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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic

Y&R Mac & Billy FanFiction "CRUSH" By Donna

Chapter 49

After they pulled away from the curb and were safely on their way, the car was silent for a while. Both of them brimming with happiness, afraid speaking might break the spell. Billy could stand it no longer and spoke first. “Happy, wife?” he took his eyes off the road and glanced at her, smiling. She looked back at him and said “So happy, husband..” and smiled.

“Where to now?” she finished, her curiosity was killing her. She felt flushed, butterflies racing around her stomach. “Another surprise” was all Billy would say as he turned his eyes back to the road. No amount of pleading, or prodding would get him to reveal an answer. They drove for another 20 minutes before pulling up to a large Victorian style house. He pulled up to the curb and shut the car off.

“We’re here..hang on a sec, I’ll get the bags…” He got out of the car and opened the trunk to get the suitcases. Mac sat in the car, studying the front of the house. What was this place? She peered through the window, trying to read the sign that hung out front, but it was too dark from where she was sitting .Billy put the suitcases down on the sidewalk and opened the door for her, extending his hand. She took it and got out of the car, still trying to figure  out where they were. He saw the questioning look on her face and pointed towards the sign mounted on a post on the front lawn. “Cupid’s Rest..A Honeymooners Dream ” it read.

“How perfect is this?” he asked. She replied “Absolutely perfect, how did you find this place?”

“When I called the Delanceys, they told me about it. Seems they recommend this place only to very special people.”  She laughed and crooked her hand through his arm. They walked up the steps and onto the front porch, Billy carrying their suitcases in each of his hands. Mac reached up and tapped the heavy door knocker twice. The door opened and a young woman opened the door. She smiled and motioned for them to enter, closing the door after they were inside.

“You must be the Abbott’s” she said, still smiling. She always liked to refer to the honeymooners who stayed here by their newly shared last name. It was one of the little touches that people said made her place so special. “My name is Jeannie Rogers ” she continued." My husband Chris and I run this place. Joan Delancey called and said that you were on your way.”

Mac, still recovering from being referred to as an Abbott, smiled and looked around the room.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Mac, short for Mackenzie, your place is really beautiful..” She continued to look around the room, it was beautiful. Large fireplace, antique furniture, soft lighting. a honeymooner’s dream. Billy was enjoying watching her, she seemed enraptured by the place." I'm Billy, Jeannie, and my wife..” he smiled at her," is right, this place is everything the Delancey’s said it would be.”. Jeannie smile widened and she motioned for them to follow her. They did, and she led them to a  large rolltop desk next to the fireplace." Let's get you checked in, and then I’ll take you upstairs.” She rang a small bell on top of the desk and a young man appeared.

“Billy,Mac, this is my husband Chris. He'll take your coats and bags upstairs.” Chris leaned down to pick up the suitcases. ”Congratulations, you two..hope you’ll be as happy as we’ve been.” Mac asked shyly “How long have you two been married?”. Jeannie smiled “8 years this past November”. Billy looked surprised. “Eight years? Really? You two look so young..” Chris

answered this time “We were young. Jeannie was 17,I was 18, probably just about the same as you two, right?” Billy and Mac looked at each other and nodded.” I guessed as much the minute I saw you. I won’t say that there haven’t been some rough spots” he paused and looked at his wife, smiling gently," But we made it through them.” He turned and left the room, heading towards the staircase at the back of the house.

Jeannie pushed the guest book towards them “Just sign here, and I’ll show you your room.”

Mac signed the book first, smiling at her new last name, and then Billy." Good” Jeannie said, closing the book. “Follow me”. She led them to the staircase at the back of the house.

“Sorry,no elevators in old houses like this”. They made it up one flight of stairs, to the second floor. Mac was surprised when Jeannie did not stop, but continued up a second flight of stairs, to a third floor. The floor only had one room, not several as the second floor had. Jeannie handed a set of keys to Billy, smiled and turned to leave.” There you go..Just let me know if there’s anything you need…” and retreated down the stairs.

Billy walked over to the door. There was a plaque on it that read “Honeymoon suite” and Billy smiled. It was just as he had requested. He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. He peeked around, and satisfied that they were alone, turned to Mac and swooped her up into his arms. She laughed aloud and he said “ I didn’t wanna take any chances that you might say no again. Tradition is tradition. The groom always carries the bride over the threshold..” He closed the door after them with his foot, and turned his attention back to Mac.

