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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Adults are Afraid of Thunder, Too
Part 7

By KitKat

 These were real and daunting.  As judged, the banging on the door resumed its actions. 

            It was an unfamiliar woman’s voice screaming at the door.  Faces unlocked their shut eyes and concern took place of serene dozing.  Victor quickly opened the door and was faced with no other than . . .

            “Who the hell are you?”  Victor mumbled to the woman who had her hands raised in a knocking fashion.   

            “Let me in, you bastard!”  The woman had more strength than Victor had planned on and she barged in the room. She was obviously surprised when she saw the many faces in the room.  “Close the door!  Now!”  Victor fell against the door and rested his back against it for a second.  The woman looked like Ramona . . . it couldn’t be.  No, it wasn’t. Ramona was taller and she had longer hair.  He was intrigued by this lovely woman.  She seemed so sure of herself, yet so vulnerable. 

            “Hi.”  Nikki extended her hand, scaring the crap out of Victor who hadn’t expected her to feel such friendly intentions of a woman with ‘Ramona’ features.  “I am Nikki Newman.” 

            “Husband of Victor Newman?”  She asked, pushing her messy hair back.

            “Yes,” she answered in a wary tone.  Victor’s mouth slightly parted in anxiety.  Now the trouble would be starting.  What is wrong with me?  I don’t usually think like this.  I am thinking like a teenager.  He knew what was wrong.  He just couldn’t admit it.    

            “I’m Isabella.  Isabella Williams.” 

            “Okay, one question,” Billy said.  And Mac knew that he was going to suddenly begin acting very naive, which he was at the moment.  “Why are you here if we don’t even know you?”  Mac rolled her eyes to the right and stared at the door.  It was obviously a very expensive wood, but not more expensive than her grandma’s house.  Billy, would you stop with the stupid questions?  Then she stopped for a second and stared at the floor, realizing his intentions.  I knew there was a reason I fell in love with him!  She didnt’ even know the answer to his question.  Yes, he had been chasing her, but why?  She hadn’t stopped to think of that.  Her mind was blowing in all directions for no reason but fear. 

            “There has to be a connection.  He wouldn’t just dredge up random people,” Mac with a wavery sounding voice, standing with weak knees and holding onto the arm of the couch.  “Let’s see.  Isabella. . . you are married to Paul Williams or something right?”

            “Yes.  What is going on?”

            “Hold on.  Let me figure this out,” Mac said, standing up. 

            “She’s on a role,” Billy said gleefully, looking at her with admiration.  “Don’t stop her.”

            “You are married to Paul.  Paul is good friends with Cricket, who knows Phillis, who knows me.”  She stopped in mid thought to think about it.  “This guy is sick and twisted.  Leaving notes, giving us hidden messages, oh my gosh.”

            “What are you--what is she talking about?  I want to know what the hell is going on.”

            “Calm down lady,” Victoria sputtered, almost unable to control her aghast feelings toward the hysterical Isabella. Already her instincts were telling her that this “Latina” was bad news and a turkey that ended up in the pound. 

            “Isabella,” She corrected, sending daggers toward Victoria.  Vikki shot Isabella a glance of her own. 

            “He will go to any lengths to find me.  And I think I figured it out.”

            “Good, tell us.”  Sharon said, nodding.  Mac smiled at her, but it was a smile of incredulity.  For a few seconds, she thought she could hear some noises coming from Sharon’s side of the room.  It almost sounded like marbles but she let it go.  I am going to tell you, you nitwit, Mac mentally divulged to the woman.  I think I am with a bunch of nitwits.  Billy and I are the only sane ones here!  Mac relaxed her muscles.  Mac, calm down.  We are all just scared.  You are just more smart when you are scared.  Mac sat back down and relaxed her back on the couch, her tensions falling from her body. 

            “He thinks that the people farthest from me will be the quickest to say where I am,” she said simply.  “People like my grandma, thankfully, he’ll come for last.  He isn’t out to hurt me and get the people I love first.  He only wants to get me first.  That is his sole goal.  His system is virtually flawless.”  Now she began sympathizing with Sharon’s seemingly dumb concern and she settled herself back down on the couch in Billy’s awaiting arms. 

            “Now could someone tell me what is going on?”  No one could look at her for more than a few seconds because her anxiety was enough to unnerve any of them again.”

            “Does anyone want to take a turn?”  Mac asked. 

            “I will.”  Billy said, patting her shoulder and coming over to Isabella. He put out his hand and she quickly shook it.  “Hi, I’m Billy Abbott.  And you are Isabella.”

            “That’s right,” she said with a faint smile.  “So, why was I chased?”

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Page updated 7/10/12

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