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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Now and Forever by Kristi Petersen

Kristi's email is:

Chapter 1

It was a warm summer day in Genoa City when Mac and some of here friends were sitting out by the pool having a little party.  It seemed as though everyone in town was there.  Her boyfriend Billy, Raul, Rianna, Sharon, Nick, Cassie, her grandmother, Kay, her dad, Brock, Billy's father, John, his sister, Ashley, and his brother, Jack.  It was Mac's graduation party.  It was hard for everyone to believe that their senior year was over.  Kay had wanted to invite the whole town to Mac's party.  However Mac wanted to keep the party small. 

Her and Billy had been going out for about two years and things were great between them, they didn't start out that way though.  Mac stares off into space thinking about how things use to be.  She remembers all those days of sneaking around because Billy's mom Jill did not approve of her.  There relationship ended up being exposed and the whole town found out.  Billy had a girlfriend at the time, Brittany.  When Brittany found out that her man was leaving her for this "low life" as Jill put it, Brittany couldn't take it anymore.  She thought that if she couldn't have him, then no one could.  However her little plan back fired and she ended up committing suicide.  When this went on, Jill went ballistic.  She tried everything in her power to come between Billy and Mac.  Then one day Billy told his mom that either she leave the two of them alone or he would never speak to her again.  He said that he would disown her if she even tried one more bad tactic of hers.  That is when she decided that it was time for her to leave town.  She ended up moving to Italy to work with a former co-worker of hers.  Mac was suddenly brought back to the present day by the sound of Billy’s voice.

“Hey their sweet thing.  What has you so far away from here?”  Mac looks him in the eyes and says, “I was just remembering back when we first admitted our feeling for each other.  Thinking about how much your mom didn’t want us together.”  Just then Kay hollers at Mac, “telephone darling.”  Mac walks over to the phone, “Hello?”  There was a woman’s voice on the other end of the line.  “Why hi there Mac. What are you doing?”  Mac drops the phone to the ground and turns white as a ghost.

Chapter 2

Billy runs over to Mac’s side, “What is it, what’s wrong?”  Mac looks at him, “It’s…It’s my mom,” she stutters.  Kay comes running over to the phone, looks at Mac and says, “Oh I am so sorry Mac.”  Then she grabs the phone and yells into it, “YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO CALL HERE REMEMBER?”  Kay slams down the phone and Billy holds Mac.  Mac starts shaking as she remembers the reason that her mother is not allowed to contact her.  Right after the whole town found out about her and Billy her mother and stepfather came to town.  There was a whole big ordeal with a custody battle where her mother lost all contact with her due to the events that happened when Mac had lived with her mom.

She was only five years old when it all started.  She remembered waking up to her step dad crawling in bed with her.  Oh how she wanted to scream, but he had always covered her mouth up with his hand and threatened to kill her mom is she yelled OR if she ever told anyone.  She thought of how he had touched her everywhere that a parent shouldn’t.  Billy held on to her tightly, so tightly that she snapped back to reality.  Then just as quickly she thought about the trial, how EVERYTHING that he had done to her came out in the open.  Every little detail that there ever was.  He got locked up in prison for five to ten years for child molestation.  Her mother lost custody of her for not making sure that this didn’t happen and she was also told not to contact Mac ever again.  So why was she calling now?  Billy held her and cuddled to her ever so tightly, whispering into her ear, “Don’t worry precious, everything will be all right.  I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.”  Unbeknownst to them there was a man lurking in the shadows watching their every move.

Chapter 3

About that time everyone decides that they should be getting on their way that it is close to the time of the party being over.  Kay and Brock decide that they are going to go into town for a little while to leave Billy and Mac alone to spend some quality time together.  Kay also thought that this would give Billy some time to try and calm Mac down from the phone call and all. 

Billy and Mac walked into the house after everyone had left and sit on the sofa.  Billy asks, “Would you like to watch a video or would you rather that we just sit here and talk?”  “How about we just sit here and talk and you can hold me.”  Billy replies, “I think that is a great idea.”  Mac leans over against Billy and he puts his arm around her.  They just sit on the couch like this for a while, not even realizing that they aren’t talking.  After a few minutes Billy starts in, “So did you like your party today?”  “Yeah it was fun.  I can’t wait for yours tomorrow!  I can’t believe that you won’t give me my present until YOUR party.”  With that comment Billy decides that he can give in and give her the present now.  He gets up to get it, “Ok, I guess you can open it now.”  Before he can get it and give it to her the phone rings.  Billy smiles at her and says, “I know, I will get that for you.”  Billy walks over to the phone and answers it, “Hello.”  There is a woman’s voice on the other line, “May I speak with Mac please?”  Billy knows that there is a chance that this could be her mother again so he lies, “No, she isn’t can I take a message for her though?”  “This is her mother, I know that I really shouldn’t be calling, but…”  Billy interrupts her, “NO YOU SHOULD NOT!” then he hangs up the phone before she can finish.  He turns to look at Mac, she is crying.  He walks over to her and puts his arm around her.  “Everything is going to be all right, I promise you Mac.”  Billy thinks to himself, I wonder why she keeps calling.  At that same moment Mac is thinking, Why is she doing this to me?  Why does she keep calling?  They just stand there holding each other, not even seeing the mysterious man peeping through the windows at them with a smile on his face.  “Just the two of them in there, huh?  I wonder who keeps calling them on the phone that is making them mad?  Could it be?  Now it couldn’t be.  I hope it’s not.” 