She clasped her arms more tightly around the back of his neck, and leaned in to kiss him.

They broke the kiss after a few seconds, and looked around the room. Billy put Mac down and she walked around the room, just as she had in Chicago, apparently in a daze. The same sort of vibrations that were in that room were in this room as well. It was more like a suite, actually. They had the entire top floor of the house to themselves. The main room was furnished with antiques, just as the room downstairs had been. A table and chairs were at the far end, in front of a small window. By the door were a small love seat with antique pillows, as well as an end table with a milk glass lamp, throwing off soft, gentle light. Next to the sofa was another door. Mac took Billy’s hand and led him through it. It lead to a large bedroom, with and adjoining bath. The walls were covered in a softly patterned paper and the room was large enough to almost be divided in two. There was a dressing table, with a chair, a large freestanding mirror in the corner next to it. An antique highboy, many drawers stood against the far wall. And the bed…the bed was enormous, an old four poster, covered in a beige lace coverlet, strewn with pillows, next to it a small night table with another old lamp, throwing its soft light around the room.

Mac was wandering around the room, just as she had in Chicago, touching the coverlet, fingering the bottles on the dressing table. Billy walked up behind her, touching his hand to her shoulder." Anything wrong?” he asked. She shook her head, and turned to him.

“I’m just having a hard time believing that we’re really here. that this whole thing isn’t just a dream.” He took her hands in his and his voice was soft in reply “I told you that you would have a place like this, didn't I? When we left that day I made a vow that you would have a honeymoon, sweetie…” he looked deeply into her eyes.” I always try to keep my promises, at least the ones I make to you. Betcha didn’t think it would happen so soon, did ya?” he smiled.

His smile quickly faded as he saw the look of panic on her face." You're not sorry, are you Billy? Sorry that we didn’t wait longer, sorry that we went through with this? It’s not too late, we can still-“. “Do I look sorry? “ she looked back at him." Do I?” he asked again. She shook her head.

“The only thing I’m sorry about is that we wasted so much time. Time spent apart when we could have been together. You are as stubborn as I am, you know that?” she smiled again.

“More” she said. “I just can’t seem to believe that a week ago we were barely speaking to each other, and now…married? I’m so happy, I think I just might explode ,that’s all.” He laughed and clenched her hands tightly. “Don’t explode, not yet anyway…the night is still young.”

He gathered her close to him/her face mere inches from his. “You think you can hold off until tomorrow for that explosion?” he whispered. She nodded and leaned in to kiss him.

The kiss quickly deepened and they stayed like that for many minutes, just standing there, kissing each other slowly, until the need for more caused Billy to break them apart.

“I think we need to get more comfortable..” he said. “Why don’t you  go look in my suitcase? Check out what I bought you..”. She looked at him quizzically. He motioned her away with his hand. ”Go, look in the suitcase..” She walked over and picked up the case and placed it on the bed. She snapped open the closure and opened the top. She spotted a pile of soft, shiny beige material and she gasped. She picked it up and held it in her hands. ”Oh, Billy” she said softly,
“What did you do?”. It was the most beautiful peignoir she had even seen. Scraps of ecru lace ,held together by a creamy color satin. Under it was a matching robe, trimmed with the same beautiful lace.

Billy saw Mac’s face and knew he had made the right decision. The lady in the store had said that it was very special, almost one of a kind and she was right. “ I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life.” Mac’s voice was almost a whisper. He looked at her." Why don’t you go put in on? I can’t wait to see you in it..please?”. She clutched it to her chest and ran to him, throwing her arms around him." I'll be as quick as I can, I promise” kissing him quickly before she grabbed her suitcase and went into the bathroom to change. He sighed as she closed the door. He took off his suit jacket, and loosened his tie, taking it off and throwing it on the chair in front of the dressing table. He unbuttoned his shirt, tugging it out of his pants. He caught a  glimpse of himself in the full length mirror, and saw the nervousness he felt reflected in his own image there." Calm down, Abbott…nothing about tonight should be rushed or hurried..take it easy..” he took a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair. He sat down on the bed, and continued to undress. “ Make everything perfect for her. everything's gotta be perfect for her.”

