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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Adults are Afraid of Thunder, Too
Part 4

By KitKat

            “We’ll see.”  The men persevered along the leafy path silently, seeing a pale patch of light that persuaded them to keep going at a clipped pace.  Beyond a thin grove of trees was a small hill.

            “So I guess we go down here,” Jerrod said, starting his journey. 

            “Wait.”  Tyler pulled his colleague back.  “This is a good lookout point.  Oh shit.”


            “The Newman boy is going back in the house.  What was he doing out there?”

            “Shit, man, I told you you made a mistake.”

            “I don’t know yet.  Let’s get down from this hill.”  Breathing hard, the men carefully made their way down, holding onto fixed branches and stones. 

            “You know what was funny about this whole thing?”  Tyler confided in Jerrod, finally on the last leg down to the flat land.


            “I never heard a man say ‘you got that’ so many times a minute.” 

            “Who, Victor?”

            “Yeah, ‘course Victor.  Oh God, it is starting to rain again.”  Tyler jumped to the ground.

            “Did I ever tell you that I was a good student in school?  Jerrod said.

            “You?  No.  And I wouldn’t believe it.”  He helped Jerrod down.

            “I was.  I was in Advanced Placement Literature and all we ever talked was about symbolism.”

            “Do I really need to hear this crap right now?”  Tyler rolled his eyes.

            “Well I think this rain is symbolizing bad things to come.” 

            “You are high, man,” Tyler told him, shoving him to the side.  “High as hell and stinky as, hell I don’t know what.” 

            “Houston.”  Jerrod said, regaining his balance, “we got a problem.”


            “Mackenzie and Billy just went out the back door!” 

            “Shit!”  The sudden realization shook both men to their destiny and Tyler’s undeniable mistake.    Both men took off like a spreading fire.  A few moments after, coincidentally, Sharon, Nick, Noah and Cassie were rushing out of the ranch, Nick hoarding them out with sheltering arms; a silent pack of deer heading back to their humble home.  A rabbit hopped across the lawn that the young Newman clan had just crossed through and slipped through a hole underneath the otherwise solid home.  From his hole, the rabbit could hear hollow sounds of shrill angst and calming sounds. 

            “How is the phone?”  Victoria asked.  “Try the phone, Dad.”  Nikki beat Victor to the phone, and he bowed out. 

            “It is still dead.  God.”  Nikki put the phone back in its cradle.  Her eyes landed at the window, which she had opened a few moments before.  “I believe the phone has been disconnected, which in our case is a complete disadvantage.”             

            “Well, we have a car, Victoria grumbled, her voice dripping with heavy disbelief.  We can, oh I don’t know.”  She walked around the room.  “Let’s see, USE IT!”

            “Sweetheart, calm down.  Victor said.  “We are just considering our options.”

            “Our option is to get out of this mess before we are affected any further.  And you know what?  I think it was a damned mistake sending Nicholas and Sharon and the kids back.  So you didn’t see the guy.  The guards are dead.  We were hearing strange recordings.  And they are there all by themselves.  Not to mention Mac and Billy.  I mean, what if they were waiting for that?  What if the guy or guys--whatever--are chasing them right now?”  Victor gave her a quick hug.

            “I understand what you are going through, but it was their decision to go.”

            “Couldn’t you have stopped them?”

            “Sweetheart.”  Victor gathered her shoulders like a small baby.  “Sometimes, you have to forget about power and think about what is truly right for the person at that moment.”  Victoria nodded, frightened tears staining her brown cheeks.  She withdrew from her father’s hands and nodded, her hair hiding her face.

            “Am I interrupting?”   Victoria looked up and couldn’t believe it. 

            “There you are again,” she exclaimed. 

            “I am sorry.  Mrs. Newman, Mr. Silva wants to know if you have anything like diapers.”

            “As a matter of fact we do.  We have kept some ever since Nicholas was 4 and did not need them . . .”  Nikki had exited the room, and gone up the stairs with him.  Victoria and Victor were left alone in the room. 

            “Well here we are.”  Victoria had been staring into the dark corridor of the kitchen and continued staring.  The clock loomed in the hallway and her eyes adjusted to the light just so she could make out the direction of the modest arrows. It was 6:29. 

            “Dad?”  Victoria inwardly cursed herself for her trembly voice.  “Dad?”

            “I am right here sweetheart.”  Her dad’s voice seemed to be a million miles away.  In reality he was in the room, fondling an imitation flower. 

            “It is way too dark for this time.  I don’t like this.” 

            “Well it has been raining for a while.”

            “Where is Miguel?  No, wait.  Where are John and Craig?  John!  Craig!”  She called for them in agony, darkness pressing her down further in her helpless cave. 

            And then the dark monster broke the hole in the Earth, and both heard the soft roll of thunder attack the sky, an earsplitting cut to the situation, bleeding out the possibilities.  As the sound decreased, so did the volume of Victoria’s sudden scream.  Footsteps pounded on the steps as Miguel and Nikki came down. 

            “What happened?”  Nikki screamed, alarming Victoria even more.  Victoria shook her head and moved back. 

            “We are all fucked,” she declared in a controlled voice.  “Fucked.” 


            “Yeah, I know.  I am acting all melodramatic.  I know what is going on.”

            “I think the thunder freaked you out.”  The new voice that had woven its way in through chaos was a mixture of milk and honey.  Victoria drank it.

            “John.  You are alright!”

            “Yeah, of course.”  Everyone smiled.  John then put Craig in a small chair and held out his hand.  “Diaper, please?”

            “Billy this is really freaking me out!”  Mac kept a hand on her stomach to soften the emotions of the baby, which was kicking up a storm of sleet and hail, along with Mac’s burnt throat and frozen legs.  “Me and the baby.”             

            “Me too.”  Billy rubbed her back some more.  “Right now I am more concerned with you than the baby.  How are you doing?”

            “I think I’ll be able to stand in a few seconds.”  Mac shivered.

            “Are you cold?”  Billy murmured to her, his large hand rubbing circles on her back. 

            “No, just a tremor.  One of those.”  Her body betrayed her again by giving her another shock of blood rushing through her.  “I am just really scared.”  She looked into Billy’s eyes, and he in turn looked into hers, which were wide and spent.  Billy resisted buckling under the steaming pain of his legs in a tucked position, bent towards Mac and balancing his body above the ground. 

            “Do you think we lost him?”  Mac asked.  “I’m gonna stand now.”  And she did so. 

            “I don’t---I think we did.”  And he began to smile.  “I think we actually did lose him.  Yes!”  And he raised his hands in a salute to the sky. 

            “BILLY!”  Billy dropped his posture and instinctively looked behind him.  A man was taking aim.  A different man with a lean build.  He was aiming right at Billy’s face. 

            “Run!”  Mac and Billy once again lifted their blistered, burning feet off from the ground, a rush of blood running through them and stopping once again as their red feet hit the ground with a tremendous pressure that pulsated pain throughout their feet and shot through their legs.  Once again, the familiar sound of a shotgun scratched their ears. 

            “Zigzag!”  Billy panted. “Only way we’ll lose him.  We gotta split up!”  Mac almost bumped into a tree as he turned left, right, and a sharper right. 

            Where do I get the strength?

            Twigs, branches, falling leaves, raindrops

            When will it end?

            She almost tripped on a raised tree root.

            How are we gonna get out of this--we don’t even know where we are.  Then she fell.  She felt herself make a softer landing than anticipated and she suppressed her screams and sobs to evade the madman. 

Not finished...

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Page updated 7/10/12

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