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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Adults are Afraid of Thunder, Too
Part 9

By KitKat

Billy watched Nick as he bent over the refrigerator and took out the apple juice.   With a great twist of manly force, he opened the bottle and took out a glass.  “Remind me that Miguel is a great butler when we survive this shit.”

            “You do a pretty good job of keeping cool here,” Billy said, circling the kitchen and fingering the counter.  “I mean, things happen, you keep your cool even though you are all new to this.”

            “Well, it kind of seems real to me now.”  Nick admitted.

            “Come again?”

            “Billy, I found a condom and a note.”  A female condom.”   Billy’s eyes clouded over with tears and outrage and shook his head. 

            “Man, I can’t believe this.  How desperate can he get?”

            “I didn’t want to tell you, but I thought now you should know about Ralph’s intentions.”

            “Well, maybe this is kind of good.  He doesn’t want her to get pregnant, because a baby can incriminate him.”

            “You are sounding like this is hopeless.  Talking like he is going to get her.  Man, we are going to protect Mackenzie.  No matter what it takes.  She is important to all of us now.  Mackenzie and the baby.”  He started exiting the kitchen, and turned off the light.  “You coming with me to get the painkillers?”

            “Um, I wanted to go back and see how Mac was doing.”

            Nick was disgusted.  “I am not going upstairs by myself,” he scoffed.  Billy gave him an astounded look.  Nick actually was showing that he wasn’t all balls.  “We don’t know if anyone is waiting up there.  Safety in numbers, you know.”

            “Alright,” Billy reluctantly agreed.  “If I get clonked, you can look in my wallet for my doctor’s phone number.”

            “Yeah.”  Nick assented.  “Sure.”  The two companions rushed up the stairs and Nick ran into a bathroom, into a secret-looking compartment--and the biggest bathroom Billy had seen since Mac’s--and took out a bottle with traces of a once present label stuck to the sides and dumped out 2 pills.  His mother hadn’t wanted him to know what she was really taking, but he knew.  He stuffed it in the cubicle, and he and Billy dashed downstairs, holding onto their only support: the railing.  Once reaching the landing, Nick slid to a stop and looked around for any men lurking around.  “You know,” he confided in Billy.  “For precaution sake.”  They went to the kitchen and Nick turned on the light he had turned off on his way out.  He rummaged in a drawer for the nut masher and grabbed the cutting board from the high rack to the left of the counter.  In a quick motion he threw the pills on the board, smashed them to bits, and put them in the liquid.  “It should dissolve,” he said.  As he said that, thunder rumbled. 

            Nick dropped the masher. “Oh man.” 

            “What you scared of a little thunder and lightning?”  Billy asked. 

            “You are suddenly a big man because you were chased for a few miles?”

            “Well, you would be Godzilla.”  Billy commented.  Nick chuckled a little.  “Yeah, sure.”  He sportively punched Billy in his bicep.  “I can see why Mac is taken by you, you sucker.”  Billy managed to give him a small grin.   

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Page updated 7/10/12

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