*****************THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT***************

Chapter 50

Mac looked at herself in the bathroom mirror and barely recognized herself. The quiet, sullen girl who almost never smiled was nowhere to be found. The girl in the mirror was glowing, almost incandescent. The peignoir was indeed beautiful, the creamy color offset her skin perfectly. It was incredibly brief, held up by the thinnest of straps and it plunged deeply, both in front and in back. The bodice was covered in lace, all the way to the waist, and in the soft light the entire thing was almost transparent. She brushed her hair out, and it fell softly around her shoulders. She picked up the robe and pulled her arms through it, trying to calm her racing heartbeat. She looked at herself in the mirror again," Calm down, Mac. just be calm, Billy would never hurt you, never make you do anything you’re not ready for….” .She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Billy sat on the bed, his feet tapping against the carpeted floor silently. He got up and paced the room, wearing the black silk pajamas he had bought as an afterthought when he purchased the nightgown. He was thankful he had. He didn’t want to scare her, or make her think he was pushing her by waiting for her without wearing anything. As he was making his second trip around the room, the bathroom door opened. He turned around and could not make a sound, his hand over his heart. She stood behind the bed, smiling shyly, her head bowed. He whispered. “You look even more beautiful than I imagined. You look as if you just dropped in from heaven…” He could not speak further, he was overcome with emotion. She walked slowly around the bed and towards him, extending her hand towards his.

He took her hand and kissed it. “Thank you, Billy..this” she fingered the material of the peignoir “ This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned”. She held up her left hand and showed him her wedding band “Other than this, of course.” He held up his hand to match hers and linked his fingers with hers. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and pulled her close to him. “ Nothing I ever own will mean as much to me. I mean it means that we belong to each other, always. No one will ever come between us.” He leaned in to kiss her and she responded. The kiss inflamed them both, and the robe Mac wore dropped to the floor.

Billy was trying, without much success, to move slowly and deliberately. The feel of her skin was making him crazy. He stroked her bare back, rubbing his hands up and down the length of it, pulling his lips away to find her neck, the heat he created there filling the room with the familiar scent of vanilla. He smiled to himself as he realized that she tasted like vanilla, too.

“Do you know how good you feel?’ he murmured as his lips found her shoulder, his fingers under the thin strap of the nightgown." how incredible you taste?” Mac could only softly murmur in reply. She felt as if she were in slow motion, her whole body alive with sensation.

She buried her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, pressing her body against his. Her fingers moved from the back of his neck to his chest. She pulled away from him slightly and rested her head against his chin, unbuttoning the top of his pajamas, loving the feel of the silk against her fingers. When the buttons were all undone, she pushed the top back and over his shoulders, pulling it down over his arms and letting it drop to the floor. She ran her hands over his chest, resting her cheek against it briefly. She stepped away from him and smiled, taking his hand and leading him towards the bed.

Billy followed her lead, his eyes never leaving hers. She lay on the bed, her arms outstretched, just as he had pictured her in his dreams. He put one knee down on the side of her leg, supporting himself with his arms. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, pulling him closer. His lips met hers, deepening the kiss, until her lips parted, her tongue searching his mouth for his, dancing around it, swirling over his teeth until Billy thought he would go crazy. They were side by side now, Billy pulling his mouth away from hers, his lips traveling down her neck, to the hollow of her throat, pressing his hands against the small of her back, pulling her more fully against him. He slipped his fingers underneath one strap and tugged it gently off her shoulder, halfway down her arm, then did the same with the other. The nightgown gathering around her waist. He moved his hands to her arms, stroking them gently, looking deeply into her eyes. She took his hands from her arms and placed them gently on her breasts.

