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The Young and The Restless Predictions Pages

Y&R Rumors & Predictions

9/19 by Kelly D.

It has been rumored that Isabella’s husband will be making an appearance in Genoa City.  

I have also heard rumors that the feud between Diane and Phyllis is going to end with a tragedy!

9/7 by Nick

Sharon will be come pregnant with Diego's Baby but she'll miscarry (October)

Diane will be killed off (February)

Ashley will be presumed dead but she'll come back after seeing the light (December)

Victor and Nikki's marriage will go thru a major crisis (September-December)

9/3 by Glynis

Phyllis has been having a hard time dealing with this whole scene with Diane living in the poolhouse.  She has spoken to Larry about getting a hit man, she has told Michael that she doens't know if she can deal with Diane anymore and that she is the one person that Phyllis hates the most.  Even Jack is having a hard time believing that Phyllis hasn't been threatening Diane when they are alone.

Prediction:  Something terribly tragic is going to happen.  Diane is not going to die, but she is going to come pretty close.  Maybe a fire will take place.  It will happen during a time when Kyle is safely out of the house.  Perhaps during the Newman wedding.  Diane told Jack and Phyllis that she will be taking a sleeping pill that night to have a good night's sleep as she has been having nightmares.  It is during this deep slumber that this tragedy will take place.  Diane will be saved, but she will need hospitalization.  Charges will be laid and Phyllis will be the only real suspect that the police will have. 

8/23 by Glynis

Neil is on the way to getting sober.  He has been spending time with Serena and she has been a good drinking buddy.  When he decided that he was going to go sober, she decided to go sober too.  She has asked him about the future and what lies ahead for the both of them, but Neil was unable to answer that question at the moment.  

Prediction:  When Neil sobers up, which he will, he will take a second look at Serena and see that she really isn't the woman for him.  He cares for her but not like he cares for Drucilla who will be in Genoa City for a lot longer than she thought.

8/16 by Glynis

Diane is getting desperate.  Jack has told her that she has to get out of the apartment when her leg is out of the cast.  

The prediction is that she will push Phyllis too far and end up getting hurt in some terrible manner.  Phyllis will not be able to talk her way out of this accident and she might even have to face criminal charges.

Jack will have no choice but the help Diane out with her problems... 

8/16 by Kelly

I heard a rumor that Michael Damian will be reprising his role as Danny Romalotti in upcoming episodes.

I predict that Nikki and Victor will not remarry because of Lorie Brooks and Max's plan to break them up.

The truth will come out that Sharon slept with Diego!

Juice will run into his old girlfriend Drucilla and cause problems for her...or it may cause sparks to fly!

Malcolm will make an appearance in Genoa City again. He really didn't die in Africa! He is alive, just too hurt by Neil and Alex to come back just yet. 

7/31 by Glynis

I don't see Nikki making it to the altar with Victor. She is going to change her mind at the last minute.

7/19 by Glynis

Ashley will see the growing friendship between Olivia and Brad and tell Brad to date Olivia after she is dead.

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Page updated 7/11/12

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