Chapter 4

Billy says, “Well sweet thing it has been two hours and no one has called, I really should be getting home and Kay and Brock should be back soon, will you be okay if I take off?” “Yeah I will be fine. IF the phone rings I just won’t answer it, if it is important they can just call back when someone else is home.” “Okay, well I am going to go then, I will see you tomorrow. I love you.” “I love you too, see you in the morning,” Mac says. Billy walks out the door and Mac watches as he leaves. He gets in his car and drives off. Mac then shuts the door and walks upstairs. Billy starts out the driveway not knowing that someone is watching him leave. The mysterious man pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and places a call. Another man answers his cell phone,  “Hello?” “Hey man it is me, he just left and is heading your way.” They both hang up their phones. Billy turns down the street and sees that there is a car stopped in the middle of the road in front of him. “Oh man what is this.” Billy slows down as he comes closer to this car. A man turns around from in front of the stalled car and walks towards him. Billy looks at him and says, “Hi. Are you having car troubles?” “Yeah something like that,” the man says with a smile on his face, “Do you think you could get out and help me?” “Yeah sure I

could just let me call my parents and tell them I will be a little late.” “Ok.” Billy picks up his cell phone and calls his dad. He gets the answering machine, “Hey dad something has come up so I will be just a little bit late, I love you. Bye.” Billy hangs up, places the cell phone on the seat and gets out of the car to help the man.

Chapter 5

Mac walks back in the house and starts for the stairs, unaware of the fact that the mysterious man is still outside her house.  She is also unaware of the fact that a strange man has stalled his car on the end of the drive and Billy has gotten out of the car to help him.  As Mac gets to the top of the stairs, the phone rings.  At first she thinks about running back down and getting it, but then thinks twice as she remembers that her mother has tried calling twice already tonight.  She lets it go unanswered.  After a few minutes the ringing stops and up to bed she goes.  She is totally unaware that on the other end of the phone was the police station.  "Man, why can't I get an answer over there?  I REALLY need to speak with someone soon.  It could be a life or death situation.  I guess I will have to try again later."  She lies down on the bed and starts to think about how the night had gone.  It was the most perfect night in her entire life, up until the moment that her mom called anyway.  She still wondered what had gotten into her mom to make her not follow the judge's orders and stay away.  She had just started to drift off when the phone started ringing again.  She thought that this time maybe Billy was calling to check up on her, so she reached over to answer the phone.  She figured that if it were her mom again that she would immediately hang up the phone.  She reached over to it, "Hello?"   

Chapter 6

"Hi there dear.  Are you okay, you sound upset?"  "Yes grandma, I am okay I was just afraid to answer the phone.  Right after you left my mother called again, but Billy answered it and hung up on her.  Also about an hour ago someone called but I just let it ring.  I thought that maybe this time it would be Billy saying he made it home okay."  "Well your dad and I are going to go to Gina's and get a late night snack, we will be home after a while.  Will you be okay until then?"  "Yes grandma, I will be fine.  Have a good time.  I am going to go to bed."  They hang up the phone and Mac lies back down.  "I wonder where in the world Billy could be?  Maybe he is up talking to his parents about what happened after everyone left."  She again is startled to hear a knock on the door.  She tells herself that she is NOT going to answer it, she has no idea who could be at the door this late.  Outside the door is a policeman knocking on it.  The man that has been lurking outside tries his best to stay hidden, he can NOT have the cops see him.  He starts to wonder about all the phone calls and the panic look in Mac's eyes when she took that one call.  "Could they have already told her that step daddy dearest has escaped from prison?  I sure hope not?"  He picks up his cell phone, walks away to where he won't be heard, and calls his partner.  "Hello?"  "Hey so how did things go?  Did everything go as planned?"  "Yeah man it worked like a charm.  I am just not sure how long it will be before someone notices that the boy didn't make it home?"  "So what did you do with the car?"  "I buried it behind some shrub, it would be a couple of days at least before someone finds it, I am sure."

Chapter 7

Mac is still unaware that anyone is outside watching her every move.  She lies in bed thinking about the day she had and her life ahead of her.  She thought that it would be great with Billy in her life.  She smiles and rolls over to face the picture of Billy that she has on her nightstand, thinking about him she falls asleep.  While she is sleeping Kay and Brock get home and go up to their rooms and fall asleep.

