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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

This page is no longer being updated since we don't receive them any more!  If you want to finish the story, please contact us!

GC: The Other Story

Written by Booth, Story by Davis and Booth, edited by Suzanne Lanoue

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Episodes: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Episode 1

(Ashley's lab. Adam Hunter walks in for his first day of work at Jabot. Ashley is setting up her test tubes etc. for the day's work, while humming a song to herself. When she hears Adam enter the lab she looks up.)

Ashley: (looking at her watch) Well, Mr. Hunter. I see you're as punctual as you are eager.

Adam: Eager is the word. (He sets down his briefcase on the table) I've never been so eager to come to work in my life. I have a feeling Jabot is just where I belong.

Ashley: Well, as I've mentioned during our second interview, I'm in the process of developing another fragrance which I hope to have out in the stores in time for Christmas.

Adam: Yes, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. What do you think about creating a unisex fragrance? They re really hot right now, especially with the younger demographic, men and women between 18 and 34 years old.

Ashley: (somewhat impressed) A unisex fragrance? Hmm. I see you've been doing your homework, Mr. Hunter.

Adam: Please, call me Adam. (He flashes her a smile). And yes, I have been doing my homework. (He opens his briefcase and removes a small glass bottle with a corked top. Inside the bottle are small white flower petals.) About a month ago I had the opportunity to tour the Brazilian rain forest with the oil company I had been working for. While I was there I stumbled upon this flower, which the Brazilian natives call blancita Linda.

Ashley: (translating) Small white and beautiful.

Adam : Yes. The blancita Linda are very abundant in the rain forest and the scent they carry is unlike anything else I've experienced before. (He uncorks the bottle and hands it to Ashley.)

Ashley: (smelling the bottle, overwhelmed) Wow. It''s incredible! So rich and fragrant, but not at all sweet.

Adam: Perfect for a unisex fragrance, don't you think?

(Ashley nods, smiling, very impressed with Adam)

Adam: Have you ever been to the rain forest, Ms. Abbott?

Ashley: No, no I haven't. And call me Ashley. We re going to be working very closely together; too close for such formalities.

Adam: (smiling) Agreed.

(Ashley hands him back the bottle and he recorks it)

Adam: Oh, as a cosmetics chemist you must go to the rain forest because it can truly awaken your sense of smell. So many different scents, all of which can change drastically with the direction of the wind. It s a sensation that is unlike any other experience you can ever have.

Ashley: We'll need a lot more of these flowers even to *create* the new fragrance. Do we grow blancita Linda in the United States?

Adam: That's the funny thing. I've been trying to figure that out myself, but I haven't even been able to find this flower in those classification books. I don't even know what family it belongs to.

Ashley: That is strange. But I know the head botanist over at GCU. We've worked together in the past. Maybe I could give him a call and see if we could meet with him about this. He'll be able to let us know whether this flower would even grow outside of the rain forest and how best to mass-cultivate it for production.

Adam: 'that would be great! Because I feel strongly that we, as scientists and as marketers, should not do anything to deplete the rain forest of it's resources and natural beauty. (With a lot of determination) A lot of companies are doing just that and it's wrong. I hope we can find out what flower this is and I hope we can cultivate it in mass, because I wouldn't want any part in the destruction of the most precious display of raw nature in the entire world. (Shaking his head) We just couldn't do that.

(Ashley looks at his expression of conviction and seems to be impressed with him. She looks likes she's thinking that he might just work out after all.)

(Over at Nikki Abbott's ranch, in a wing we haven't seen yet, there is a huge Jacuzzi. Sharon and Grace enter the room wearing thick terry cloth bathrobes. 'they are giggling like kids who are getting away with something.)

Grace: Are you sure your mother-in-law isn't going to mind us being in her Jacuzzi?

Sharon: (lying) Of course not, Grace. We Newmans are all one big happy family. Nikki Abbott is like my second mother. In fact, just the other day she asked me to call her mother .

Grace: (looking around the huge room) What's it like being a Newman?

Sharon: You say Newman as if it's royalty or something. Mr. Newman is really very nice and down-to-earth. And he was so sweet to me when Nicholas and I were dating.

Grace: (taking off her robe, revealing a very skimpy red bikini) He sounds wonderful. I'd love to meet him and thank him for the opportunity he's giving me at Newman Enterprises. (A close-up of her face shows that there's more on her mind than a simple meeting.)

(Sharon removes her bathrobe. She's wearing a modest black one-piece Speedo. 'the two girls get in the Jacuzzi and sink down, feeling the warmth.)

Grace: Sharon, you are so lucky. I could really get used to a life like this. Nicholas wouldn't happen to have a brother, now would he?

Sharon: (hiding a smile) Well, actually he does. Victor Jr.

Grace: (perking up) Is he cute?

Sharon: He's adorable.

Grace: When can I meet him?

Sharon: (stifling a laugh) Well, he lives in Kansas.

Grace: Oh. Does he run a division of Newman Enterprises there?

Sharon: Well......

Grace: (in her own fantasy land already) Oh, if he's anything like Nick, he must be a total babe.

Sharon: (bursting out laughing) You could say that again. Victor Jr. is only eleven months old!

(Grace swats Sharon playfully, and they splash water on each other for a few moments, laughing and shrieking. Nikki Abbott appears in the doorway watching this scene. After a while she clears her throat.)

Sharon: (sitting up in the water, startled) Mrs. Abbott! Um, I, um, we...

Nikki: (very sarcastic) Sharon. I see you've invited company over to my house. How lovely.

(As Nikki glares at Sharon with a sarcastic smirk on her face)

(Over at a nightclub, it is empty except for two men who are sitting at a club with lots of papers and documents in front of them. One man faces the camera. He appears to be in his mid sixties. The other man who has his back to the camera appears to be younger.)

Older Man: I was so pleased when I got your call this morning. I didn't think I d be able to sell this nightclub so soon after I put it on the market.

Younger Man: (signing papers) Yeah, well, I have some ties to the city and I am hoping to settle down here. You know, get my life on track.

Older Man: So where have you been living?

Younger Man: Don't mind one bit, Mr. Boyd. To tell the truth, I haven't been able to find a home for myself. Not yet, anyhow.

Mr. Boyd: Funny, I thought everybody had a town they called home. (Changing the subject) Well, I guess we should make this sale legal. Did you bring the checks?

Younger Man: I got something better, sir. (He reaches into the pocket of his black leather jacket and pulls out a wad of bills) You do accept cash, now, don't you?

Mr. Boyd: Cash?!? Do you always carry around that kind of money? (Shaking his head) You know, I m getting a funny feeling here. I m not interested in any dirty money.

Younger Man: (interrupting him) I assure you this money is as clean as it can get. It s just, like I said, I don't have a home and I don't have a bank. Cash is just simpler for me right now.

Old Man: Oh, all right. I do need to sell this place. My wife and I are moving to a retirement community in Arizona next month and she'd have to go alone if I were stuck here trying to sell this club. (The younger man hands him the cash and Mr. Boyd begins counting it)

Younger Man: It's all there, don't worry. I'm not into cheating people. It's not my style. Besides, if you have any problems you know exactly where I am. Right here.

Mr. Boyd: (Opening his briefcase and putting the money inside.) I enjoy seeing young people such as yourself setting down roots and starting a new life. So, is there someone special in your life?

Younger Man: Oh, yes. I didn't know how much she meant to me until I left Genoa City several months ago, but she's all I've been able to think about ever since. (He slides the last of the paperwork over to Mr. Boyd, who glances through all the pages to make sure they're signed. Then he reaches over and shake the younger man s hands. The camera slowly pans around the table.)

Mr. Boyd: Congratulations. You re now the owner of the Genoa City NightOwl.

(The camera now faces the younger man who wears a big smile on his face. It is Rick Bladeson, Blade's twin brother.)

(Rick and Mr. Boyd shake hands)

Rick: Thank you sir. Buying this club helps me out more than you know.

(Mr. Boyd walks out with his briefcase. Rick watches him walk out the door)

Rick: (Thinking aloud to himself) It's great to be back. This time, it's to stay...Permanently...

(On Rick's big smile, we fade to black)

 Episode 2

(Nikki's private Jacuzzi/spa area. Nikki just walked in on Sharon and Grace having a little bit of fun)

Nikki (giving Sharon her raised-eyebrow, imperial look): Inviting guests, I see. Enjoying yourselves?

