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The Young and The Restless Poetry Pages

Y&R Poems

By a Fan

While Jill renovated the Chancellor estate,
Kay turned to liquor and simmered with hate.
Then Arthur hit town to reclaim their love,
and Kay took advice from spirits above.

Jill fell in love with a crooked C.E.O.,
while Harrison told Kay all she needed to know.
Was Arthur a killer? We never can say.
He skipped town, re-pitting Jill against Kay.

Sharon killed Cameron, or so she believed,
and was haunted by his ghost, while Grace was bereaved.
But when he turned up well, several citizens were relieved.
And Nick saved the day, proving they'd all been deceived.

Abby told Victor he was Daddy number two,
then Ash told Brad they were unfortunately through.
But Victor chose Nikki to keep as his wife,
while Ash ended up with one screwed up life.

Orchids, orchids, everywhere.
Dru quit her job and lost her hair.
Neil was C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises,
and found uniting Phyllis and Dru brought disastrous surprises.

To punish Victor for his year-old bribery scheme,
Jack pressed charges, but Phyllis wiped Victor's slate clean.
With a slap on the wrist, Victor walked away,
while Jack & Phyllis found they had nothing left to say.

Danny briefly returned, with Daniel in tow.
Phyllis told her son what he needed to know.
Mother & Son reunited and eventually found,
they could start fresh, even with Christine around.

Brittany got burned and was left with a scar,
while Kevin got blamed and ran very far
'Till he found Mother Gloria and brought her to town.
And the mob was found guilty of having caused Brittany's frown.

Colleen got JT to sing to a crowd,
and Shiloh the producer was utterly wowed.
So JT hit LA to record a new hit,
And insecure Colleen left town in a fit.

Brittany's new chapter meant good-bye to Raul,
and hello to Bobby, the reformed Mr. Cool.
Mac came home and found that JT,
had fallen in love with the engaged Brittany.

JT kept quiet, while Brittany and Bobby said "I do."
And Mac did her best to pull JT through.
He reverted to form and became Mr. Mean,
then changed his tune with the return of Colleen.

To give hope to a company and devastation to a foe,
Victor had Jack fired in exchange for millions for Jabot.
But the company still buckled under crippling debt,
And Victor prompted Ash to make a decision she'd regret.

To clean up his name and become a new man,
Kevin asked Daniel to concoct a foolproof plan.
So Lily was put in danger, so Kevin could save the day.
But danger returned when Alex demanded a 'repay'.

Damon stepped in to save Phyllis and her grown boy,
then admitted he'd once lost his own pride and joy.
His child's killer was released into society,
and Damon sought vengeance immediately.

A showdown between the two was seen as the effort of a team,
And Phyllis & Damon were charged as conspirators in a dark murder scheme.
But Paul found proof that would prove Phyllis' version pure,
And Christine couldn't keep Damon from giving the evidence to her.

Neil and Dru took in Devon, a street youth with no home,
Then Malcolm returned from the dead, after years on his own.
The family was thrilled to have their once departed back.
But Dru worried Lily was really his, and her family unit would crack.

Nikki remembered shooting a gun when she was five,
causing Joshua Cassen to be decidedly un-alive.
Though she suspected Brad was the brother of the dead boy,
She discovered Bobby Marsino was the one she'd robbed of joy.

Victor broke her trust and gave Bobby the news,
and he went missing, leaving new-bride Brittany no clues.
So Nikki blasted Victor for betraying her so,
And JT agreed to help Brittany locate her missing beau.

Paul closed up shop to team up with Michael & Christine.
While Kevin became obsessed, with Lauren as his queen.
Paul and Lauren broke up, giving Kevin room to move in,
But brother Mikey hooked up with Lauren, leaving Kevin alone again.

So Kevin challenged Michael to a brotherly duel,
and in the ring of the rec center attacked Michael like a fool.
And in punching his kin, faced demons from long ago.
Kevin came out healthy, and thanked Michael, his bro.

Jack slept with Jill, a familiar old habit,
while Gloria became the new Mrs. John Abbott.
She hired escorts to pose as her boys,
Then took one to bed, indulging in joys.

Michael threw her out, and demanded she fess up to her beau,
while Mac convinced Kevin to tell Lily how far he'd had to go.
To reclaim her trust, he admitted he'd set up her fall,
and both Mac and Lily were impressed he'd tell the truth at all.

To stick it to Jill, Kay gave her company to Jack.
He took the job, since Jabot couldn't take him back.
While at Newman, Neil posed as temporary C.E.O.
Until Victor made Nick the new head honcho.

And with poor Sharon bored, with nothing to do or be,
Nick got her in at Jabot, and personally handled her salary.
Neil quit his job, and Dru contemplated following suit.
And Brad bonded with Sharon, Jabot's newest recruit.

As things wrapped up for the end of the year,
Michael was forced to endure holiday cheer.
Jack and Phyllis picked up where they'd long ago stopped,
And Nikki's reserve of patience for Victor, finally popped.

This year will see focus on many issues of concern.
Like how much Malcolm will inevitably learn.
There's hope that Victoria will return, strong, beautiful and new.
And perhaps a chance to stop asking, "Diane Jenkins, who?"


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Page updated 7/7/12

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