About 2am the phone rings.  “What on earth,” Kay says as she rolls over and picks up the phone.  “Hello?”  “Kay is that you?  It’s John.”  “Yes John, is everything all right?”  “Is Billy there?”  “No, not that I know of, hang on one second, let me go ask Mac.”  Kay puts the phone down and walks down to Mac’s room and knocks on the door.  “Yeah what is it?”  Kay opens the door.  “Mac, is Billy still here?”  “No grandma, why?  He left a long time ago.  Is everything okay?”  Kay walks around the bed and picks up the phone.  “John, no Mac says that he left hours ago.”  “Where could he be then?  What could be keeping him?  He called a few hours ago and left a message saying that something came up and he would be a little late.  I have tried repeatedly calling his cell phone, but he never answers it.”  Kay replies, “That is weird.  We will keep an eye out for him.  I will even have Mac see if she can recall that he was going anywhere.  Please keep us informed.  I do not care what time of the night it is, call us if you hear anything.”  “Sure Kay no problem, you do the same.  Bye.”  Kay hangs up the phone and turns to Mac, “Do you have any idea where Billy could be?  John says that he has not come home yet.”  “Oh god grandma.  I have no clue.  Where could he be?  I hope nothing has happened to him!”

Chapter 8

Mac decides that with Billy missing she can’t sleep and gets up.  Her and Kay go and wake Brock up and the three of them go down to the living room to see if they can figure out what is going on and where Billy could be.  About four am they are still in the living room.  Kay is in the chair, Mac and Brock are on the couch, and they have all dosed off a little.  The phone ringing brings them to.  Mac runs to the phone, “Hello?”  “Hey Mac this is Jack.  Have you guys heard from my brother yet?”  “No, I take it that you haven’t either.  Jack where could he be?”  “Honey, I don’t know.  We have tried all the hospitals and he isn’t there.  I don’t know if that is good or bad.  We have even called the police, but they said that he has to be missing for 24 hours before they can even do anything.”  “God, I really hope that he is okay.”  “Mac, we all do.  Okay I am going to get off of here in case he tries calling.  Keep in touch and we will do the same.  Bye.”  “Bye Jack.”  Mac hung up the phone, turned to face her dad, and broke down in tears.

About 8am there was a knock on the door.  Brock looked startled, but walked over to the door and looked through the peephole.  No one seemed to be out there.  He slowly opened the door and saw that there was a note on the ground.  He quickly picked it up and shut the door, locking it not knowing what to expect next.  He unfolded the note slowly.  He began to read it.  Mac and Kay came running to his side.  “What does it say?” Mac asked.  “It is addressed to you dear.”  Brock then began to read it out loud.

Chapter 9

Dear Mac: 

How are you?  I am writing this to let you know that I am okay.  When I went to leave your house tonight I stopped to help a man whose car was stalled in the middle of the road.  However, he was not really broke down.  When I got out of my car he handcuffed me and knocked me out.  The next thing I knew I was locked in this room.  The guy came into my room and handed me a couple of sheets of paper and a pen and told me to write this letter to you, and also one to my folks.  I am not sure who he is or what he wants with me.  He said that I was to write you a letter saying that I was okay.  He also told me to tell you that the main thing that he wanted out of this situation is for us to be apart.  Why did he say that love?  What does all this mean?  He said that sooner or later you would figure out who he was and why he is doing this.  I want to be with you so bad.  I better wrap this up, he is getting angry.  I love you.  Billy

Chapter 10

There is a knock at the Abbott’s door.  John rushes to the door to see a small envelope on the ground.  John picks it up and comes into the house.  John began to read it to the family.  Dad:  I am okay, however I have been kidnapped.  I am not sure where I am or who has done this.  He gave me a few pieces of paper and instructed me to write a letter to you and one to Mac.  He said that if I promised to break up with Mac and if she would go with him that I would be set free.  I am not sure what this means.  This is all I can write.  I love you all.  Billy

All the Abbott’s were in shock.  Jack said, “What in the world, what does all this mean?”  “I am not sure, but the first thing I am going to do is…” He is interrupted by the phone ringing.  “Hello?”  “Hey Jack, this is Brock, can I speak to your father please?”  Jack hands the phone to his father.  “Hello Brock, I was just about to call you.”  “Well John, I take that as you too have just received a letter from your son.”  “Why yes I have, do you know what this is all about?”  “We are not sure yet?  We were thinking of calling the cops and seeing what they think, but decided to call you first.”  Just then there is another knock on the door.

Chapter 11

Not knowing who was at the door Brock set the phone down and walked over to answer it.  Standing there at the door was a police officer.  “Is this the house where Mac Browning is living?”  “Why yes it is, why?”  “May I come in?”  Brock says, “Why yes sir.”  The cop walks in and follows Brock into the living room.  Brock picks up the phone and tells John, “I am going to have to give you a call back.  A cop has just arrived and we are not sure what they want yet.  I promise I will call you right back.  Bye.”  Brock hangs up and looks back to the cop, “You were saying?”  “Yes, I do not know exactly how to put this, but…  Well Mac, your dad has escaped from prison.”  “What?”  “Yes I am sorry.”  Mac yelled, “When did this happen?”  “About three days ago.”  “Well then why am I just now being notified?”  “I am sorry Mac, we have been trying to call, but every time we either get no answer or the phone has been busy.  We have even sent an officer over a couple of times, but no one answers the door.”  Mac starts to think about the past night.  The phone calls from her mom, her not answering it when it rang because she feared it was her mom.  Was that when the cops tried to call?  Was that what her mother was trying to tell her?  Oh god, was that who had Billy?