Sharon (with a deer trapped in the headlights look): Oh, Mrs. Abbott, I didn't know you were home. Miguel said that you were out for an appointment and didn't know when you were returning.

Grace (noting the tension): You have a beautiful place here, Mrs. Abbott.

Nikki: (looking at Sharon) Thank you. *I* like it. It's *my* place to retreat from the world.

Grace (giving Sharon a "what a witch" look): Well, I have to be going now. The Jacuzzi was fun, Sharon.

Sharon (silently pleading with Grace not to leave her alone with Nikki): You have to go already?

Grace: Yeah, I have a date, remember? I'll call you later.

Sharon: Oh, yeah, that's right. OK, maybe we'll meet for lunch at the coffeehouse sometime soon.

Grace: Sounds good to me. We'll talk more later.

(Grace takes her towel and moves toward the door. At the door, she pauses.)

Grace: (sotto voce): That was weird. I thought Sharon and Mrs. Abbott got along fine. Hmmm...I wonder what that was all about. (Grace leaves)

Nikki: Did Nicholas tell you about this place?

Sharon: No, he didn't. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised that we had a Jacuzzi here at the ranch.

Nikki: No, *we* don't have a Jacuzzi here at the ranch. *I* do. I thought Nicholas explained to you that, although the majority of the ranch is open to those who live here, like the stables, there are places that are private and to be used by invitation only. My Jacuzzi happens to be one of those places.

Sharon (stammering): Oh, um, well, I didn't know......

Nikki: That's right. This place was my retreat from the world. When the children were little and I needed to get away, Victor had this place built for me. The children know that whenever I come here, they are not to bother me, nor are they allowed to come here without invitation, much less invite guests.

Sharon: I'm sorry Mrs. Abbott. If I had any idea I wouldn't have done this.

(Nick enters. Nikki tries to compose a smile so that Nick doesn't feel the tension.)

Nick: (kissing Nikki on the cheek and Sharon on the lips) Well, here are my favorite ladies. Miguel said that Sharon and Grace were in here, but he didn't say that you were back yet, Mom. By the way, where is Grace?

Sharon: She had to leave. She has a date.

Nick: With who?

Sharon: She didn't say.

Nick: Well, a lot of guys at the office have their eye on her. I guess one of them finally worked up the nerve to ask her out. So what's going on?

Sharon: You didn't tell me that your mother had a hot tub on the ranch, Nicholas.

Nick (smiling) : Oh, yeah, this place. Actually, I've been in here once before. Dad built it so that Mom would have someplace to go when Vicky and I would drive her nuts, which was pretty often. (He smiles at Nikki, who shakes her head in reminiscence) I never told you because I forgot it was even here. Mom would NEVER let us invade her private place. (To Nikki) But, I'm glad you let Sharon in here to enjoy the Jacuzzi, Mom. Makes me feel like you two are finally getting close.

Nikki (trying her best to smile): Well, I just thought what the heck, you guys are adults now and I thought that I would open it up you two, and Cole and Victoria, even Miguel if he wants to.

Sharon: Why, thanks, Mrs. Abbott, I feel like I'm really becoming family.

Nikki: (Trying her best to smile) Well, it makes me feel good to do something like this.

Nick: Hey, Mom, since Sharon is already here, do you think it would be okay if I grab my trunks and enjoy the hot tub with my beautiful wife? (Sharon smiles) I've had such a long grueling day at the office.

Nikki: Oh, of course. You're free to use it anytime for now on.

Nick: (To Sharon, turning on his sexy talk) You wouldn't mind sharing this hot tub with me, would you?

Sharon: (Flirting with Nick) You know I'm a happily married woman. What would my husband think?

Nick: I'll *show* you what he thinks when he gets back. (He leaves)

Sharon (relieved): Thank you, Mrs. Abbot. I won't make this mistake again.

Nikki: That's right, you won't. And I suggest you enjoy my Jacuzzi now because this will be the first and only time you get to experience it. (She glares at Sharon) And just to make myself perfectly clear: Do-Not-Ever-Set-Foot-In-Here-Again! (She leaves.)

Sharon: (speaking to herself, sinking down into the warm water) I won't have to set foot in here again, Mrs. Abbott. I'll just have Nick build me one just like it. (She smiles).

(Mary Jo's office; Mary Jo is sitting at her desk looking at some layouts; a delivery man enters; the man has his hat tipped down over his face so we can't see too much of it)

Man: (holding a parcel) Package for Mary Jo Mason.

Mary Jo: Yes, just put it over there by the table.

(The man puts it over by the table; he walks over to Mary Jo with a clipboard)

Man: Sign here, please.

Mary Jo: (signs it) Thank you. (She looks up at the mans face and it looks familiar to her; the man notices she's looking at him funny)

Man: Is there something else I can help you with, Mrs. Mason?

Mary Jo: Do I know you?

(The man removes his hat, revealing him to be Rick)

Mary Jo: (Shocked; at first she thinks it's Blade but then remembers Blade is dead so it must be Rick) Rick! What the hell are you doing back in Genoa City?!? What are you up to?!?

Rick: (smirks at Mary Jo) Nice to see you to Marilyn.

(Fade to Black)

Episode 3

(The outer office of Paul Williams Investigations. Lynn sits at her desk typing. Paul comes out of his office carrying some files and approaches Lynn)

Paul: Well, Lynn, I've been reviewing the resumes I received for our 3rd investigator spot and I've narrowed my choices down to three people.

Lynn: Three? Paul, you have to make a decision already. Look at all this work that's piling up. If you don't hire somebody soon, our clients might take their business elsewhere.

Paul: (Handing the files to her) Yeah, I know. But you sat in on the interviews and these three were all very qualified. Besides, we're not just looking for somebody qualified, we need somebody who we like; somebody we could work well with.

Lynn: (Looking through the files) Well, Boss, I know I'm not doing the hiring, but I have to say I was very impressed with Alexandra Cassidy. I think we'd be lucky to get an ex-cop from Chicago. And she was very friendly and genuine. Not to mention I think it would be great to work with a female investigator. I m kind of tired being to only woman around here.

Paul: Yeah, I was impressed with her, too. She graduated at the top of her class at the police academy, she's a black belt in karate, she received two medals for bravery, and she was on her way to becoming a detective after only five years on the force. She's so impressive my first thought was that she was too good to be true.

Lynn: But she *is* true.

Paul: But the question is, why would somebody this qualified want to become a private investigator in Genoa City? Let's face it, this is a major step down for her. It just doesn't add up.

Lynn: Let's not waste time wondering why. Let's just grab her up quickly and make her part of our little team before I drown under all this piled up work.

Paul: (laughs) OK, Lynn, I get your point. Why don't you set up a second interview with Ms. Cassidy. I need to make this decision as soon as possible. (He goes back into his office. Lynn finds Alexandra's phone number on the rolodex and picks up the phone.)

Lynn: Hello, Ms. Cassidy. This is Lynn Bassett from Paul Williams Investigations. Mr. Williams was wondering if you could come in for a second interview... today?... Well, yes, I guess later today would be okay. I'll see you then. (She hangs up and walks into Paul s office.) Boss, Ms. Cassidy will be here in about an hour.

Paul: (at his desk) An hour? Wow, this woman doesn't waste any time, does she?

Lynn: She said she was on her way out to run some errands and she'd be in the neighborhood. I'll show her right in when she gets here.

Christine: (Appearing in the doorway with her arms folded) Okay, Mister. Just who *is* this other woman and why does she get right in to see you? I thought that privilege was reserved only for your fiancé.

(Paul and Lynn both look up, surprised to see Christine.)

(Over at Mary Jo's office, Rick just revealed himself to Mary Jo that he's back in Genoa City)

Mary Jo: (very impatient) Why are you here, Rick?

Rick: No hug and kiss and no "how much I miss you"? Come on Marilyn, you could give a little more nicer greeting than that.

Mary Jo: Cut the crap Rick! You're back for a reason; what is it?

Rick: Why all the questions, Marilyn? Aren't you glad to see me?

Mary Jo: I'm calling security! (reaches for her phone)

Rick: (grabs her hand) You don't have to do that. I'll be on my way.