Billy’s eyes closed briefly and he took a deep breath. Her breasts were soft and silky as he cupped them in his hands, rubbing his thumbs slowly over her hard nipples. Mac let out a soft gasp and then the sound coming from her changed to a low moan. She ran her hands over his shoulders, looking down, the sight of his hands on her breasts exciting her. He kissed her again, more urgently this time, plunging his tongue deeply into her mouth, tilting her head back as his hands continued their exploration of her breasts. His mouth moved from her lips to her breast, replacing where his hand had been. He placed his mouth over her nipple, sucking it, licking at it gently. Her back arched, his tongue felt like velvet as he ran it around first one breast and then the other. He tugged at the nightgown, now bunched around  her waist." Take this off…please..” he murmured. She pulled back from his embrace and yanked the nightgown up and over her head, dropping it on the floor next to the bed. She lay back against the pillows, naked to his penetrating gaze. He reached for her and held her against the length of him/her leg insinuating itself up his, running her calf  against the silky leg of his pajamas.

His lips found hers again, and trailed down to her breasts. Billy felt he could do this for hours, her breasts were like nothing he had ever felt before, and the sounds she made when he placed his mouth on them was like nothing he had ever heard before. He moved his lips from her breasts to her stomach, licking small circles around her belly button, her hands buried in his hair, her knee brushing against the side of his face.

Mac felt as if she on overload, her mind full of sensation. She stretched languidly as she felt Billy’s tongue moving slowly around her stomach, stopping only to plant a kiss and stroke her smooth stomach with his hands. She threw her head back and groaned as Billy’s lips moved lower, and his tongue moved between her legs, licking the crease between her hip and thigh. He hesitated before moving lower, licking and stroking the insides of her thighs. Mac was groaning aloud now, her back arched, her breasts pointed towards the ceiling, totally lost in the sensations he stirred in her. He looked up at her, her head thrown back, her eyes half closed, glazed with desire. She opened her eyes fully and looked down at him, reaching her hand out, beckoning him to bring his face to hers.

He brought his lips to hers and her hand reached beneath the waistband of his pajamas, running her hands over his smooth buttocks, pressing his hips against hers, feeling how much he wanted her. She pushed the waistband down and over his hips. He pulled away from her slightly and she pushed them down his legs. He kicked them off and  to the floor. She lay back against the pillows and gazed at him. He thought she might have been afraid of seeing him aroused, but the look in her eyes was not fear, but passion. He once again pulled close to her and she wrapped her legs around his hips, looking into his eyes. Her voice was thick with desire. ”Please, Billy…I want- …” she grabbed his earlobe between her lips and sucked on it gently, her hot breath in his ear. He stroked the sides of her breasts, groaning softly. She moved her lips to his neck, kissing her way down to his shoulder, pushing him down against the pillows. She unwrapped her legs from his hips and kissed her way down his chest, taking one of his nipples into her mouth, flicking her tongue against it .

Mac was amazed at her own boldness, she just couldn’t stop touching him. His skin felt incredible, the hard muscles covered by silky skin. She let her hands roam down his chest, over his abdomen, feeling the ridged muscles there. When Billy groaned, she continued, placing her lips where her hands had just been, kissing him, flicking her tongue in and out, tasting him. His skin tasted salty, warm and delicious under her tongue. Her hair trailed across his chest as she moved her lips over his body. He was the most beautiful thing she had even seen, the most delicious thing she had ever tasted, and she never wanted to stop touching him. She felt his hands in her hair, his voice hoarse as he groaned her name. He pulled her head back up to his face, kissing her deeply, his tongue once again plunging out to meet hers, his lips surrounding it, sucking it, tasting her sweetness. He ran his tongue along her jawline, moving to her ear..swirling it around the rim of it, his breath coming in short, hot gasps.

Mac could do no more than throw her head back, pressing her hard nipples into his chest, rubbing her body against his, loving the feel of the slightly rough hair on his chest against her, moaning his name. She was losing all control now, every pore in her body screaming for him. He whispered into her ear “ I love you, Mac…more than I will ever love anyone.” .She kissed the side of his face, whispering in his ear “I will never love anyone but you, Billy..” He pushed her gently down against the pillows, his face above hers, his eyes shining with love. Her legs wrapped around his back, locking him in her embrace, her hands moving over his back. He kissed her as he entered her, gently at first, and at first she gasped, surprised by the pain. He kissed her and the pain quickly became pleasure as he entered her fully. She moaned loudly as her hips thrust up to meet his, and Billy covered her open mouth with his, capturing her groans. Their bodies moved together, now slick with sweat, the feeling inside both of them coiling tighter and tighter.

