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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

I Just Wanna Be Loved By You

By Robyn

Chapter 2

The next day, Billy smiled as he rose out of bed. He and Mac had spent much of their time together in their place the night before. They had reunited and come up with a plan for Brittany to trap her in to confessing for what she did. They had decided that they would tell Raul and Rianna and Katherine and Jack that they were back together, but not let anyone else know it, just yet. Billy would stay with Brittany, and Mac would make it seem like she was trying to steal Billy. She would enlist in JT's "help" to do it, and make Brittany very jealous. Then they would set-up JT and Brittany, so that they could tape record them into their confessions, and Billy would use that as leverage to make Brittany tell everyone what she did. It was a good plan, now all they would have to do would be to make sure it went off without a hitch. And the first thing he would need to do would be to tell Jack.

Hopefully Jack was still at home, since it was Saturday. Billy put on a robe, and went downstairs. "Hey Jack, are you still here?" Billy called.

"Yeah, little brother, I'm here, but I was just about to leave," Jack replied.

"Good, because I need to tell you something. Yesterday, Mac and I were about to talk when we heard Brittany, on the phone with JT, saying she drugged my drink, and got Mac to think that we slept together on the night of the Glow Party, and made me and Mac break up. Mac and I decided that we need to talk about this, so we came to our place to do so," Billy said hesitantly. "We got back together last night, and then we came up with a plan to catch Brittany. We wanted you and Katherine and Raul and Rianna to know, and after we catch Britt, we'll tell everyone else."

"I see," Jack said thoughtfully. ""You and Mackenzie need to be really careful about this because Brittany Hodges has already proved that she can dangerous. For god's sake, she DRUGGED you to make you and Mac break up.

That's pretty crazy, and I just need you to promise that Mackenzie and you know what you're in for. Yopu have got to be CAREFUL."

"This has thoroughly been thoguht out, so there's really no need to worry," Billy said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to call Raul and Rianna," Billy said.

"Okay, Billy, I'm gone," Jack said, as he picked up his briefcase. Billy ran up the stairs, and took a shower. He put on some jeans and a sweater, and then picked up his phone.

"Hello?" Raul asked into the phone.

"Raul, it's me. I need to see you and Rianna right now. Can you call her?

Now?" Billy asked, very seriously.

"Whatever. We'll be there in about an hour," Raul said, forcefully.

"Thanks. Bye," Billy said. He knew he was going to have to call Mac, and let her know when to come over. He dialed the numbers to Mac's personal line, praying she would answer.

"Hello?" Mac asked.

"Mac, hey, it's me. Raul and Rianna will be here in about an hour, so I need you to get here ASAP," Billy said urgently.

"Okay, Billy, I'll shower, and tell Grandma what's going on. Seeya later," Mac said quickly.

"Bye," Billy said.

Mac leaped out of bed, and raced to the shower. After she got out, she put on jeans and a navy shirt, and gray tech vest. She pulled her back into a half ponytail, and slipped her feet into her Skechers. She ran downstairs, and found Kay sipping tea. "Grandma, I have got to tell you something," Mac said hurriedly. She explained the whole situation to Kay quickly.

"Mackenzie, darling, is this what you want?" Kay asked.

"Yes," Mac said. "Billy and I want to be together. We even said we loved each other last night."

"Well, I can't stop you, but Mac do be careful with Billy," Kay said before Mac walked out. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jill had slipped in and heard Mac's declaration of love for Billy.

"Mackenzie, I told you not to mess with Billy. You'll pay for this," Jill said cruelly.

Part 3

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Page updated 7/9/12

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