Chapter 12

Mac stares at the cop in shock, not knowing what to say first.  Finally with all this stuff haunting her brain she looks at the cop and says, “Sir, I am not sure what you are aware of, but my boyfriend Billy, he has been missing since last night.  Do you think that my step dad could have something to do with that?”  “I am not sure if the two are related or not Mac.  I guess that is a possibility since he would know where to find you.  Even though I am not sure if these cases are at all related, I promise I will put my best men on it and right away.”  “Thanks, officer.  Will you please keep us informed of everything?” says Brock.  “Yes that is a promise.  I better get started on this thing right away.  I will call you this afternoon and update you.  Sooner if the need be.”  The cop walks out the door.  Brock walks over to the phone, picks it up and dials the Abbott’s number.  “Busy, damn I will have to try back in a little bit.”

Over at the Abbott house John had decided to call Jill in Italy.  He told her the whole situation and they were not sure what exactly was going on.  Jill told him that she would be on the first plane out of town.  John reminded her of what Billy had said a while back.  Jill promised that she had gotten over the fact that Billy and Mac were a couple.  She said that if Mac is what makes Billy happy and excepting that was the only way to keep Billy in her life, then she would live with it.  They hung up the phone, Jill called the airport and was scheduled on the next flight out, to leave in one hour.  Just then the Abbott’s phone rings.

Chapter 13

 “Hello?”  “Hey John.  It’s Brock.  Listen can you come over to the house right away.  We may have some news.  Don’t worry there is nothing to panic about yet.”  “Sure thing Jack and I will be right over.”  John hangs up the phone and turns to Jack and Ashley.  “Jack, you come with me.  Ash, you stay here.  As soon as Jill gets here the two of you come straight over to Kay’s house.  If anything changes before then either Jack or I will call you.”  “Okay, dad and good luck.”  Ashley gives John a kiss and him and jack walk out the door.

Mac looks at Brock and says, “What next?”  “I am not sure sweet heart.  Jack and John are on their way over here as we speak.  I guess we will just go from there.”  About twenty minutes later Jack and John pull up.  They both come running into the house.  “Brock?”  “Yeah guys we are in here.”  Jack and John walk into the living room.  “So what is the news that you have heard?”  “Well why don’t you two have a seat.  The cop that was here gave us some disturbing news.  Now before you get all worried it has nothing to do with Billy, at least not that we know of.  I do not know exactly how to put this, but…  Well Mac’s step dad has escaped from prison, it happened about three days ago, they have been trying to call, but every time they either got no answer or the phone has been busy.  They even sent an officer over a couple of times, but no one answered the door.”  “Oh my, and you think that this could have something to do with my son?  How?  What makes you think that the two are connected?”

Chapter 14

Mac looks at John and continues where her father left off, “You see the reason that my step dad was in jail is because, you see, he use to… he molested me when I was younger and was sent to jail for it.  We think that maybe he somehow found out about Billy and me.  I mean, I am not sure how, but Billy left here last night and we haven’t seen him since.  The cops said that they have been trying to get a hold of us for a while, that he escaped about three days ago, so who knows how long he has been around.  I mean he could have been watching here the whole time at my party.”  John looks at them and says, “you know you said that he left here a couple hours after we did?”  “Yes.”  John continues, “Well that would be about the time that he called and left a message on the machine that he would be a little later getting home, he said that something had…”  He is interrupted with a knock at the door.

  Brock walks over to the door and opens it.  There standing at the door is the cop that had been there almost an hour earlier.  “I don’t mean to bother you sir, but Mac said that her boyfriend has been missing since last night?”  Mac pipes in, “Yes sir.  Why have you heard anything about it?”  “Before you go on officer, this her is John Abbott, the boy’s father.”  “hi sir, maybe it would be better to ask you then.”  “Ask me what?” John says.  The officer continues, “What kind of car does you son drive?”

Chapter 15

John looks at the cop and replies, “My son drives a 1999 Ford Mustang, why?”  The cop looks down at his boots and then back up at the starring eyes, “I was afraid that you were going to say that.  When I left here I went to my car and sat there for a while taking notes on what we had talked about.  That took me about 25 minutes.  Then I radioed into the station what you had said about the boyfriend missing and if the two things could be related.  I talked to the dispatcher for a while taking down some notes that he had said to me.  When I finally ended up leaving I was driving out the driveway and I saw some tire tracks that were fresh.  The landscaping was a little messed up.  I pulled the car over and got out walking through your grass a little ways and back behind the trees was a 1999 Mustang.”  “OH MY GOD,” screamed John.  Mac broke into tears instantly, Kay pulling her in for a hug.  “What does this mean officer?” Asked John.  “I am not totally sure, sir.  I am sorry that sounds so bad, but at this point in time there is not a lot of information to go on.”

