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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Adults are Afraid of Thunder, Too
Part 10

By KitKat

Nick glanced back at the juice.  “It’s ready.  You can take it.”  Billy grabbed the medicated juice and walked back to the room.  Nick took care of putting the juice back and putting away Miguel’s utensils.  “I don’t know how he does it,” Nick muttered, and turned off the light. 

            He heard the tap as sure as he was of his own existence.  It was almost soundless, but short and sweet, not meant for anyone else but him.  At first, he couldn’t move or make a sound.  It was possible that Ralph, whose outer appearance he wasn’t sure of, was looking in the window, knowing that Mac was still in this house.  Or even worse, he was resorting to killing people and then hanging their heads on the mantel in his home, looking at them as he held a naked Mackenzie in his arms, her mouth gagged preventing her from seeing the outside world--

            He turned and opened his eyes.  They felt gritty from being shut so tight. 

            “Nicholas?”  Sharon’s voice was confused and upset.  “Nicholas!”  His breathing overtook his wife’s sputtering sounds.  His ears rang with that tap.  He saw someone at the window.  A skinny something.  And then he recognized the person.  His name was Mr. Tree.  Nick grinned forcibly and jogged away from the kitchen.  Sharon stood at the edge of darkness waiting for him to return.  She embraced him and he inhaled her scent.  She smelled a bit of cheese and mostly of a womanly redolence. 

            That tree would not tap on the window.  It never had.  Well, then again, he had only been in the kitchen less than five times in his life.  That tree could have scared Miguel a few times in his day.  But he could have cut that branch off. 

            “Nick, I asked you, why did you take so long?”  He recovered, and stared into his beautiful wife’s face.  God, if only you hadn’t given me so many hormones.

            “I used the bathroom,” he lied. 

            “I didn’t hear the toilet flush.” 

            “You wouldn’t hear the toilet flush from here,” he lied again.  She’ll believe that.  She believes anything.  

            “I think he is right,” Nikki nodded.  She was sitting next to Mackenzie, who was surrounded by apprehensive people.  She was holding Craig and on the table in front of her was an empty vessel of juice.  Billy glanced at him and his eyes had retreated sooner than they had arrived on his.  Nick started getting the feeling that he was in on everything.  Billy had only heard about the condom, he reasoned.  Somehow, this made him feel good.  Mackenzie’s head was rested on the crook of Billy’s neck and his eyes now were affixed to her head.  At last, Sharon detached herself from the embrace. 

            “When you didn’t come out,” Sharon narrated calmly.  “I didn’t know what to think.”

            “I know, baby.  Well, we are all safe here, and Cassie and Noah and Miguel are all upstairs. 

            “Who is this Miguel?”  Isabella asked.  “Mac, you mentioned him . . .”

            “Longtime slave to the Newman ranch,” Mac said, smiling.  Nikki, Victor, and Nick all gave her fossilized looks.

            “Well, guys,” Victoria soothed in a condescending voice, “He is.  Mom, you can’t even follow a pancake recipe.”

            “I am sure I could,’ she snapped. 

            “Mom, Dad, you too Nicholas.  Miguel cleans everything, he takes care of everything, why, he is the reason this place looks the way it does.  Mackenzie has a real point.”  Mac didn’t look up. 

            “Alright.  Miguel is a slave,” Nick said.  Then he started laughing.  That laugh turned into a guffaw.  “Vic, Vic, Vic.  Oh, Lord.”  He smiled at his sister.  “He hardly works.  This place keeps itself.  If he were a slave, he would have quit a long time ago.  Have we even seen him cook the food?”

            “Well, no, but he does!”  Vikki exclaimed.  “And in the heat.” 

            “Son,” Victor said.  “I doubt he gets delivered food through the back door.” 

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Page updated 7/10/12

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