people trying to protect him. They should just give it to him straight, even if it hurts. I'm pretty sure he'll need therapy afterwards, but hey all families are dysfunctional, no one's perfect. So maybe Noah should stop giving the evil eye to Phyllis, I mean she's carrying his sister, plus Noah doesn't know what Phyllis and Nick did so what gives?

08/29/06 by Glynis

Carmen is shrouded in mystery. 

She has shown Neil a picture of her siblings, a brother and a sister. 

I think that the brother Rick that she said was a troublemaker who ran off . is really Michael!

They could have lived together as youngsters, for a minute.  She could have been a neighbor of Michael's who he thought was just a friend, but is really his sister.  I think that she knows the truth about Michael being her brother, but that Michael doesn't know the truth.

It is coincidental that Michael is currently looking for his father at this time.  I think that Lowell has been sharing time between his two families and both families might not be aware of the other.

Who knows...  Michael might even be part black.

07-21-06 by Glynis

Brad has gotten all his money out and has figured out where JT is. He will head out to Cleveland and do a little PI work himself. He will figure out that JT is alone and try to kill him. He will then get all the information that JT finds and disappear. He will change his identity again and Paul will spend all summer trying to find him. JT will be in some sort of coma state, and Colleen will moan and groan over the guilt that she feels for putting her boyfriend in this predicament!

07-21-06 by Jodi

Sharon, upset by the fact that her husband has fathered Phyllis' baby, runs into Brad's open arms.  They make love again and Sharon becomes pregnant.  NVP decides to open up new day care centers in addition to their spas.  A new love triangle begins between Ashley, Jill and Will Bardwell.  Billy returns just in time to break up a catfight between the two women.

06-05-06 by Glynis

Jack is one of the first to realize that something is weird about Victor. He starts asking questions about the change in Victor's attitude lately. He becomes one of the first to figure out that Victor is mentally ill in some way. He decides to twangle another job offer from Victor that he gladly accepts this time. He uses this opportunity to take over Newman.

06-02-06 by Glynis

Gloria is glad that John seems to be getting better, and that they have probably found the reason why he was acting strange and forgetting things. Now she has decided that just getting him better isn't good enough and she thinks to figure out how to save him from a life in prison… Suddenly it will come to her… She will put the latex gloves back on and tamper with his medication. She knows that he will not fake symptoms to fool the authorities into letting him out for medical reasons, and so she figures that she will bring those symptoms on herself by messing with his medicine. When she does this…as usual, things will go horribly wrong!

06-01-06 by Glynis

Brad and Sharon end up having sex in New York. She gets pregnant. She panics when she realizes that the baby may be Brad's. To keep things in order and quiet on all fronts, Sharon decides to stay with Nick, but not because she loves him to death, but because she discovers that Phyllis is pregnant too and she fears that Nick is the father. Out of spite, she reclaims her man...just to make sure that Phyllis doesn't get him. Cassie's prediction ends up coming true. Nick and Sharon have another baby, only Nick hasn't any idea that it isn't his.

10-03-05 by Glynis

Brad is manipulating big time.

He wants to run Newman and Victoria is in the way. He really doesn't respect her as a businessperson or a leader. He tolerates her leadership just because he has to. He knows that the key to winning Newman over is to get her out of that chair. Victoria is a lot like her father in a lot of ways, but she is emotional and insecure at times. Brad will push her buttons to make her seem incompetent in the office then move in to take over her position as CEO of Newman.

To do this, he will use Sharon. He really cares for Sharon but doesn't want to make waves in her marriage, or hurt her. On the other hand, Victoria's jealousy starts to show through and she starts showing inappropriate behavior in the office. She will be meaner to Sharon by belittling her experience and ideas, and she will try to get her back to her job as a housewife. When Brad isn't as interested in Victoria as she is in him, she will try to get him fired. He will play up to her and then marry her. It will be a loveless marriage, much like the one that he had with Tracey Abbott.

After a while of going through the motions, Victoria will notice that Brad really would prefer to be with Sharon and not her. She will try to get a divorce, but Brad will demand more shares from her as a divorce settlement. At that point, he will be a major player with the stock that he currently has and with the stock that he will get in the divorce

01/30/05 by Kate

  1. Larry returns and is pitted between his debt to Katherine and his loyalty to Newman when Jack offers him a job.
  2. Jack and Phyllis begin to rebuild their relationship. Phyllis finds new opportunities in the blackmail department at the Abbott residence.
  3. Neil discovers the truth about his wife and his brother, which sends him on a drinking binge. Lily is in danger when she goes after her father, following a blowout with Dru and Malcolm.
  4. Michael and Lauren find their relationship heating up, while Victoria steams into town on the arm of a tall dark stranger.
  5. Gloria goes to great lengths to keep her secret.

01/19/05 by Christopher

  1. Victor will fire Jill, Damon, and Nikki in his effort to downsize at Jabot.
  2. Brad will begin bonding with Sharon in an effort to anger Victor, but it will backfire as Brad will find himself drawn to Nick Newman's wife.
  3. Abby will have some sort of illness that will bring Brad and Ash closer, but Victor will somehow be needed to help the child recover, thus angering Brad.
  4. Damon & Adrienne will reunite, then leave Genoa City.
  5. Colleen will confront Brittany about her bond with JT.
  6. The police will determine that the skeleton from the rec center IS NOT the body of Joshua Cassen.

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