Mary Jo: First you tell me why you're here.

Rick: (looks at her) You really want to know. I miss you, Marilyn, you've been on my mind a lot lately. (leans to kiss her and she pushes him away)

Mary Jo: Get away from me, you slime! You and I both know that's not the reason.

Rick: (serious) OK, fine. I came here to start a new life, a fresh new start.

Mary: Why did you choose to come here, Rick? There are plenty of other places you could have gone. There are 50 other states and thousands of cities. Why did you pick Genoa City?

Rick: (completely ignoring Mary Jo) How's Ashley?

Mary Jo: So that's why you're back, because of Ashley. I don't think she would be too glad to know you're back. She'll probably have you jailed if she sees you again.

Rick: I'll take that chance.

Mary Jo: (surprised) You really do amaze me, Rick. You have no respect for anything or anyone. Seeing you would damage Ashley emotionally! I don't think it'd be wise if you went to see her. If I were you, I would leave town right now and don't ever come back!

(In the corridor by Mary Jo's office, we see Ashley about to enter as we fade to black.......)

Episode 4

(Phyllis Romalotti's apartment. Phyllis is lounging on the living room sofa, flipping through the newspaper. As always she is scantily clad in a pair of black running shorts and a white halter top)

Phyllis: (to herself) Genoa City. What a boring little town. (She flips through more pages) Look at this: flea markets, bowling tournaments, church luncheons. They don't even have any news to put in the newspapers!

(Joni comes into the living room from Danny's old room)

Joni: Well, Mrs. Romalotti. If there's nothing more for me to do, I guess I'll be going home now.

Phyllis: Joni, can you believe this town? It's so dull. Maybe I should have stayed in New York.

Joni: Well, Mrs. Romalotti, there really are a lot of things going on in town. But you never go anywhere. (Realizes what she just said) I m sorry, I shouldn't have said that, but... (She trails off)

Phyllis: (finishing Joni's sentence) But it's true. I don't go anywhere. (She sits up) You know Joni, you're absolutely right. I *do* spend all day, every day, cooped up in this little apartment. And what for? It s not like Danny's going to come through that door and whisk me away. (She stands up) No. If I want excitement I'm going to have to find it myself! (She begins folding the newspaper, but something in it catches her eye) Hmm. Now that's the kind of man I'd love to meet. I bet I'd never spend another boring day like today if I were involved with someone like him. (She sits back down and reads the headline out loud) "Victor Newman Purchases $30 Million Software Company". Victor Newman. He's rich, powerful, handsome, and rich.

Joni: You said 'rich' twice.

Phyllis: (glancing over at Joni with a big smile on her face) I know. (She raises and lowers her eyebrows cunningly) I know. (Wondering out loud) I wonder what life is like with Victor Newman. (Smiles) there's only one way to find out. (Looks at Joni cunningly while


(Ashley Abbott's laboratory at Jabot. Adam Hunter is working over some test tubes. Jack Abbot walks into the lab)

Jack: Adam, is my sister around? I need to go over some marketing figures with her.

Adam: No, Jack. She's in a meeting with Mary Jo and the art department. I can let her know that you stopped by.

Jack: Okay. But tell me, how are things going between the two of you?

Adam: I think they're going well. Did she tell you about the new unisex fragrance we re developing?

Jack: No, but that sounds terrific. So you two are working well together then?

Adam: Yeah, fine.

Jack: (glancing over his shoulder towards the door) Now, tell me how you and Ashley are *really* getting along. Is there any chemistry between you two? (He realizes what he said) No pun intended.

(Jack and Adam laugh)

Adam: I like your sister, Jack. She's so dynamic, creative, and intelligent. Not to mention beautiful. (He smiles) I don't think I've ever been met a woman who has everything I'm looking for the way Ashley does. She's really something else.

Jack: Well, she's always been a pretty terrific person. I'd love for her to meet someone who had sense enough to appreciate all she has to offer.

Adam: Oh, I certainly do. The only problem is, I'm not sure if she sees me as anything but her employee. She's a very professional woman, Jack. I don't think she'd be interested in someone who works with her.

Jack: You have to let her see you outside of work. Take her out to lunch or dinner sometime. Let her realize you re not just a Jabot employee. You're a real man who has a life outside these four walls.

Adam: Thanks for the advice; I'll think about it.

Jack: Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? (He gives Adam an encouraging pat on the shoulder then leaves the lab)

Adam: (to himself) What do I have to lose?

(Mary Jo's office)

Mary Jo: So that's why you're back, because of Ashley. I don't think she would be too glad to know you're back. She'll probably have you jailed if she sees you again.

Rick: I'll take that chance.

Mary Jo: (surprised by what Rick said) You really do amaze me, Rick. You have no respect for anything or anyone. Seeing you would damage Ashley emotionally! I don't think it'd be wise if you went to see her. If I were you, I would leave town right now and never come back!

(In the corridor by Mary Jo's office, we see Ashley about to enter)

Ashley: (entering) Mary Jo...(sees Rick who has his back turned to Ashley; she is unaware that it's Rick) I see you're busy, would you like me to come back later?

Rick: (putting on a fake voice) It's OK, ma'am, I was just leaving. I just came by to deliver a package for Ms Mason. (Rick picks up his delivery man hat and puts it on so it covers his face) Bye ladies. (Rick leaves Mary Jo's office; in the corridor by the office door, he hides behind some potted plants and listens to the conversation between Mary Jo and Ashley)

Ashley: You wanted to see me about some layouts you have for my new perfume?

Mary Jo: Ah, yes, let me get those for you (Mary Jo walks over to a paint stand and gets the layouts).

Ashley: (looks at the layouts) They're nice, Mary Jo. I'll take these back to my lab and discuss these with my lab partner and see which one he likes (Ashley begins to leave).

Mary Jo: Ashley.

Ashley: (Turns around) Yes?

Mary Jo: I was just wondering how you were doing these days. Did those few months in Paris help you sort things out?

Ashley: (A bit annoyed) Mary Jo, we're not exactly friends, so why are you so concerned about me?

Mary Jo: Regardless of how you think and feel about me, I do care about you. We were friends once, remember?

Ashley: That was until you decided to keep your and my dead husband's past together a secret.

Mary Jo: I regret not telling you about that. You know how sorry I am, I just didn't think you'd need to know about Blade and me. After all, you two were happily married and I was worried that knowing about Blade's past with me might make you feel insecure about your marriage.

Ashley: (getting emotional) Look, why are we rehashing all this? I came for these layouts and that's it. I'll get in touch with you tomorrow about them.

(In the corridor, we see Ashley leave Mary Jo's office and Rick watching her from behind the plants. Once Ashley is out of sight, Rick enters Mary Jo's office and closes the door)

Mary Jo: (Startled by Rick) Why are you still here? I thought you left.

Rick: Ashley was in Paris?

Mary Jo: Yes. Right after Blade was killed, she went there to sort her life out.

Rick: She seems different from the last time I was here.

Mary Jo: Yes, she is very different. Can you please leave now, I have some work to get back to.

Rick: OK, OK, I'm leaving. I have work to get back to myself.

Mary Jo: Work? (laughs) What work? The only work you do is hurting people's lives.

Rick: Say and think what you want, Marilyn (begins to leave).

Mary Jo: (curious) Rick, where are you staying?

Rick: I'll be in touch, Marilyn, no need to worry about that.

(Rick leaves as we fade to black)

Episode 5

(Office of Paul Williams Investigations. Paul and Lynn are in Paul's office. Christine stands in the doorway with her arms folded)

Christine: I'm waiting for an answer. So tell me, who *is* this other woman? And why does she get right in to see you?

(Lynn and Paul exchange quick glances.)

Paul: (walking over to Christine and putting his arms around her waist) Don't tell me you're insecure. Because a woman as beautiful and sexy as you really has nothing to be insecure about. (He gives her a quick kiss on the lips.)

Christine: (enjoying the kiss) I believe you are trying to change the subject, Mr. Williams.

Paul: Is it working? (He gives her another quick kiss)

Christine: Not at all, sir. (The camera flashes quickly to Lynn, who shifts uncomfortably as she watches Paul and Christine's display of affection) Don't you know I'm a trained attorney, who's determined to get at the truth behind your obvious cover-up? Are you ready to be questioned?

