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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Adults are Afraid of Thunder, Too
Part 5

By KitKat

 She could feel the stress and pull on her stretched out stomach.  She dared to look down and saw that she could survive this.  All she had to do was land on her two feet.  .. Moreover, grab that branch sticking out.  She couldn’t feel her arm as she raced to find the branch.  Somehow, through all the sharp, broken twigs and massive amount of old leaves that had rotted with rain and humidity, she found it, her world shaking in front of her eyes.  She struggled to steady herself. 

            I am going to lose this baby.  There was no doubt in her mind.  She could still feel the sharp kicks but this ordeal was stronger than the baby.  No strength could be endowed this baby to give it an awesome power to survive this.  Mac was hardly surviving it.  As she steadied her hands on the branch, her eyes scanned her surroundings, looking for Billy or the man.  She looked down, closed her eyes, and her body went slack to the ground.  She was instantly reminded of her throbbing feet and stinging legs.  She began hobbling toward her right. 

            I’ve seen this before.  Yes, it was the Newman ranch.  Mackenzie hobbled faster until she could see the expensive decor of the old house.  A squirrel scooted in front of her, running scared.  “Hey little guy,” she greeted him.  And she continued on.  As a favor to her efforts, the door opened and Billy himself came running out.  “Billy!”  She mumbled, her legs increasingly sagging. 

            “Mac.”  His face was contorted with pain.  His mouth was open in that anxious way and his eyes were squinted in a slight diagonal.  For some reason, Mac was happy that he was scared, just like her.  Maybe he was trying to be scared enough for the both of them, so she wouldn’t have to be.  Oh how she wished that were true. She could now only feel Billy’s strong arms.  The same ones that had held her bare body those hot nights in her room after making sweet love in front of her troll collection, which had toppled over with the unusual festivities.  The same ones that had protected her from getting shot while getting chased just a few minutes ago.  The same ones that had embraced her a year ago and told her that he loved her and only her.  Those arms would always patrol her and make sure she was never in perilous circumstances.  She didn’t know how he engineered the tedious task of taking her in his arms, but he did so in a chivalrous manner, indeed.  She balanced herself by placing her arms around his neck just seconds before he went through the opened door.  Before her were the blurred faces of Nikki, Victor, John, Victoria, Craig, Victor, Miguel, the record player, the table, the chair, the vases, the shaggy carpet that stood in the far corner, the dark hallway. 

            Mac opened her eyes and winced as a slight move of her head induced a sore crick in her neck.  Billy was sitting beside her, waving his fingers in front of his face, the taxing chase still taking its toll, for he was breathing hard and sweating profusely. 

            “How long was I out?”  Billy did not look at her.  “Not long.” 

            “What?  What is it?” 

            “I can’t feel it anymore.”

            “Can’t feel what?” 

            “The baby.”  Billy still refused to look at her.  His waving fingers palpated his moist face rapidly.  “Mac, I’ve never been so scared.  Ever.  Trying to wake you up and you not responding.  You were only out for a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity.”  Mac sat up and he finally turned his head.  And she swung her legs over the couch, which naturally moved closer to Billy. With a new burst of strength, now not having to use her legs as much, and even less her feet, she drew her dirt-clad hands up to his face, and kissed him.  A ardent, but quick kiss that left her shocked at her actions.  The pained look was gone but she could still hear his quick respirations.  His look was the same one he had given her just a few days ago, when they had finished picking out a small, compact crib for the baby in a catalogue that Mac had obtained from a mail-order.  Mac had missed that look.

             “I’m okay now,” she assured him, resting her hand on his shoulder.  His shoulder was soft and cushiony, which meant that he was content with all conditions.  “Billy, I can feel him.”

            “You said him” 

            “Yeah, well, I was kind of hoping but after everything we’ve been though, I think it’s a boy.”  Mac began massaging his leg. 

            “That is being stereotypical.”  Mac began laughing. 

            “I don’t think it is Superwoman, out to save the innocents being assaulted by corrupt people.”  And she laughed again.  “We still have it.  You were just scared.”

            “Yeah.”  Billy agreed.  “I love you, Mac.”

            “And I love you,” Mac whispered.  “So much.” 

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Page updated 7/10/12

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