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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

An Enchanted Evening Part 1 by Renee


Billy Katherine Nick

Mac Jill Sharon

Phillip Ryan Matt Clark

Nikki Victoria Brad

Victor Nick Danny

Jack Paul

Ashley Chris

Chapter One

The residents of Genoa city are all gathered at a formal Charity Event held by the Katherine Chancellor- at the Chancellor estate. Everyone is having a good time-- they have no idea a psycho with murder on his mind is lurking around...

Billy watches from a distance as Phillip and Mac share a dance. Mac looks terribly sad, for she misses Billy. Phillip: Mac, what would you think about leaving Genoa City? Mac: Why would we want to do that?!?! Phillip: Its just a thought... we could leave Wisconsin... head for New York or L.A.... Mac (in deep thinking): Why are you asking me this now? I would need time to consider it, you know. Phillip: I know, but its just that... I love you so much.. and I want the best for you. Mac: The best for me? Why would a move be good for me? Phillip: Oh come on, its so obvious. Billy Abbott is troubling you. Mac (with a surprised look on her face): Troubling me? Phillip: Yea... I know he gets to you... I think it would only get worse if we stay... Mac looks over to Billy.

Jack brings Nikki a drink and notices Nikki is daydreaming. She is off in Victor Land. Jack: Nik? Hello?! Nikki (snaps out of it and takes the drink): Thanks. Jack: Where were you just then? Nikki: I was thinking about ... you... us. Jack (smiles): What about.. us? Nikki: Lets leave Genoa City! Jack looks shocked Nikki: Lets leave for a while.. we can go to Europe. Jack: you want a vacation- is that what you're saying? Nikki: Yes! Don't you think that's a good idea?! Jack: Well... if its going to be just the two of us... I think that's a wonderful idea. Nikki: Yes... just us.

Victor and Ashley are in one of the rooms of the house. Victor: Ashley, why did you take me here? What is it you need to tell me? Ashley (scowling): I need some answers- NOW. You're going to be totally honest with me, understand? Victor: Ashley... what the hell is going on?! Ashley: No! I should be asking you that! You and your ex-wife. Victor looks down. Ashley: I want to know-- for our sake-- for my brothers sake. What is it you feel for Nikki? Victor: We have a history... we share two children... there will always be a bond there. Ashley: A bond... is that what you call it? Victor: Ashley, I have never been unfaithful to you. Ashley: You're wrong. You have been completely unfaithful. Because she has spoiled you for anyone else. Victor says nothing Ashley: I guess I have my answer then. She storms out and Victor lets out a deep sigh.

Danny Romalatti lurks around and watches Chris and Paul chat with Kay, Nick, Ryan, Victoria and Jack Jack: Katherine, I gotta hand to you... you sure know how to throw a good party. Katherine: And to think I was beginning to lose my touch.... its just too bad not everyone could be here... like Lauren, Traci ... Danny. Chris' face lights up when she hears 'Danny' Nick: Speaking of people who are not here... has anyone seen Sharon? They all shake their heads and nick heads out to find her. Katherine speaks to Jack privately. Kay: Jack, where is that darling woman of yours? Jack: I don't know.. I saw her a second ago... and now... hmm...

As Nikki is walking out of the bathroom, Ashley is about to walk in. Nikki: Oh.. Hi Ashley! Ashley (ticked off): Don't give me that. Nikki looks shocked Ashley: I know damn well you're after Victor- well you can have him! Nikki: Have you been drinking? Ashley: Dammit Nikki! You actually thought you could hide this from me...? Nikki: Hide what?! There is NOTHING going on between Victor and me! Ashley: Do Jack a favor and stay away from him. Nikki: You're crazy...

In some room: Matt Clark has Sharon tied up to a chair and gagged.... and Warton is lurking around with a gun, staring at Nick who is looking for Sharon....

Billy is moping over Mackenzie when Jack comes up to him Jack: If I were you, I would leave. Billy: Why should I leave? So Phillip can know he got to me?... so Phillip can gloat over his "victory"?... well, let me tell you something Jack, he hasn't won yet!!! I'm not giving up on Mac anytime soon... Jack: You'll only get more upset if you stay... Billy: LET IT GO!!! I'M NOT LEAVING! Billy stomps off.... he ends up in the wine cellar where he is tempted by the alcohol and gets wasted.

Chris comes on to the elevator just as Danny is about to get off. She looks shocked to see him. Chris: What are you doing here? Danny: Hi Cricket. They stare at each other-- and just then, the power goes out and they are stuck in the elevator. Elsewhere, everyone is panicking over the outage.


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Page updated 7/9/12

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