Paul: Okay, but do I get to have my way with you when you're through, Future Wife?

Christine: You sure do, Future Husband.

Paul: (making a little growling noise) Remind me to make you jealous more often. (They engage in a deeply passionate kiss)

(Lynn seems to take the hint and quietly leaves the room, shutting the door to Paul's office behind her. In the outer office, she sits down at her desk and leans back in her chair.)

Lynn: (to herself) When am *I* going to find a love as perfect as that?

(Mary Jo's office; she is at her desk working on some sketches)

Mary Jo: (stops what she is doing) Damn! I just can't seem to concentrate.

(Gets up and walks over to the window)

Mary Jo: (To herself) I've got too much on my mind. It's not enough to worry about getting Keemo's fax from Victor, but now I have to keep an eye on Rick and figure out what he's up to and how it involves me. That fax is what I should worry about first, since it could ruin my future with Jack. (A look of concern on her face) What am I going to do?

Jack: (entering her office) talking to yourself?

(Mary Jo is startled but glad to see Jack)

(Genoa City Nite Owl; Rick is in the club's office sitting at his desk, with his arms folded)

Rick: (To himself) So, Rick, what are we going to do? Looks like my original plan won't be happening after what I learned today. I guess I'm gonna need something to hold over their heads. Yeah. I guess that's what I gotta do.

(Rick gets up and heads out the door; fade to black)


Episode 6

Paul Williams Investigations; there is a knock on the door and Lynn gets up from her desk to answer it; in walks a tall, beautiful woman with auburn hair that falls to her shoulders in loose curls.

Woman: Hello, Ms. Bassett. I'm Alexandra Cassidy. I don't know if you remember me from my interview last week.

Lynn: Please, call me Lynn. And of course I remember you. Mr. Williams and I were both very impressed with you.

Alexandra: I was very impressed with you too, Lynn... (She quickly adds) I mean, I was very impressed with Paul Williams Investigations. You and Mr. Williams seem to have a nice thing here.

Lynn: We do. But we're always looking for ways to improve things. That's where you come in.

Alexandra: (Laughing) I haven't even been offered the job. Please, don't add any more pressure. I'm already so nervous.

Lynn: There's nothing to be nervous about. Mr. Williams had nothing but good things to say about you. I can sit in on your second interview if you'd like.

Alexandra: (Grabbing Lynn's hand) Oh, thank you. Thank you. Because under this cool, confident exterior lies a nervous wreck! (She laughs, then Lynn laughs with her. Their eyes lock for a few seconds, then Lynn looks away uncomfortably.)

Lynn: (Walking ahead of Alexandra toward Paul's office) Right this way, Alexandra. We might as well get this over with so you can become a full-fledged member of the team as soon as possible.

As they enter Paul's office, we cut to Mary Jo's office at Jabot.

Jack: (entering) Talking to yourself again?

Mary Jo: (looks up, startled, but glad to see Jack) Jack, hi. What's up?

Jack: Have you had anything to eat yet?

Mary Jo: No, I haven't had a chance to get away from the office.

Jack: (smiling) Good. I know this great new restaurant that just opened up and I would very much like to take you there for some dinner, wine and dancing. (notices that Mary Jo's mind has drifted away and hasn't heard a word he said) Earth to Mary Jo, are you there?

Mary Jo: (back to earth) What? Yeah, I'm here.

Jack: You obviously have a lot on your mind. Is everything OK?

Mary Jo: (lying) Yes, I'm fine, Jack.

Jack: I guess you're not for dinner with me tonight, huh?

Mary Jo: Sorry, Jack, I don't think I'll make good company tonight. I am running late on a deadline and I gotta finish up.

Jack: I guess I'll leave you alone then so you can get back to your work. Um....I'll talk see you tomorrow then?

Mary Jo: Bright and early.

Jack: All right, I'm going to head over to the hospital then to see how my dad's doing today.

Mary Jo: Tell your dad I said hi and I'll be thinking about him. Jack: Sure, he'll be grateful to know that people are behind him 100% to get better. (goes over to Mary Jo and kisses her) Goodnight, Mary Jo.

Mary Jo: Goodnight Jack.

Jack walks out of Mary Jo's office; outside the office, Jack stops and looks back at the office.

Jack: (to himself) I wonder what's up with Mary Jo; she just doesn't seem like herself.

Cut to Rick; he's at an electronics shop; he goes over to the store owner at his desk.

Owner: May I help you?

Rick: Yeah, I need you to set up a sound system in a lab that will record everything that is said.

Owner: In other words, you want me to bug the lab?

Rick: (laughing; knows the man is on to him) It's not so much bugging. You see, it's for security reasons.

Owner: How so?

Rick: (quickly thinking up something) I don t know, I was just told to go out and do this. I work for Jabot Cosmetics as security manager (pulls out a fake business card). I was told by the lab workers to do this; don't ask me why they want their lab to be bugged.

Owner: (looks at the card; he thinks it's legit) OK, when do you want this job done?

As Rick smiles, we fade to black...

Episode 7

(Gina's restaurant; Lynn and Alexandra are sitting at the bar having a drink; The two women hold up their glasses of champagne and clink them together in a toast. )

Lynn: Congratulations on your new job, Alexandra. I wish you nothing but success as a member of Paul Williams Investigations.

Alexandra: Thank you, Lynn.

Lynn: See, I told you, you didn't have anything to worry about.

Alexandra: I couldn't help being nervous. I wanted this job so badly. You know how it is when you find a place where you know you'll fit. (Lynn nods) That's the way I felt when I met Mr. Will--I mean, Paul. And when I met you, Lynn. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Lynn: That would be nice. Most of my friends are married and never have time to hang out anymore.

Alexandra: I know what you mean. When I was living in Chicago I tried so hard to make friends, but it was next to impossible. I started thinking that by a certain age a person can no longer make friends. As a result I just buried myself further in my job, and became a complete workaholic.

Lynn: I see being a workaholic had some benefits. You won a lot of awards, didn't you?

Alexandra: I did. I climbed the ranks of the Chicago PD, but I was miserable inside and lonely. (She shakes her head)

Lynn: What made you move to Genoa City?

Alexandra: My mom lives here and she's been going through a hard time lately, so I figured I'd move here and help her out. Also, I really wanted to start a whole new life here in Genoa City.

Lynn: How so?

Alexandra (A little hesitant): Well, it's kind of hard to explain. But let's just say I want to live my life as honestly as possible. And when I tried to do so on the Chicago police force, I was met with a lot of hostility from my fellow officers.

Lynn: (seemingly quite puzzled by this conversation) And you think you can live honestly here in Genoa City?

Alexandra: Yes. Especially if I don't start off concealing anything... Can I ask you a question, Lynn?

Lynn: Sure, ask away.

Alexandra: How do you think Paul will react when I tell him I'm a lesbian?

(From Lynn's shocked and surprised expression, we cut to the coffee shop; Sharon is sitting at a table by herself, studying.)

Jay: Hey, Sharon, long time no see. How's it going?

Sharon: Hey, Jay, not too much. I'm busy as ever, worrying about my college exams coming up.

Jay: I see. Would you like anything to drink while you're studying?

Sharon: No, I'm fine, Jay, thanks.

(Jay goes back to what he was doing before; Grace walks in and spots Sharon; she goes over and sits across from her.)

Grace: I see you got exams coming up

Sharon (looks up from her studying): Grace, hi. I didn't notice you coming in.

Grace: So what's up? I haven't seen you since that day we tried out your mother-in-law's Jacuzzi. I hope she wasn't mad at us for using it.

Sharon (lying): No, Grace, she was fine with it.

Grace: Didn't seem like that to me. Sharon, I know you don't get along. I can tell you two were putting up an act in front of me. Why didn't you just tell me?

Sharon (realizes that Grace has caught on): I'm sorry, Grace. I just didn't want you to worry about me. I thought you might tell her off or something like you did to Tommy Rogers when we were five. Remember when he was making fun of me?

Grace (laughing): Oh, yeah, I remember that incident. I told him to shove a q-tip up his nose as well as many other nasty things.

Sharon: You always stuck up for me, Grace. I'm grateful for you as a friend.