Billy looked down at her, wanting to remember the look on her face, one of wild abandon, head thrust back into the pillows, mouth open, eyes half closed. He wanted this picture burned into his memory forever. He held back as her back arched again, her moans becoming louder and louder, his name on her lips again and again, until the coiling spring inside her exploded and she rose up to meet him ,her lips seeking his, wanting  him to share what she was feeling, opening her mouth, thrusting her tongue out to meet his. The incredible sensations assaulting his senses sent Billy over the edge and he groaned as she had, her name on his lips again and again, spilling himself inside of her. He collapsed on her, panting heavily. Her breathing had now become more regular, her mind still reeling, her body on fire. She clutched him to her, their bodies still joined, kissing his shoulder and the curve of his neck, stroking his back until his breathing became slower and more even.

He moved to his side and tried to slip out of her, but she locked her legs around him tighter.

“Please,Billy…stay here. please..” She wrapped her hands around his neck and he kissed her, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around her. They both fell into an exhausted sleep, hearts and bodies joined together.

Chapter 51

Billy cracked one eye open. Still dark. He had fallen asleep again, after he and Mac had made love for the third time. He looked down at her, asleep in his arms and pulled her tighter to him. A small worry insinuated itself in the back of his mind. The first time they had made love that night, they had forgotten to use the condoms he had brought. The passion that had overcome them was too intense, and any outside thoughts had been completely erased from his consciousness. The second and third time, reality had set it, long enough for him to remember the condoms. He pushed the thought away, what were the chances? They had been careful the other two times, more than likely everything would be fine. He relived the sight of her in his mind, head thrown back with passion, her voice low, groaning his name.

He was still in shock about how incredibly sensual she had been. He had expected her to be hesitant and shy, but her openness and freedom had been a pleasant surprise. The way she touched him, how she responded, were a new source of wonder for him, the love he felt for her was all encompassing. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She stirred against him, moving her legs against his. He felt her hands move across his chest, stroking his skin slowly. He groaned. ”Honey, please….” he whispered. She chuckled softly. “I’m sorry. poor baby, you must be exhausted.” She sat up, the outline of her naked body in the darkness affecting him immediately. She moved away from him, over to the far opposite side of the bed.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Billy whispered fiercely." Get back over here,..NOW!” his voice rising at the end. “ I’m sorry, Billy…but if I come over there I can’t guarantee that either of us will sleep at all tonight…”. He grabbed her arm and yanked her on top of him, bringing her face close to his, the feel of her body against his waking him up completely." You are not sleeping in the next state..not tonight anyway”. She rubbed her body up and down against his, enjoying teasing him and the reaction that she was getting. “ I thought you were tired..” she said, leaning in to take his lower lip between hers, nipping and biting at it. Mac couldn’t help herself, she just couldn’t keep her hands or her lips off him.

He responded by kissing her, rolling her over to pin her underneath him, holding her arms above her head with his hands .She surrender completely as his lips moved over her body, the feeling like a spring inside her coiling again, awaiting its release.

Mac opened her eyes. Early sunshine was just beginning to creep through the window. She had rolled over onto her side, and Billy was spooned up behind her. She sighed and reached her hand up behind her to touch his face. Poor baby, she thought. She must have really worn him out last night. She had surprised herself last night. She knew she loved Billy, but she had expected to be nervous and shy. She felt her face burn. Shy was the last thing she had been last night. They had explored every inch of each other, until now she was as familiar with his body as she was with her own. The way the muscles in his abdomen rippled under his skin…the taut, silky smooth curve of his buttocks, the long sinewy muscles in his arms, the way his skin tasted. She remembered the way he responded when she touched him, how she went by instinct, waiting to see his response to her actions. She knew that the first time they made love he had been holding back, nervous about hurting her or bringing up old memories. The ensuing times had been different. He was as free and open with her as she was with him, and she knew that they now were truly one, body and soul. Her eyes closed slowly, falling back into a dreamy sleep.

The next time she awoke, it was to Billy’s lips on hers. She opened her eyes to find him standing over her, wearing a black silk robe that matched the pajamas he had worn, however briefly, last night. A breakfast tray sat on the bed next to her and she stroked the side of his face, sitting up in bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, still kissing her." Good morning” he said when they finally broke apart. She continued to stroke his cheek..”Good morning” she smiled.