The officer continues, “I will however dispatch this new information right away.  I think that maybe what Mac said earlier about the possibility of her step father being involved has more merit now that it did before for the simple fact that all this has happened simultaneously.”  “Oh dear, what have I done?” yelled Mac.  Kay assured her that none of this was her fault.  The officer said, “I am going to go to the car and dispatch this information immediately.  I will return in just a few minutes with an update from the office.  In the mean time just try to remain calm and if you hear anything before I come back in, please come tell me right away so that I can relay that information also.”  With that the officer stepped out the door.

Chapter 16

Meanwhile back at the abandoned warehouse, Billy sat handcuffed to a bed that was locked in a small room.  He noticed that there was a paper clip lying on the floor.  If only he could reach it, maybe he could get out of the handcuffs and escape from here.  Just then his thoughts were interrupted by someone unlocking the door.  In walked the man that he had seen earlier that day.  The one that just hours ago conned  him into helping him fix his car that never really needed fixing in the first place.  Behind him walked in a man that he had never seen before.  He walks over to Billy and says, “So there boy how are you feeling?”

Billy looks back at him and replies, “How do you think that I am feeling?  Would someone please tell me what is going on here, tell me why you kidnapped me?  What did I do?”  The strange man looks Billy in the eyes and asks, “You mean that you don’t know who I am?”  “No I don’t.  I also have no clue as to why you have me handcuffed to this bed and locked in this room.  Would you please enlighten me?”  “Well then let me introduce myself to you.  In fact I will do more than that, I will introduce myself in a way that will surely explain more things than just who I am.  I am Mac’s step father.  That is the reason that I had you write in those letters that if you broke up with her I would let you go.  She is my property and that is final.  I will not, I refuse, to let anyone else be with her.”

Chapter 17

Back at the house Jill and Ashley are in the dinning room talking while everyone else is pacing in the living room.  There is a slight tap at the door and then it opens revealing the officer as he walks in.  I have just relayed all the information that I can to the dispatcher and they informed me that they will get right on it.  And before you ask what that means, they also know that this could possibly be connected with Mac’s step father having escaped from jail, so it is top priority right now.”  “Well is there anything that we can do in the meantime? Asked Jill as her and Ashley walked back into the living room.  “I think that the best thing to do would be to make sure that at all times there is someone here and at the Abbott house in case they call with a ransom or if Billy himself tries to call.”  Jack interrupts, “I am heading home right now dad.  I will make sure to keep all calls on my cell phone as to keep the house phone free.  Please keep me updated and I will do the same.”  “Okay son and thanks.”  Jack exchanges hugs with everyone before heading out the door.

Back at the warehouse, the cell phone rings.  He takes the call and both men walk out of the room to discuss the matter with the person on the phone.  However they are unaware that the other cell phone was left behind on the bed.  Billy decides that he needs to move and fast.  He reaches one foot out and stretches as far as he can to reach the paper clip, hoping that he can reach it and get out of the handcuffs fast enough to use the phone.  After trying for a few minutes he realizes that he can’t.  He decides that there is only one thing left to do.  He reaches for the cell phone.  After a couple tries he gets enough hold on it that he can push it towards himself.  It just happens to be turned on.

Chapter 18

Billy pulls the phone towards him and looks at it carefully, trying to memorize where the buttons are.  He slowly thinks to himself and dials 911, hoping that they can trace the cell phone.  He can hear a faint voice say, “911, what is your emergency?”  He tries to talk in a voice loud enough that she can hear him, since the phone is lying on the bed, but quiet enough that they don’t hear him in the other room, “My name is Billy Abbott, I have been kidnapped.  Don’t know where I am?  I am going to stop talking for fear that they will hear me from the other room.  I am going to leave the phone on and hope that you can trace the call.”  “we are right on that sir," says the operator and then there is silence.  Billy sighs hoping that he can leave the phone on long enough so that they can trace the call, also hoping that they actually can trace it and find him before anything happens to him, or Mac.

Back at the house everyone is frantically pacing when the cop get a call over his hand held.  “Randy, do you copy?”  “Go ahead.”  “This is dispatch.  We have just received a call from someone on a cell phone claiming to be Billy Abbott.  The person said that they were unsure of where they were, gave us a little information and then said that he was going to stop talking for fear that they would hear him, but leave the cell phone on as long as he could for a trace.  We are running that right now.  Will inform you of more information as it becomes available.”  “Okay, thanks.  I will keep my ears on.”  “Ten-four.”

Randy looks up at everyone who are just staring lost at him trying to figure out what has just come over the radio.  “Well that looks like our first good piece of news.”  “Officer,” Mac asks, “What are the chances that you can trace the cell phone?”  “Well if it is left on long enough the chances are usually pretty good.  As long as it is a legit case, which should be because there have been no news releases saying the boy is missing yet.”