Grace: It means a lot to me to hear that. So, tell me why Mrs. Abbott doesn't like you so much.

Sharon: You better get yourself a cup of coffee, honey. This is one long story.

(As we see a concerned face on Grace, we fade to black...)

Episode 8

The Bar at Gina's Restaurant; Lynn and Alexandra are having a drink.

Lynn: You're a, uh, lesbian?

Alexandra: (smiling) Yes. I am. (There is a long pause during which Alexandra studies Lynn's reaction) Lynn, I wanted to know how Paul will react when I tell him, but maybe I should be concerned how *you're* taking the news as well.

Lynn: No, no. I'm fine. A little surprised, I guess. But really, everything's fine.

Alexandra: (Breathing a sigh of relief) Good. Because I want everything to be out in the open. No more secrets. No more pretending. (She sips her drink)

Lynn: Was that the problem in Chicago--the secrets? I mean, if you don't mind my asking something so personal…

Alexandra: I don't mind at all. And yes, my keeping my sexual orientation a secret was part of the problem. I was so ambitious when I first made the force. I wanted to climb to the top of the department... Fast! (She laughs) But then rumors started circulating about me, and instead of just coming out with the truth I pretended the rumors weren't true.

Lynn: Why?

Alexandra: Because my captain was extremely outspoken when it came to his distaste of--maybe I should say hatred of--gay people. He always told really offensive gay jokes and used derogatory names for anyone he even suspected was gay. I guess I was afraid if he found out the truth about me, he'd somehow block my promotions no matter how well I performed my job. But Lynn, looking back I realize that keeping my sexuality a secret was a big mistake. Lying only served to alienate my fellow officers to the point where nobody felt they could trust me anymore. And trust is so important between officers. It's the difference between life and death on the streets.

Lynn: So you just gave up on the police force altogether?

Alexandra: Yeah. You know, I started out so idealistic. I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could make the force and excel within it. And I did. But the whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. (She shakes her head) Anyway, I want to put it behind me. I'm in Genoa City now and I'm so glad to be working for Paul Williams Investigations.

Lynn: And we're glad to have you. So, where are you staying?

Alexandra: I found a charming little apartment over on Union and Grove, right across from the mall.

Lynn: I live near the mall, too. On Park Street.

Alexandra: Great. Hey, do you jog? I'm dying for a running partner.

Lynn: No, I don't. But every year I make it one of my resolutions. I end up running every day for about a week, then my motivation just fizzles out.

Alexandra: Not with me, it won't. So, why don't we meet at the mailbox outside the Quik Mart tomorrow at 5:00?

Lynn: (Making a face) Let me guess. You mean 5:00 in the morning, don't you?

Alexandra: Of course. I tell you, there's nothing better than running at dawn. And breathing in all that clean morning air.

Lynn: (Mumbling) I can think of about a hundred better things. And sleep is at the top of the list.

Alexandra: (laughing) Oh, Lynn, you make me laugh. (She grabs hold of Lynn's hand) You and I are going to have a great time together. Don't you worry.

(Lynn and Alexandra share a look;, we cut to Victor Newman's office, where there is a board meeting going on about who'll take over Jabot temporarily while John Abbott is very sick in the hospital; in the office, Victor, Jack, Jill, Neil, Victoria, Nick, Ryan and Ashley stand around.)

Victor: As you all know, John Abbott, the founder of Jabot (and a great business man) is very ill right now and we need a replacement for him on a temporary basis.

Ashley: Jack seems like the perfect person to take the job. After all, he's our father's son and heir to the company.

Victor: (smiles at Ashley) That is all very true. But, we need Jack at Newman Enterprises. It'd be very difficult for him to handle two high-powered jobs like that.

Jack: He's right, Ashley; Neil, too, is needed at Newman and there is sure as hell no one else here who is capable of handling the job.

Jill: Victor, I can take his job. I own ten percent of Jabot and after all, I am his wife still.

Jack: (not pleased with Jill's offer) Is this your first step in taking over my father's dynasty, Jill? Since he's in the hospital it's time for you to take advantage, huh?

Jill: Oh, shut up, Jack; what you're saying is absurd!

Jack: Just telling it like I see it.

Victor: Settle down, you two.

Ashley: (looking at her watch) Excuse me, I have to be going now. I have business in Paris to take care of. My flight leaves in an hour. Fill me in on what's happening when I get back.

Ashley hugs Jack and Victor, then heads out.

Victor: (getting serious once again) Now, Back to the matter at hand. I've searched long and hard and I have found a person that I think is capable of replacing John. He is a young and upcoming business man and I think he'll prove to be a good asset to Jabot. Let me introduce you to Mr. Kevin Hayden.

A 6'1 man of medium build in his late 20's enters the room; he's all dressed up in a business suit; he has short black hair and brown eyes, and a heart warming smile; he shakes everyone's hand.

Kevin: Well, I'm glad to be a part of the Jabot team, and I will do my best to keep this company running; in fact, I'm sure I will. I understand I am filling very big shoes.

Jack: Yes, you are. My father is an all-around respected business man.

Kevin: So I hear.

Jack has an uneasy feeling about Kevin.

Victoria (Thinking to herself): Mr. Hay-Kevin--is kinda cute....

Nick: (Thinking to himself) What an arrogant piece of....

Jill: (Thinking to herself) Ooooooohh....this man is hot! He must be a great lover.

Ryan (Looks at Jill; Thinking to himself): I see Jill has her eyes on him. Maybe she'll take her eyes off of me now.

From the business meeting, we cut to Mary Jo's office; Rick has just entered.

Rick: Hi, Marilyn, what's up?

Mary Jo: You know what, Rick, I am actually glad to see you. I need you to help me with something.

From Rick's surprised look, we fade to black...

Episode 9

(Victor Newman's office; the business meeting is just concluding. )

Kevin Hayden: Well, I look forward to working with all of you and I hope and plan to bring Jabot to new heights and make it the driving force of cosmetics.

Victor: (very pleased) And I'm sure you will. We all look forward to you becoming a part of the Jabot team and under the Newman Enterprises umbrella. With nothing further to say, this meeting is over, back to work!

Everyone gathers around Kevin to welcome him aboard personally; Jack, who feels a bit uneasy about Kevin, walks over to Victor.

Jack: (serious face and tone) I hope you know what you're doing, Victor. This is a big move bringing someone from outside Jabot to become president.

Victor: (not pleased at Jack questioning him) You would have been the man Jack but, like you said, you're needed here at Newman Enterprises. Neil would have been my other choice, but he is also needed here; there is no one else here with enough experience to head up Jabot so I had to do what I did.

Jack: Were you recommended this Kevin Hayden guy?

Victor: (getting annoyed) He is an up and coming business man, I have read about him and had a meeting with him and I find him an excellent choice-so stop questioning my judgment. You're probably just jealous because you aren't the one to take your father's place. Now, if you'll excuse me, this meeting is over.

Jack hesitantly walks away from Victor; Victor sits down at his desk and looks over some sheets; Jack heads straight out of the office; we cut back to everyone else.

Jill: (seductive) If you ever have any of those days where you can't just seem to focus on work, stop by my office, I can brighten up your day.

Kevin: I'll keep that in mind. Mrs. Abbott, right?

Jill: Call me Jill. (She heads out of Victor's office)

Neil: I got a meeting to get to, I'll catch up with you later. Once again, welcome aboard. (shakes Kevin's hand, then leaves)

Ryan leaves with Neil; Kevin sees Nick by himself so he goes over to Nick.

Kevin: Nick Newman, right?

Nick: (not too excited to talk to him) Yeah.

Kevin: (Extends his hand) Nice to meet you.

Nick: You too. Look, I gotta go, I'll see you around. Nice meeting you.

(goes over to his dad to tell him that he is going back to work at Jabot then heads out)

Kevin is puzzled by Nick's mood; Victoria goes over to Kevin.

Victoria: So have you been in Genoa City for a long time?

Kevin: I've been here a week now.

Victoria: (curious) Have you spotted any employees here that you might be interested in?

Kevin: (feeling a bit uncomfortable) I haven't been here that long. Don't you have work to get back to?

Victoria: I'm the boss' daughter; I got my own schedule.

Kevin: (ignoring what she said) I look forward to working with you, Victoria.

Kevin is very uneasy around Victoria so goes over to Victor; Victoria leaves.

