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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Adults are Afraid of Thunder, Too
Part 3

By KitKat

“Yes, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.”  Victor said.  “The situation is grim.”

            “Duh,” Billy whispered to Mac.

            “I believe our best course of action is not to wait for Ralph, but to wait for him to come to us.”

            “Honey,” Nikki said.  “Do you want to get into some clean clothes?  I mean, you look like . . .” Her voice trailed off. 

            How do we know that man is still in here

            “That would be nice,” Victor grumbled in his low voice.  Nikki took his grubby hand and led him upstairs. 

            “How the hell are we gonna get out of here?”  Sharon asked.  “The phone is dead, there is a madman outside . . . maybe . . . maybe inside!”

            “Shit.”  Nick threw his hands behind his head and walked around the room. 

            “John, any god ideas?”  Victoria sarcastically asked him. 

            “Not any more,” he admitted. 

            “How old is Craig?” Mac asked.  Like most people in the room, she eliminated her sharp terror by forgetting about it and focusing


            “He doesn’t look two. He still looks like a little baby,” Victoria said. 

            “The doctor said to Renee that he’ll get bigger in a few months.  He’s delayed a little bit in his growth.” 

            “Awww.”  Victoria tweaked Craig’s nose.  “You are cute.”  Craig giggled. 

            Mac repositioned herself on the couch and sniffed up watery mucus that had appeared from her cornucopia of tears.  “Do you have a gun?”  Everyone looked back at Mac in surprise.

            “A gun?”  Billy asked.  “Mac--”

            “No,” Nick told her, his eyes squished in worried slits.  “We don’t believe in guns.  We might have had one, but if we did, we got rid of it.” 

            “What are you thinking Mac?”  Billy had slunk to the armchair of the couch and was resting his head on his folded hands.  She looked at him, her expression flat and red. 

            “That we fight fire with fire.”  She replied.

            “Mackenzie,” John said.  “This is Ralph.  You don’t know what are you dealing with.  A holocaust, maybe.”

            “What about kitchen knives?”  Nick gave Sharon a plagued glance.  “I mean, what if--”

            “They are in the kitchen,” Miguel suddenly had appeared, having gone upstairs once again to check on Cassie and Noah.  His shoulders heaved up and down and his face lacked any of the old respect that had persuaded Victor and Nikki to hire him.  “They were in the kitchen.”  He finally admitted.  He spoke calmly, not wavering in his voice.  “The ones in the dishwasher are gone too.” Nick began stomping around the room, throwing Sharon the occasional glance of terror.

            “Why do they need knives when they have guns?”  Billy asked. 

            “Because,” John began, but Victoria interrupted.

            “Oh you have an answer for everything don’t you.” 

            “Victoria, I am just trying to help.”

            “Vicki,” Sharon soothed her, patting her left shoulder.  “Cool it, okay.  If they are in the house, there are too many people.”

            “Hmm.  Let’s see how logical THAT is.”

            “Listen,” Billy finally stood up.  “You are all in danger, he has seen to that.  There is nothing to do but stay calm.  That is the best thing to do in this case.  There is nothing we can safely do that can make Ralph and his men go away.  So I say we stay here.”

            “And strategize,” Nick finished. 

            “Yeah.”  Mac said.  She looked for Miguel.  Once again, he was gone.  “I agree.  John, why did they take the knives?” 

            “Well, this could mean a lot of things.  They could have ran out of bullets and they did not have enough money for anymore.  So they took the knives.  Then, they might not have had enough guns for the men because guns are expensive.  Then, there is the possibility that they wanted to scare us.  Give us something else to worry about.”

            “I think they have scared us enough,” Mac closed her eyes and put her hand on her stomach.  The baby still kicked as strong as before.  “I am just glad I have all of you here.”  They all smiled, not because they wanted to, but because they felt they had to.  For a while, everyone listened to the rain.  The crystal clear, clean, silky rain. 

            You can’t hear footsteps in the rain. 

            Billy’s arms were like fairy wings taking her up to fly. 

            A staunch man stalked up the forest hill, which was where the meeting place with his partner was.  His gun rapped a steady beat against his thigh as he ran.  From the other side of the forest, a skinnier man was making his way up the hill, seemingly less exhausted. 

            “You look like shit,” the skinny man told the other man.

            “I had a little rough and tumble chase after Victor Newman,” the staunch man replied.  “I have the whole fucking Genoa City family all scared and most importantly, in one place.”  Both men pursued their lips in thought.  “Hey, Jerrod, how many bullets do you have?”

            “All but one.”  He replied. 

            “Can ya trade in your gun?  Mine is almost empty and I want a newer, less spent weapon.  We need all the ammo we can get.”

            “And next,” Jerrod replied, giving his gun and ammo container over.  “We get the bitch alone and away from Billy Abbott.”

            “That won’t be easy.” 

            “You bet your ass it isn’t.”  Jerrod reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter and cigarette.  “This is my twelfth smoke today.”