Chapter 19

Back at the warehouse Billy is looking down at the cell phone.  It has now been on for 10 minutes.  He is desperately hoping that they have traced the call by now, but he has left in on just in case.  Suddenly he hears a key in the door.  He quickly reaches down and ends the call inside praying that 911 was done with it, and pushes it over on the bed hoping that no one will notice if it has been moved a little bit.  In walk both men smiling, “So how is the boy doing now?”  “I could be better.  Would you please tell me what I can do to get out of here?”  “Yes, you can break up with Mac and convince her to come with me.”  “I WILL DO NO SUCH THING!” yells Billy, “I love her.”  “Well than I guess that you will just have…”  He is interrupted by the phone ringing, the phone that is lying on the bed.

Back at the house the radio comes on again.  “Randy, we have the trace.  It was coming from a warehouse down on 9th avenue.  We are sending two squads there now.  Would you go for backup please?”  “I am on my way,”  He turns and faces the family.  “I promise that I will keep you up to speed at all times.  Please stay here by the phone and wait for our call.  “Thank you officer, and please find my Billy!” says Mac.  “Yes, please find my son,” pipes up John.  The officer walks out the door.  Mac looks at John, places her hand on his shoulder, and says, “I will make the call to Jack and let him know the news.”  “Okay, that you dear.”  Mac walks over to the phone and dials Jack’s cell phone number.  “Hello, dad is that you?”  “No Jack, but it is Mac.  Okay here is what we know.  911 got a call from a cell phone claiming that it was Billy, they put a trace on it and found that it was coming from an abandoned warehouse down on 9th avenue.  There are squad cars going there as we speak.  That is all we know.”  “Okay dear, thanks for calling and remember two things.  First keep a smile on your face, he will come back to use, and second keep me informed if you learn anything new.”  “Okay will do, bye Jack.”  Mac hangs up the phone.  “Okay Jack says that we needs to keep smiling!”

Chapter 20

Back at the warehouse the phone is still ringing.  The man picks it up, "Hello?"  "Hey it's me.  I just heard over the scanner that there were some cops called over there because there was a suspicious car parked out back."  "Okay, I think we are going to go for a little ride."  He hangs up the phone and walks out of the room.  He comes back carrying a piece of duck tape and places it over Billy's mouth.  "We are going to go for a little ride and this will make sure that if the cops do stop by, they won't hear you."  The men then leave locking the door behind them. 

A few minutes later Billy hears sirens outside the building.  He then hears some people come inside and also hears a dog barking.  He slowly looks around the room trying to think of something, anything that could help him get out of her right now.  Just then he hears someone out side the door.  "Well sir I don't see anyone or hear anything in here, I wonder if they are gone already?"  Just then they hear something coming from inside the door.  The officer tries to open it, "Damn, it is locked.  But I know that there is a noise coming from in there."  On the other side of the door, Billy has turned himself at an angle where he is kicking his foot against the wall.  

"Hey guys come here.  Let's break down this door and see what is back there.  I would hate to just leave and have our kid be back there."  So they all rammed the door repeatedly and on the fifth time the door…

Chapter 21

So they all rammed the door repeatedly and on the fifth time the door it came flying open.  There was a young boy who lie handcuffed to the bed.  The officer walked over to the boy and pulled the tap off his mouth, "Is your name Billy Abbott?"  "Yes sir.  Oh I am so glad that you got here.  One of the men got a phone call on his cell phone telling him that the cops were coming here to check out a suspicious car that was parked out back.  That is when they put the tape over my mouth and then they left.  You arrived only a short time later." 

"Everything is going to be all right now son.  Boys get him in the car and get him home safe.  Also when you get on the road make sure that you contact his father."  "I am right on that," replied Randy.  The officers took Billy out to the car and safely put him in.  The officers then climbed in themselves and started to drive away.  Randy then grabbed the CB and said, "Come in dispatch."  "Go ahead."  "This is Randy, we have Billy.  Will you please inform his family that we are on our way there as we speak?"  "Yes Randy, I am right on that."  "Okay, ten-four."  

Back at the house the phone rings.  Kay runs over to it, "Hello?"  "Hello, whom am I speaking with?"  "This is Kay, who is this?"  "This is Betty down at dispatch.  Randy wanted me to call and inform you that they found the boy and they are coming your way as we speak.  They should have Billy there safely in a matter of minutes."  "Oh thank you so much for calling maim."  Kay then hangs up the phone and turns to tell the family the good news.

Chapter 22

"That was the dispatch office on the phone.  John they have found Billy and he is on his way here now."  John walks over to Kay and gives her a big hug.  Ashley heads for the phone to call Jack as Mac runs straight for the door and opens it.  She wants to be the first one there to great him when he comes home.  When she opens the door there to her surprise is her stepfather.  "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."  Everyone comes running to the door to see what Mac is screaming about.  "Oh dear God!  What are you doing here?" yells Kay.  "Kay who is this?" asks Jack.  "This is Mac's step father," she replies as he walks into the house pointing a gun at them.  Ashley who is still in the other room on her cell phone ducks into the kitchen.  She tells Jack that Mac's stepfather just barged into the house.  She in unsure on if he is armed or not.  She also tells him that she has ducked into the kitchen so that he does not know that she is there yet.  Jack says for her to stay hidden and call 911.  "I am on my way over there.  I promise to be careful and I will try to sneak in the back way."  "Okay, but be careful."  "You too Ashley."  Ashley ends the call and quickly dials 911.