Kevin: Your employees are very.....interesting.

Victor: (smiles) You will find working here very interesting.

Kevin: I think I'll find working here very interesting....and a lot more.

From the two of them shaking hands, we fade to black.

Episode 10


Phyllis (already tipsy): Okay, Chuck, I wanna Sex on the Beach again.

Kevin enters the restaurant. He is met by Gina.

Gina: Well, hello. Haven't seen you here before.

Kevin: I'm new in town, and I hear this is a great place, so I decided to check it out. Just by looking at the table situation, I see I came to the right place.

Gina: Why, thank you, I run a nice little joint. Hope to see you here more often (smiles at Kevin) Well, I'll go see if we have an extra table for you. If you don't mind waiting at the bar? (Gestures at the bar)

Kevin walks toward the bar.

Chuck: So, what'll it be tonight?

Kevin: Um, let's see....get me scotch neat to start.

Chuck: Will do. Here you go. $5.00

Kevin: You mind starting a tab?

Chuck: No. Got a credit card?

Kevin pulls out his wallet and hands Chuck a credit card. Chuck moves over to the other end of the bar.

Phyllis (sotto voce): Hmmm, nice looking.....expensive wallet.....looks like it's chock full of plastic...looks great in that suit...(leans back)..great butt.

Phyllis slides to the barstool next to Kevin.

Phyllis: Hi there. I haven't seen you in here before. You new in town?

Kevin: Yes, I just moved here recently.

Phyllis: Checking out the local hot spots? I can assure you nothing happens in this town.

Kevin: I think this place suits me just fine. I just want to relax, have dinner in peace, then go home and sleep. I have to be up bright and early in the morning for work.

Phyllis: Oh, what do you do?

Kevin: I am an executive at Jabot.

Phyllis: Really? I love their products. I use them all the time.

Kevin: Yeah, I can see that. (trying to get away from her) I wonder if my table's ready yet?

Phyllis (hopeful): Are you eating alone?

Kevin (crossing fingers): No, I'm waiting for my party to arrive.

Phyllis: Oooh, it looks like I'm dry. (turns to CHUCK; loudly) Hey, Chuck, can you get me another drink? (turns back to Kevin) You need another? I can you get one if you like. I used to be related to the proprietor of the place.

Kevin: No, thanks, I'm fine.

Aside, Chuck and Gina are talking.

Chuck: Looks like Phyllis has had enough. Think we should call her a cab?

Gina: I agree. The way Phyllis is clinging on to this new customer....Why don't you call the cab company. (looks at Phyllis in disgust) I always wonder how my brother got mixed up with someone like her.

As Chuck picks up the phone, Gina walks over to Kevin and Phyllis.

Gina: Okay, Phyllis. It's almost time to go home. Chuck's calling a cab for you.

Phyllis (making a face): Oh, Gina, you're such a spoilsport. I'm just trying to get to know this guy. Let me introduce you. This is Gina. She doesn't like me very much. She thinks I corrupted her precious brother. And this is.....I never did catch your name.

Kevin (trying to be polite): I'm Kevin.

Chuck: Phyllis, the cab's here. I'll help you out.

Gina: Thanks, Chuck. I really owe you one. (turns to Kevin) I'm so sorry you had to endure that.

Kevin: That's okay. She looked like she had to much to drink.

Gina: Yes, she did. I'm embarrassed that she told you about our private family business, it's a long story. Tell you what. While you're having dinner, I'll send over a bottle of wine to go with your meal, on the house. The wine should make up for the nonsense you just went through.

Kevin: Why, thank you. I wasn't expecting that.

Gina: Your table's almost ready. So, just give me a minute?

Kevin sits back down, while Gina moves toward the restaurant entrance, where Nikki has just arrived.

Gina: Nikki, how are you? Don't tell me you're actually not going to have one of Miguel's excellent dinners tonight?

Nikki: Well, I was in town, taking care of some business, and decided I wanted to have dinner before I drove back to the ranch.

Gina: I just hope that what we have to offer can even compare to Miguel's cooking.

Nikki: I'll tell him you said that. He'll be so flattered. Is Victoria here yet? I called her on my cell and told her to meet me here.

Gina: No, I haven't seen her yet, but it looks like your table's ready, so if you want to wait there...

Nikki: Lead the way.

As Gina leads Nikki toward her table, Nikki drops her scarf. Kevin picks it up for her.

Kevin: Excuse me Miss, I think this belongs to you.

Nikki: Thank you.

Kevin smiles at Nikki.

(Mary Jo's office. The door is slightly ajar. Mary Jo is on the telephone; however, she is obviously distracted.)

Mary Jo: Yes.......mmmm.....hmmmm........the layout will be ready next week...well, I'll talk to you before then.

Mari Jo hangs up the telephone and starts walking around the office, talking to herself.

Mari Jo (aloud): Damn you, Keemo, why couldn't you have left me in peace? Why did you have to send that fax to Victor? Now, I have to find some way of getting that damn piece of paper. Jack cannot see any part of it!

Mary Jo turns around and is facing the door. Standing there is Rick.

Rick: Now, now, Marilyn. You really have to learn to close the door when you need privacy. Who knows who will end up listening to your private little tirades? Jack, maybe?

Mary Jo (fuming): What the hell do you want??? You stay away from him, do you hear me? For that matter, stay away from the entire Abbott family. Ashley would have you arrested if she knew you were here.

Rick (cocky): Oh, I don't think so. Just one more chance to take her to bed and she'll forget all about the past.

Mary Jo: You're so sick! She wouldn't take you to bed if you were the last man on earth!

Rick: Oh, don't worry. If everything goes according to plan, she won't need anyone else ever again. Now, back to the original subject. I see you've gotten yourself into quite a dilemma.

Mary Jo: What do you mean? (Sarcastic) Oh, I forgot, you just eavesdropped on my private thoughts.

Rick: I can see you need my help, again.

Mary Jo: Your help? Oh, no, I don't think so. You tend to ask for too much in return, if I recall. I can figure this out by myself.

Rick: Oh, I think you will use my help. Otherwise, how do you know I won't tell Jack about his son's fax? What an excellent way to make sure I keep my mouth shut.

Mary Jo: Oh, so if I don't use your help, you're going to tell Jack? I'd love to see you try. Jack would strangle you with his bare hands, because of what you did to his sister.

Rick: Telling him would be the easy part. Have you ever heard of anonymous tips? After which, Jack could very easily go to Victor for confirmation.

Mary Jo: Great, I really have nowhere else to turn. Okay, if you help me get that fax from Victor's office, what do you want in return?

Rick closes and locks the office door; walks back over to Mary Jo.

Rick (leering): To start? If I also recall correctly, you rather enjoyed yourself when we went to bed together. I seem to top my brother in that department with not just one woman, but two.

Mary Jo: (laughs nervously) You want to take me to bed?

Rick: Well, not necessarily bed. As I see it, that desk of yours seems quite capable of being a suitable substitute.

Mari Jo: (realizing he's not joking; doesn't know what to say or do) Now?

Rick (sweeping everything off Mary Jo's desk): Why not? Everything's ready, my dear. If you're worried about getting pregnant or catching something, don't worry (whips out a condom). I came prepared. Well, are you just going to stand there?

Mary Jo (sarcastically): You're such a romantic.

Rick (pulling MARI JO to him): Romance has nothing to do with it, my dear. Just sex, pure raunchy sex. It's been too long Mary Jo, way too long...

Rick pulls Mary Jo onto the desk and they start kissing. We see a very distraught and resigned look on Mary Jo's face.

(Jabot Laboratory. Music plays in the background, slightly sinister.)

A man in a maintenance uniform enters the lab. He walks over to the lab tables and opens up a case. The man goes around the office, placing surveillance equipment in various areas of the lab.

First bug: listening device into the telephone handset.

Cut to:

Second bug: camera into a ceiling panel.

Cut to:

Third bug: listening device under lab table.

Cut to:

Fourth bug: camera disguised as a few lab books.

The man keeps planting devices until he is satisfied the job is

complete. He closes his case and exits the lab.

Enter hallway.

As the man exits the lab and enters the corridor, he turns left and

enters another office, marked "Private."