            “You don’t smoke.”

            “I know.  I was thinking we could use cigarette smoke to fake out everyone thinking we are outside.”  Jerrod put the cigarette and lighter back in his front pocket and wiped his brow.

            “I doubt they’ll smell it.”  The skinny man told Jerrod. 

            “Put it through the air vent,” said Jerrod.  “What did you think, Tyler, I was gonna fucking smoke it outside the brick wall?

            “Well all I know is that I want my piece of Mackenzie too,” Tyler said, his face growing rosier in anticipation.  “Those pictures of her are hot.”

            “Man, those pictures are fake.  He just took a picture of her frowning, which is probably the only one he has, plastered it over some prostitute’s body and dreamed it was her.”

            “Any bitch is fine,” Tyler said.  “So, what are going to do now?”

            “We look at the list,” Jerrod replied. 

            “No, we already got Mackenzie.  We don’t need more people.”

            “So fucking tell them.  You have the fucking walkie talkie,” Jerrod shoved his arm and Jerrod punched in a large amount of numbers, which directed him to all the men working on the project.  “Now we can get the girl and pulverize the Newmans.”

            “Mackenzie has been found.”  Tyler projected onto his walkie-talkie.  “Mackenzie has been found.” As he spread the news, Tyler slipped the knives into Jerrod’s hunting bag.  And he looked up in the sky.  The light rain had stopped.

            “Listen,” Nick advised them, striding towards the door.  “I am going to see if anyone’s outside.  Just run and see.  If they aren’t after me, like Mackenzie says, then they won’t hurt me.  I’ll be back in 2 minutes.”

            “Nick!” Sharon ran over to him and grabbed his arm, her face streaked red with quaint tears.  “Don’t go.”

            “Honey, we are cooped up in this house.  Look, Dad and I will check the house first.  If there is nothing in here or no one, I’ll go outside.”

            “Nick, please.”  Sharon implored him, whispering over and over again to herself that he change his mind. 

            “I am not going to stay cooped up in this house and wait for nothing to happen.  For all we know those guys were just trying to scare the hell out of us and they have given up Mackenzie.” 

            “You think?”  Billy asked.  “I don’t know.  You weren’t chased by a wannabe rapist.”

            “Billy.”  Mac’s voice was strained.  “Don’t.”

            “I think he should go,” John said.  “What is the worst that could happen?”

            No one wanted to answer that question.

            “I’ll scour the house, Victor announced. 

            “Victor.”  Nikki kissed him.  “Be careful.”

            “I will, sweetheart.”  Victor ventured into the dark passageway to the kitchen.  For ten long minutes, they stood or sat in the room, eyes rolling around the room like drunken jerks.  Not knowing his or her destiny was about to drive each person mad and ready to bite if necessary. 

            “Come on Dad.”  Vikki was bouncing up and down.  She looked at her watch.  It was 5:46 p.m.

            “Someone’s coming!”  Mac choked, staring into the passageway.  They all remembered who had come through last time. 

            “It is me.”  For once, John thought, Victor was as refreshing as a summer breeze.  He bowed his head toward Craig and smiled.  Craig had fallen asleep in his lap, sitting up.  “No one is in the house.  My boy, you can go out.”  The tension in the room decreased by what seemed to Billy about fifty percent.  Nick nodded, and Sharon took his hand in a last attempt to persuade him to stay.

            “Baby.”  He implored her.  And he forcibly took his hand from hers and went out the door.

            “Dad, what if he never comes back?”

            “He’ll come back,” Victor said.  “My boy is fighter, you got that.”

            “A chip off the old block huh?”  Victor expected to see Nikki frowning, but instead she was coming over to him, a small smile playing just inches from her cheeks.

            Jerrod and Tyler picked off some old tree branches that had fell from the trees to make their way back to the Newman ranch.             

            “You are such a screw up, you know?”  Jerrod snapped at Tyler.  “You should have clued me in and told me that you had gotten the dumbasses locked up in the ranch.”

            “I got them scared.  I am sure they haven’t gotten away.  They probably still think I am in the fucking house ready to leave more notes.” 

            “You know what the sad part is?”  Jerrod remarked.

            “What, man?”

            “The rain . . . it fell from the leaves and the footprints of Mackenzie and Billy have gotten even more cameleonous.”

            “Cameleonous, huh.”  Tyler had begun using his new gun to whack away the branches instead of his scratched up hand. 

            “Think I can get that patented?”

            “Oh yeah.  We can be millionaires and not need to do this shit,” Tyler said.  “I have a wife at home and I could be there fucking her instead of doing Hunnicutt’s dirty work.”

            “Don’t you want the girl?”

            “Yeah, but nothing compares to Julienne.”  Tyler told him.  The conversation kept them going, alive. 

            “Yeah, well, your ass is grass if you made a mistake coming back in the forest.”

Not finished...

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