"911 what is your emergency?"  "Hello this is Ashley Abbott, I am at the Chancellor Estate and we have an emergency."  "Yes, miss Abbott, what can I do for you?  Right now as we speak there are officers bringing your brother there.  Is it in regard to that?"  "Yes, actually I think that it is.  I think that men that kidnapped my brother just barged into the house."  "Are they armed?"  "I am not sure.  They are holding everyone in the living room, but I was in the kitchen when they came in.  They do not know that I am here yet."

Chapter 23

“Okay miss Abbott, try to stay out of their hearing distance and sight.  Please stay on the phone with me until units arrive at the scene.  I am sending them there as we speak.  Please keep me advised of anything that you hear so that I can inform the officers.”  “Okay, I understand.”

Meanwhile Randy and his new sidekick are on their way back to the house with Billy when over the radio comes the following transmission, “Attention all units, possible domestic squabble at the Chancellor Estate, all units available please report, this may be our escaped convict.  Again Attention all units, possible domestic squabble at the Chancellor Estate, all units available please report to the Chancellor Estate.”  “Oh god please don’t let him get Mac, please!” says Billy.  “Young man, we will do everything possible, but we are going to have to take you to the police station into custody for the time being just so that the criminals are unaware that we have you.”  “Officer you can’t, I want to help Mac.”  “We know son, but this is for the best.  I promise that we will keep you informed and will let your family know that you are okay.”  “Thanks officer, I guess I understand.  Just please promise me that you will not let ANYTHING happen to my girl!”  “I promise you Billy.” 

Randy picks up the CB and radios dispatch, “Dispatch this is Randy, come in.”  “Go ahead.”  “We just heard the commotion go across the radio.  We are going to bring Mr. Abbott down to the station to keep in protective custody until this mess is straightened out so that the kidnappers are unaware of the fact that we have him.”  “Sounds good, ten-four” Randy puts the CB back in its holder and they turn around and head for the station.

Chapter 24

“What are you doing here?” yells Mac at her stepfather.  “I have come for you my dear.”  “I don’t want anything to do with you!  You should still be in jail for what you did to me!”  “Yes, we will have to discuss that young lady.  I am so mad at you for telling everyone those nasty lies about me like you did.  Maybe I should just hurt your dear boyfriend instead.”  Mac is just about ready to blurt out that he can’t hurt Billy that the police have him, but she decides not to just in case he doesn’t know that yet.  “We will just have to think about that latter won’t we?  Until then you are coming with me.”  He lurches for her and grabs a hold of her.  John and Kay both try to stop him, but they then realize that his partner has the gun pointed directly at them.  “Please don’t hurt her, please!” pleads Kay.  “I think about it.”  He turns and places his hand on the door with a death grip on Mac.

Unbeknownst to him, outside there are about 20 cops lined up everywhere.  They are just about ready to ring the bell when Mac’s stepfather backs out of the house.  His partner is right beside him backing out of the house still pointing the gun inside at Kay and John.  Two cops quickly jump on the guys before they have a chance to turn around.  There is all this commotion going on trying to apprehend the convicts with Mac stuck there in the middle.  All of a sudden Ashley hears a loud BANG.  It was a gunshot going off.  Ashley tells the dispatcher, “I just heard a gun being fired.”  Kay runs to the front steps as Mac and Randy fall to the ground.  There is a bright red pool of blood surrounding them.

Chapter 25

The cops are haling Mac’s stepfather and his partner over to the squad car.  The cuff them, read them their rights, and place them in the back on the car.  At this same exact time another officer is on the CB calling the shooting in.  “We have had a gun fire, send an ambulance right away.  We are not sure who has been shot.  Both victims are covered in blood.”  “Okay they are on their way.  Billy happens to be close enough to the board that he hears this.  “What happened?”  “We are unsure, we just know that a gun shot was fired and there are two people down.”  “What two people are down?  Is it my Mac?  Is it my family?  Is it Mac’s step father, or his partner?”  “We are not sure yet Billy, but I will tell you what, I will have one of my officers take you straight to the hospital so you will be one of the first ones to know.”

The ambulance arrives at the scene and places Mac and Randy carefully on cots and takes them to the hospital.  Brock calls Jack and says to have him meet them there.  They explain what has happened.  They all pile into the car and head for the hospital.  Mean while Billy and another officer are in the hospital waiting room.  Billy is pacing the floor, hoping and praying that everything will be all right.  The ambulance arrives at the hospital and both Mac and Randy are taken into the emergency room.  Billy runs up to the desk, but the nurse can’t answer any of his questions because they don’t have any information yet.

Chapter 26

Shortly after the ambulance arrived, Kay, Brock, Ashley, Jack, and John all come running into the emergency room.  They are all greeted by Billy who is happy to see them, but worried about Mac.  He saw the ambulance come in and two cots wheeled into the emergency room, but only know did he find out that it was her.  He gives his father, Jack, and Ashley all hugs and they all sit down to wait, everyone except Billy.  He is Back pacing the floor again. 