As the camera pans this office, we see television monitors and dual reel tape machines. He goes around flicking switches and pressing buttons. As he does this, we see monitors turn on and tape reels moving in a circular motion. He checks to see if everything is working right and makes adjustments as needed. The camera continues to pan over the television monitors, until it stop at one that shows Ashley entering the lab, at which point we return to the lab.

Ashley walks around the office, gathering up papers, reports and other items around the office.

Ashley: Okay, that should be everything I need. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. Oh, well, if I do, it'll still be here when I get back from Paris.

Ashley turns toward the door to leave and is surprised to see Dina standing there.

Dina: Oh, good, I'm glad I caught you here before you left.

Off a shocked Ashley, we fade to black...

Episode 11

(We fade into the Jabot lab; Ashley is cleaning her stuff but before she heads for her business trip to Paris)

Ashley: Well, looks like I got everything under control. Adam knows what I expect of him while I'm gone. Now, I gotta head straight to the airport.

(Just as Ashley is about to leave, her mother Dina walks in.)

Dina: (relieved) Ashley! I'm glad I caught you before you went home.

Ashley: What are you doing back in town, mother?

Dina: We have to discuss something.

Off Ashley's annoyed look, we cut to Mary Jo's office; she and Rick just finished having sex on top of her desk; they just finished putting their clothes back on.

Rick: (satisfied) You haven't lost a thing Marilyn. You're just a natural born lover. How am I compared to Jack?

Mary Jo: (offended; annoyed) Shut up Rick, you got what you wanted. Just remember, you owe me.

Rick: I'll see what I can do about that fax, babycakes. I gotta jet now. I have some business to attend to.

Mary Jo: (Leans over her desk and looks straight into Rick's eyes) Just remember, I want that fax, dammit! You'd better not let me down.

Rick: (Not sure whether he should be intimidated by her threats) Would if I'm not able to get the fax?

Mary Jo: This is not the time to play games, Rick.

Rick: (decides to be serious) Like I said, I'll see what I can do. I'll be in touch.

As Rick leaves, we cut back to the lab where Ashley and Dina are.

Ashley: Mother, we have nothing to talk about. (tries to leave)

Dina: (desperate) Ashley, just please hear me out on this? This could change the rest of our lives.

Ashley: (interested in what her mother has to say) Ok, let's hear this. Let me warn you, I don't have much time. I have to catch a flight to Paris in one a half hours.

Dina: Paris? For what?

Ashley: Business. Just go on with what you had to say.

We cut to Rick in the Jabot corridors; he enters a door with the word PRIVATE on it and in fine print it says, 'office technicians only.' Inside the room is a sound system which is hooked up to the lab. It records everything that is said. We cut back to the lab.

Dina: I know your father is terribly sick and is in the hospital..

Ashley: (cutting her off) So you decided to visit him like you give a damn, huh?

Dina: (ignoring her) Since these could be his last days...I think he should know the truth.

Ashley: (confused) The truth? The truth of what?

Dina: (takes a deep breath) That you're not his biological daughter.

We cut to Rick in the sound room; he looks very shocked; he listens attentively.

Ashley: (shocked; almost speechless) I...I...I can't even believe you would suggest such a thing! The shock of the truth will kill him for sure! I can't believe you mother, I wouldn't expect something like this, even from the likes of you. What you're suggesting is cruel! If you tell dad, I'll never forgive you for it!

Ashley storms out crying. Dina is left standing there, shattered. We cut back to the sound room where Rick has just ejected a small tape from the recorder; he holds up the tape and he just stares at it, not sure what to do.

We cut to GC Memorial; Jack his visiting John.

Jack: Dad.

John: (just waking up) Jackie. (struggling a bit to talk) Glad to see you.

Jack: (concerned) How ya feeling?

John: Good. Just came from work?

Jack: Yeah. Victor introduced us to your new replacement. I'm telling ya, dad, I don't like this guy one bit.

Off John's look, we fade to black.

Episode 12

(We fade into John's hospital room at GC Memorial; he is with Jack. John is in a bed hooked up to a machine.)

Jack: Dad, this new Kevin Hayden guy is not the kind of guy that should be running Jabot while you're away.

John: (realizing) Oh, I think I know what this is about. Are you jealous or mad that I told Victor to go outside to find my replacement? Jack, it's nothing like that.

Jack: You think I'm jealous?

John: What else could it be? You have to understand that was the only option Victor had. You couldn't have taken over because you're Victor's right hand man and we need everyone else to stay at their current positions. We don't have time to start changing everyone around.

Jack: He could have replaced me with someone else as his right hand man. I'm surprised he didn't do it with the history we have together.

John: It's not that simple, Jack. You're an important factor at Newman Enterprises, despite all that. Victor needs you there.

Jack: What about Ashley? She could have taken charge of the family business. I mean, she is capable enough of handling the responsibilities, and after all, it's only temporary.

John: She has made it clear that she only wants to work in the lab and has no interest in heading up Jabot.

Jack: It just feels so wrong that someone else is running your legacy while there are still members of the family that are able to run it.

John: Don't worry, Jack. As you said, it's only temporary.

Jack: Using my own words against me, eh?

John: (smiling) You said it, son.

Jack: Heh. Well, dad, I better be off now and let you get your rest. (putting on his jacket) I'll try to stop by in the morning on my way to work to check up on you. Oh, and before I forget, Ashley is on her way to Paris to promote her latest fragrance. She said she'll be in touch with you.

John: I hope to hear from her soon; it's been a while since she and I have talked. Her work in the lab must be really hectic these days.

Jack: Don't worry, pops, I don't think Ashley has forgotten about you. She would never intentionally avoid you. Well, I'll be going now, take care.

John: I'll see you in the morning.

(Jack embraces John then leaves; We cut to Gina's restaurant; Kevin is on his way out when he bumps into Nikki.)

Kevin: (flirting) Well, hello there, beautiful.

Nikki: (flirting back) Hey there, handsome! Haven't seen you here before.

Kevin: That's because it's my first time here. I'm new in town. The name is Kevin Hayden (extends his hand and Nikki shakes it).

Nikki: I'm Nikki Abbott, nice to meet you.

Kevin: Abbott? Are you connected with Jabot?

Nikki: I was married to an Abbott, the son of the founder of Jabot. (curious) Why?

Kevin: I am the new temporary CEO of Jabot for John Abbott.

Nikki: (surprised) Really? I hadn't realized that it would be someone outside the company to fill in as CEO.

Kevin: (confused) You sound so surprised; why is that?

Nikki: (thinking aloud) This must be an incredible blow to Jack. I wonder why Victor didn't have him take over. After all, Jack is the heir to the company. The tension between these two must be coming back.

Kevin: I gather Victor and Jack aren't exactly the best of friends.

Nikki: (laughs) Their relationship with each other isn't exactly friendly. They have had their moments, very heated ones.

Kevin: From the sounds of it, there is a lot to tell but; Maybe we can talk about that another time... (looks at Nikki's fingers for a ring) assuming there will be a next time?

Nikki: Play your cards right and there just may be a next time (winks at Kevin flirtatiously).

Kevin: (goes into his pocket and pulls out his business card) Here's my card. Give me a call sometime (smiling).

Nikki: I just might.

Kevin: I must be going now; I've got a big day ahead tomorrow and I need all the rest I can get. Excuse me.

(Kevin gives Nikki a friendly pat as he exits; we cut to Rick in the private Jabot sound room; he has just heard the conversation between Ashley and Dina about Ashley not being John's biological daughter; the conversation has been recorded onto a tape.)

Rick: (taking the tape out) This is some pretty juicy stuff. I think this is all I need to help me get what I want (smiles at the tape). Now, I gotta see what I can do about getting that fax out of Victor's office for Mary Jo.

(Rick leaves the sound room; we cut to Victor's office; Victor and Neil are just finishing up their meeting.)

Neil: Thanks for the positive feedback, Mr. Newman, I'll be sure to have those reports to you by next week. Once again, thanks for you confidence in me.

Victor: You're doing a fine job, Neil, keep it up. I am very grateful. I'll see you tomorrow.

Neil: Alright (shakes Victor's hand and exits his office).

Victor: (buzzes his secretary) Connie, you have the rest of the night off; see

you in the morning.

Connie: Thanks, Mr. Newman. Goodnight.

