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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Adults are Afraid of Thunder, Too
Part 6

By KitKat

 Billy planted a kiss on her head.  “Hey, where did everyone go?”

            “I said we wanted some time alone.  They are in another room.”

            “There is another room?”  They both started laughing.  “Never saw it.”

            “Well, we aren’t here that often.”

            “You know, things are so easy to forget when I am with you.  I can forget everything, even sometimes for a moment.”  They sat there silently, contemplating their destinies.  Behind them, Nikki peaked out from the door that lead to another sitting room.  She turned to the rest of them.  “They’re okay,” she smiled.

            Diane Jenkins brooded in her first floor apartment, a remote control in her hand and a bag of chips on the table next to her.  The television blared with the sounds of “Rounders”, which was on HBO that day.  On Diane’s lap was the HBO schedule.  She had to keep busy, and her work did not take so much time as it did back in Seattle.  That had been a long time ago and she should have glued her ass to her office desk so she would never leave.  Coming here had been a big mistake, she knew.  Everyone hated her except the little man that was in his playpen, babbling incoherent words.  He said a few clear words, most importantly, Mommy.  Isabella even came over a few times to baby-sit when she wasn’t screwing Paul.  What a whore.  Well, at least she understood her and her pain that she had to suffer through everyday.  From behind Diane, a fan whirred in exchange for air conditioning, which was too expensive for her.  She only earned a few dollars an hour at this office job.  What a rip-off.  She got up from her recliner, picked Kyle up from his toys, and held him to her chest.  His sturdy legs kicked her stomach as she walked back to the armchair.  “There, Kyle.  We are just going to sit here and have a nice family theatre get-together time.  

            On the television screen, she watched as Matt Damon got beat up by a bunch of surely looking men.  She shook her head.  Suddenly, someone grabbed her throat and she felt something large pointed at the back of her head. 

            “You know Jack Abbott right?”

            “What do you want?  Just tell me and you can have it.”

            “I want you to tell me if you know Abbott.”

            “Y-yes.  This is his son.”

            “Then you must know Billy.”  Diane cunningly freed a hand from Kyle, who was conveniently sucking his thumb, and curled it into a bony fist. 

            “I-I’m n-not th-that close to him!”

            “You bugging me lady?  You know where he would go.  You love Jack.  You would do anything for him including LIE, wouldn’t you.” 

            “Yes!”  Diane sobbed. 

            “So tell me where Billy is, or I’ll shoot you so your son will see your fucking brains go splashing onto Matt Damon.”  And then she hit him, knocking the gun from his hand.  She got up quickly with Kyle dangling from her and crying. 

            “Get back here, you bitch.”  The man closed his hands around the gun.  “You tell me where they are!”  Her hand closed on the doorknob; she was so close to making it out.  The doorknob clicked to its position that allowed for the mobilization of the door.  And he fired his shotgun.

            Nikki, John, Craig, Victoria, and Victor reentered the room.  Behind them was Miguel, carrying a tea platter.  He winked at Mac and set it down on the center table. 

            “More tea anyone?”

            “I would love some.”  John held his teacup out and Miguel congenially poured the liquid into his cup.  Craig happily sat on a chair with Victoria, who was playing childish games with him.  “Hey buddy, you having fun?”  Craig diverted his attention from Victoria for a bit and smiled at his friend.  And John sipped his tea. 

            “We are all pretending nothing is happening,” Mac muttered to Billy.  “It isn’t stopping.”

            “Well now we are safe.”

            “Look at all the stuff that has happened.”  Mac whispered. 

            “Shhh.  Honey, don’t worry about that now.”  He wrapped his arms more fully around her and buried his face in her hair.  “We have time to spare here.”

            “Billy, I am not going back out there.”  She watched as Miguel stealthily walked over to the phone to see if there was a dial tone.  From the expression on his face, she knew there still wasn’t.  No contact with the outside world.  Like quarantine, she thought. 

            “And I don’t want to,” he soothed her.  “Let’s just forget about that for a while, relax and maybe sleep.”  Unanticipated, someone knocked on the door.  No one breathed.  Time stopped for a moment, the world ending.  The madmen had found them again.  “Mom, Dad, its us.  Please open up.”  And the blanket was lifted.  Victor opened the door and took his son into a powerful embrace. 

            “Shut the door!”  Nikki vociferated loudly.  John rolled his eyes.

            “Alright.”  Sharon said.  After the door was shut, Cassie came over to her mom.  “I thought you said everything was okay.”

            “And it is.  Sweetie, Daddy and I just don’t want to be alone right now.  We want to be with Mackenzie and Grandma and Grandpa and everyone else so that we can talk.” 

            The rain came down in sheets. 

            “Why don’t we put on some music?”  Noah said. 

            “No, no music,” Mac said adamantly.  “Miguel, you have a record player or stereo upstairs right?”

            “Mac, it’s just--” Billy began.

            “I don’t want any music,” she insisted again.

            “Kids, come on.” 

            “I am getting sick of it upstairs.”  Cassie grumbled. 

            “Why?”  Miguel pondered.  “There are so many great things up there.”

            “I want to know what is going on.”

            “Nothing is going on.  We are just worried about something and we want you two to be safe upstairs.”  Noah and Cassie once again disappeared upstairs.  And the odd group was left downstairs once again to ponder their predicament. 

            2 hours later, the room was quiet with the sounds of sleep.  Mac slept with her head on Billy’s chest.  He lay down on the couch, his hand dangling by John’s head, who was slumped against the couch snoring and holding Craig, who had gone to sleep a while ago.  On the armchair to the right, Victoria sat with her body in an awkward position.  Her head was down ninety degrees and her body was slumped at the same angle.  On the other armchair, Nick held Sharon in his arms, who was resting her cheek against his head.  He was comfortable leaning against the soft cushioning.  Nikki had gone up to her room to supposedly read after everyone else had nodded off.  The only person left was the man whose face showed his many tortures throughout his rich life.  He poured himself another glass of water and downed it off like it was a shot of liquor.  His intense eyes stared out of the window, which he had opened when his wife ascended the stairs. 



            BLAM.  He could hear the gunshots.  He could taste the leaves as he had fallen into the old pile and then drug his teeth into the watery puddle of dirt and bugs.  And he remembered the man’s voice.

            I am the leader now.  You are just my pawn.  The water glass pounded down to the ground, rolling slowly toward the wall.  “No way,” Victor whispered.  “I am not giving this up without a fight.”  If they had to stay here, so it would be.  His pain would still be private.  The pain he couldn’t let out to anyone. 

            Footsteps.  Running footsteps.  And these weren’t a figment of his imagination this time.  These were real. 

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Page updated 7/10/12

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