All of a sudden the doctor comes out of the emergency room.  Billy runs up to him, “How is Mac, is she okay?”  “Why don’t you come in here and sit down.  I want to talk to the whole family at once.”  There is a sudden look of panic on everyone’s faces.  Kay starts to think the worst as Ashley starts to cry.  She feels bad for Billy.  She is afraid of the news that he is just about to hear.  “Well don’t keep us in suspense doctor, please tell me that my daughter is alright!”  “Yes, I want to know please, is Mac alright?” asks Billy.  The doctor starts in, “I have some good news and some semi bad news.  Where would you like me…”  The loud speakers go off and all you hear is a “Code Blue, Code Blue.”  “I gotta go take care of this.  I will be back.”  Everyone stands there in shock as the doctor runs back into the room where he just came from.  Billy turns white as a ghost, “Please god, don’t let anything happen to her.  Please!”  

Chapter 27

The doctor goes running into the emergency room to see the nurses’ frantically working on one of the victim’s.  The monitor has gone flat line.  He jumps in the middle of the commotion trying desperately to save this life.  After about 15 minutes of trying to resuscitate the victim, they decide that it is time to pronounce him dead; there is nothing more that they can do.

The doctor slowly walks out the door and looks at the family gathered there.  Kay stands up, “Oh God, please tell me she is okay.”  The doctor looks at everyone and says, “Okay now where was I?  Oh yes I said that I had some good news and…well let’s just skip what I was going to say.  I now have some good news, and unfortunately some very bad news.  The bad news is that Randy was shot in the chest, and that was the code blue that we just experienced.  We lost him, there was nothing more that we could do.”  Everyone looks sad when they realize that this is the person who found Billy, who had saved his life.  “And as for Mac?” asks Brock. 

“Yes, Mac.  Well I am happy to say that she is okay.  She is in shock, but she will be fine.  She was not injured in the gunfire.  She did however hurt her head pretty good when she fell to the ground.  We are going to have to keep her overnight for observation.”  Kay looks at the doctor, “What about all the blood?  She was covered in blood.  Was that all from her head?”  “No, it was all Randy’s blood.  See that is one of the problems.  The bullet hit a main vein and he lost a lot of blood.”

Chapter 28

Billy looks at the doctor, “May I go see her?”  “Well one at a…Yeah I guess under the circumstances, you can all go in and see her.  But don’t make it to long, she needs her rest.”  “Thank you so much doctor,” said Brock.  The entire group waited there while the nurses moved Mac down into a room that she could stay over night in.  When they had her all settled they informed the family so that they could go join her. 

Kay was the first one to walk into the room, “How are you feeling my dear?”  “I am okay, although I could be better?”  “Why do you say that?”  Just then Brock enters the room followed by Jack, John, Jill, Ashley, and last (but certainly not least) Billy.  As soon as Mac sees Billy she smiles and says, “Now I am perfect,” as she takes a hold of his out stretched hand.

Everyone sat around the hospital room talking about the events that had happened over the last twenty-four hours, however they were trying not to mention to Mac two things.  First off they didn’t want to have to give her the bad news that Randy was dead, and they wanted to tell her that her stepfather had been arrested, but didn’t quite know how to do it.  He was in prison before, but he had escaped once already.      

Chapter 29

Finally about three hours later the doctor came in and told them that visiting hours were over and that everyone would have to leave.  They agreed and he gave them ten minutes to say their goodbyes.  Just as they were getting ready to walk out the door Mac hollered, “Hey, I was so happy to see you all that I forgot to ask, how is Randy?”  Finally the moment that they had all been dreading was here.  Brock decided that he would be the one to tell her.  “Well dear, I am not sure how to say this, but..”  He was cut off by Mac, “He didn’t make it, did he?”  Kay replied, “No sweetheart he didn’t.  But we will thank god every day that he came into our lives.  He is the one who saved your life from your stepfather.” 

Mac look at Billy and smiled, “Yes, and he is also the one who found my beloved Billy.  By the way, did they get my step father?”  “Yeah make, he is back in jail.  He will also probably have to go to trial for the kidnapping of Billy.  Hopefully that will lock him up for life.”  The doctor peaked back in and told them that he was sorry but their time was up.  Everyone started to leave and Billy snuck out the door and quickly tapped the doctor on the arm, “Excuse me.  Is there anyway that I can stay over night with her?  I don’t want her to have to be alone after everything that she has been through!”  “Sure, I suppose that under the circumstances that would be all right.”  SO Billy says goodbye to everyone as they walk out of the room and tells his father what the doctor said.  Billy then walks back into the room and smiles at Mac.  “Hi, I really wish that I didn’t have to be alone, that I didn’t have to tell you bye already!”  “Well Mac, you don’t have to, the doctor said that I could stay with you.”  “Oh that is good.  I love you Billy.”  “I love you too Mac.  I always have and always will.  I will always be there to save your day, Now and Forever.”

THE END!!!!!

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