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The Young and The Restless Predictions Pages

Y&R Rumors & Predictions

9/26/03 by Kate

1. Ashley and Brad will break up when Victor discovers that Abby is his. Victor will wrestle with whether or not to leave Nikki and re-marry Ashley.

2. Jack will play both of his women for several months, sitting back and watching them squirm. The two women will come to blows in public, and Jack will sit over a drink and watch the action.

3. Lily will come within an inch of her life, but will be saved by JT who will become the Jabot male model, bolstering the men's line.

4. Jill will finally be forced to admit that she loves her birth mother. This will happen after Larry talks Katherine into faking another stroke. Jill gets really angry with both her mother and Larry. Jill and Esther bury the hatchet after the maid takes her side, saying that even Jill doesn't deserve something like that.

5. Brittany becomes mistress to Bobby Marcino, and her parents reconcile, going so far as to renew their vows with Raul and his parents in attendance.

7/20/03 by Jodi

Lily gets in deep with Fisherman.  He kidnaps her and takes her to his secret yacht.  Malcolm (with amnesia) finds her and saves her in the nick of time.

7/11/03 by Kathy

Jill & Kay will continue a love & hate relationship, mainly hate. They despise the fact they're family but know they can't do anything about it. Kay remains silent. Nikki & Sharon fight even more but this time it's the big one! Nicolas still concentrates on taking over his dad's company. Sharon's against that. The Newman's & Jabot's have a big battle of power on their hands. The situation gets worse 'causing everyone to pick between their co. and their spouses (or boy/girlfriends). Chris doesn't know what happened to her on the night of Isabella's murder. She needs Wes to help her more now. He hypnotizes her to get the truth...but not right away. Chris is the #1 suspect. She'll get arrested. Paul is on her side. Michael is having a hard time with all this. He wants to believe her but doesn't. Lynne helps Paul investigate. Mary's nerves are tearing her up. Everyone wants the investigation over with!

7/4/03 by Kim

Michael finds out Christine did indeed off Isabella. He tells her he had the boat taken care of and in exchange for his silence, he asks for her hand in marriage. She complies.

6/21/03 by Jodi

Christine will be tried for the murder of Isabella.  This will bring her and Paul closer again and they will get back together.  Michael, still being in love with her, will do everything in his power to get her free.  I like the Mac joining the Peace Corps idea, but since it is rumored that Billy will be leaving, I think he'll go back to Louisiana with Brock.

6/18/03 by Kate

I can see Jill having a breakdown of such extemity that she ends up booking time off work to care for Katherine. This in turn starts a whole new set of problems with Esther who feels as though she's being deposed. Brock, again drops through the floor, and Mac goes into the Peace Corps to escape the pain. Billy becomes an alcoholic, (remember, he already had a problem with the bottle), and Katherine comes back, as good as new to take him to his first AA meeting.

1/19 by Suzanne

Chris will prove that Isabella and Michael have been working together.  Paul will beat up Michael, who will almost die.  Isabella will have a long custody fight & divorce with Paul.  Michael will sue Paul for assault.

Paul & Chris will not reunite but he gets court-ordered anger management therapy because of his temper.

Nikki will threaten Ashley's life in order to get her to stay away from Victor with her baby.  Victor will try to interfere in Ashley's marriage to Brad, in order to split them up more.  Olivia will not get what she wants and be forced to examine what her life has come to.

Neil and Dru will fall deeply in love again.  Lily will have a hard time with her parents getting back together.

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Page updated 7/11/12

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