(We cut to Rick on his cell phone.)

Rick: (puts on a fake voice to call Victor) Hello, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Yes, who is this?

Rick: This is a very upset employee over at Jabot. A co-worker and I are not getting along and I've just about had it. I think you should come over here and settle this before things get out of hand and Jabot gets bad credibility.

Victor: Where in the building are you?

Rick: I am on floor 11; I'll be waiting (hangs up).

(We cut to Victor leaving his office; he leaves his office door open and there is no secretary at the front desk; We see Victor go in the elevator; moments later, we see Rick exit from one of the elevators. He enters Victor's office, slips on a pair of black gloves, and starts scrambling around his desk as we fade to black.)

Rick leaves the sound room; we cut to

Episode 13

(We open at Victor's office; Rick is scrambling around looking for the fax that Mary Jo wants him to find; he goes through all of the unlocked cabinet draws and picks the locked ones with a paper clip.)

Rick: Damn! Where the hell could he have it?

(Rick pulls out his cell phone and dials Mary Jo.)

Rick: Marilyn...I am having trouble finding the fax. Do you have any idea where ol' money bags might be keeping it?

Mary Jo: (panicking) Just keep looking. I have no idea where it could be. (realizing) Hey, how did you manage to get Victor out of his office, anyway?

Rick: I'll tell you later, I gotta keep looking, don't have much time (hangs up).

(Off Rick's frustrated look, we cut to GC Memorial; Dina is visiting John.)

Dina: (walks in and closes the door) John?

John: (straining himself to figure out who it is) Dina?

Dina: Yes John, it's me (walks over to his bedside). How are you feeling?

John: I am doing fine right now. I didn't know you were in town. How long have you been here?

Dina: I just arrived in town this morning. (hesitant) I went to see Ashley before she left on her trip. We had quite a lot to discuss concerning the family.

John: Oh really. What was it that you discussed?

Dina: (trying to decide how to tell him) Well...(walks over to the window) We discussed the past and where we went wrong, the mistakes we made. Well, there is one mistake that I made that was probably the biggest mistake of all which was keeping the truth from you.

John: (confused) What are you talking about Dina?

Dina: (takes a deep breath) Something happened a longtime ago between me and a man...we were very close. One day, I discovered I was preg...

(The phone rings.)

John: (reaching for the phone) Excuse me one second (picks up the phone). Hello? Ashley! Hi darling. Are you on the plane? How's the flight so far? Good.....yeah I'm fine....I'm here with your mother...

Ashley: (half surprised and concerned about what she might tell John) Mother is there?

John: Yeah, she came to see how I was doing.

Ashley: Oh...may I speak to her for a second dad?

John: Ok, sure... (a bit confused) Dina, Ashley would like to talk to you.

Dina: (hesitant; picks up the phone and puts on a happy act) Ashley, hi, how is your flight so far?

Ashley: (annoyed) Save it, mother. Listen to me, you better not tell dad anything, you got that? I mean it. If you do tell him, I'll never, ever forgive you.

Dina: (acting happy for John's sake) It's the best thing to do, Ashley; you must understand that.

Ashley: Just remember what I said. You'll only end up hurting dad and the rest of the family if you tell him. Put dad back on.

Dina: (happy act) Bye, Ashley, we'll talk again soon. (hands the phone to John)

John: So, darling, how is the plane ride.....

(As John and Ashley continue to talk, Dina, unsure of what to do, slips out of John's room; she walks out into the hospital corridor, takes a look back at John through the door window, then goes into the elevator. We cut to Victor Newman's office; Rick is still looking for the fax.)

Rick: (giving up) Forget this, I can't find the damned thing. This was such a waste of my time; I'm outta here.

(Just as he is leaving, Victor walks in and Rick is forced to hide behind the couch in the office; Victor sits down at his desk.)

Victor: (mad about the false call Rick made to him) If I ever catch who made that false call, they will really get it.

(Victor walks over to his window and Rick is forced to make a dash to Victor's closet without making a noise; Victor sees that it's snowing heavy outside.)

Victor: The storm has gotten worse. (walks over to his phone and makes a call) Yes, have the limo wait outside for me.....what.....where are you.... I see......ok, then, thanks. (hangs up) Guess I'm going to have to spend the night here.

(Rick, who is in the closet has heard everything and he is not to thrilled that Victor is unable to leave so he can leave too. )

We fade to black...

Upcoming story hints:

*Someone dies a horrifying death.

*Rick's tape of the conversation between Ashley & Dina gets into the hands of someone Ashley doesn't like very much.

*The lies and schemes by this person finally catch up with her.

Episode 14

(We open up to Mary Jo's office; she is trying to call Rick's cell phone.)

Mary Jo: Come on Rick, answer.

(We cut to Rick in the closet of Victor's office; he turns off the phone ringer so Victor doesn't hear the ring; )

Rick: (whispering to himself) I hope he didn't notice the ring. (sighs) What am I going to do? There's no way I can get out of here.

(We cut back to Mary Jo's office; she is leaving her office when a maintenance man comes by and tells her she can't leave due to the conditions outside so she has to stay.)

Mary Jo: (dropping down in her chair; sighs) Great. Now I'm stuck here. I just wish I can get in touch with Rick. (realizing) Wait a minute, if I can't get out of here, Rick must be here still.....and so could Victor...oh my...

What if Victor walked in on him.....I better get over there to see what could be going on.

(We cut to Victor's office; Victor is sitting on his couch; he doesn't like the idea of having to spend the night in his office.)

Victor: (phoning home) Hope, it's me. Uhhh...I won't be able to make it home tonight due to the conditions outside.

Hope: (kind of disappointed but tries to hide it) Oh, it's ok, sorry you have to stay at your office all night.

Victor: Are you okay about this? You sound kind of upset.

Hope: It's just that I had dinner made and Victor Jr. and I were looking forward to spending the evening with you.

Victor: (feeling bad) I'm sorry about that. Maybe I should have left sooner and then maybe I wouldn't be stuck here.

Hope: It's not your fault, Victor.

Victor: Thank you for understanding. I will make this up to you, I promise.

Give Victor Jr. a hug for me.

Hope: I will.

Victor: I'll see you in the morning.

Hope: Ok.

Victor: Goodnight. (hangs up)

(We cut to the corridor outside Victor's office; Mary Jo just exited the elevators; she peeps into the office but she can't see Victor, so she walks right in; Victor sees her.)

Victor: May I do something for you, Ms. Mason?

Mary Jo: (Turns around; startled) Victor! What are you doing here?

Victor: (standing up) What do you mean, 'what am I doing here', this is my office.

(sees Mary Jo is a little shaken; walks over to her) You seem bothered by something Ms Mason, something that is on your guilty conscience perhaps?

(We cut to Rick in the closet.)

Rick: Marilyn...damn, I should have called her and warned her not to come looking for me.

Mary Jo: (breaking down) Mr. Newman, why are you doing this to me? You know very well what's bothering me...that damn fax that Keemo sent you. What do plan on doing with it? Why are you playing with my emotions? I beg you, please don't show that to Jack.

Victor: (just laughs) Why should I have any sympathy for you? (raising his voice) You are the reason why I almost died! And then you expect me to not do anything about it?

Mary Jo, not sure what to say and scared at the same time, walks out of Victor's office; she walks into the elevator, looks back at Victor's office with tears on her face as the elevators door close.

Victor: (to himself) You can't run forever, Mary Jo. Your lies and schemes will soon catch up with you.

(We cut to Mary Jo's office; she is pacing around.)

Mary Jo: I've got to do something about this. If Victor shows that fax to Jack, I'm finished. My chances for a future with him or next to none. I could deny everything in that fax, but Jack will believe his son over me for sure. I guess there is only one thing that I can's a big risk....but I have to take the chance.

(We cut to Victor's office; he is standing by his window looking outside;

Mary Jo enters and stands in the doorway.)

Mary Jo: All right, Victor, you want to play hardball, then fine. It didn't have to be this way but you left me no choice.

Off Victor's reaction we fade to black...

This is a highly unofficial Soap Opera based on characters from the Young and the Restless. All related characters and elements are (c) and TM 1996 Columbia Pictures. All rights reserved. No attempt has been made to supersede the copyrights or trademarks held by Columbia Pictures.

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