He gazed at her, sitting up in bed, naked, the sheet around her waist." Do you always look this beautiful in the morning?”. She looked down at herself and blushed, pulling the sheet up under her arms. “You don’t have to do that for me, you know. I mean it’s not like you have anything that  I haven’t seen…or touched …or-“ “Billy!” she laughed, embarrassed. “ All right, cover up if you insist…But you’re still beautiful…Do you have any idea how much I love you? I mean right now, at this very moment?” he looked into her eyes.

“Probably as much as I love you. especially since you seem to have brought food with you” she teased, getting him back for making her blush. He stuck his lower lip out and pouted.

“Sure,last night it was my body…now it’s because I bring food. I hate being a sex object.”

He stood up and crossed his arms, his eyes dancing merrily. She decided to play along. She dropped the sheet and jumped out of bed, stark naked. She wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbing her body up and down against the silky feel of his robe. He groaned and his arms went around her...his hands running over the smooth curves of her buttocks, cupping them with his hands." No fair playing naked…” he groaned softly. She pulled away from him." I can’t help it, you're a sex object, remember?” She looked around on the floor for her robe and when she couldn’t find it, took the shirt he had flung over the dressing table chair last night and put it on. It fell to the top of her thighs and she buttoned it up." Can we eat now?” she asked him when all the buttons but the top ones were done.

He swallowed deeply and nodded. The effect of seeing her in his shirt was unexpected. It stirred his emotions and briefly brought tears to his eyes. He blinked them away and spoke," Get back in bed…I promised Jeannie I would serve you breakfast in bed this morning.” She clasped her hands and did a little hop." I love this!” she exclaimed as she climbed back into bed. She grabbed the tray, put it over her legs and patted the spot next to her “Get in” and he quickly joined her. “If you’re good, maybe I’ll share with you” she said.

He sat back against the pillows, smiling watching her." Good?” he asked and she nodded, her mouth full. She broke off a piece of the muffin she was eating and held it before his mouth. He opened it and she popped it in. He chewed it slowly, still watching her intently.

She felt his eyes on her, and she turned to him." What? do I have something on my face?”

He shook his head and smiled. ”No, it’s just that I’ve just realized something…we can have breakfast together every day now…” He leaned over and kissed her quickly. “ I gonna need to keep up my strength, you wore me out last night.” Mac’s bright smile faded and she dropped the muffin." What's wrong?” he asked her, alarmed. “ I’m sorry if I got carried away last night. I didn’t mean to-“ He laughed." You're apologizing? For what? Mac, you knocked me out last night..” he looked at her/his face serious now. “I mean it. you were so passionate., hot!” she blushed. “Don’t ever apologize for that,you were incredible..the way you felt,how you moved,everything…” his words drifted off dreamily.

His voice lowered.”You drove me absolutely crazy last night,taking me places I’ve never even dreamed of going…don’t ever stop that,ok?”. She blushed again and nodded. He leaned in,close to her, stroking her shoulder with the backs of his fingers ,”I knew I loved you before last night, but now I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my hands off you for very long..” he leaned in to kiss her neck, and Mac knew that the rest of breakfast would have to wait.

Chapter 52

“You let them go where?” Jill was screaming into the phone now. John pulled the receiver away from his ear. When the screaming died down, he answered, “You heard me Jill, they went to Chicago. Those people, the Jacksons have helped Billy tremendously…I didn’t think that you would mind.” Jill let out a huge breath. “John,you don’t understand this at all, do you?

That girl, she will destroy our son’s life..” She threw the file she held in her hand down.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic?” John asked. “ How could she do that? She seems to be a very sweet, sensible young woman. In fact, I think she’s been a  good influence on Billy. He's stopped drinking, he’s more responsible..besides, he told me he’s in love with her..” he paused, “ so I really don’t think there’s anything you can do to keep them apart.”

That’s what you think, John, Jill thought to herself. “ I’ll do whatever it takes, John..he’s my son..and I will not let that little piece of garbage take him away from me.” She slammed the phone down. “She’ll be sorry she ever came to this town once I get through with her.” She picked up the phone again. “Hello,information,in St. Louis, the number of an Amanda Browning please..” She would find out something, she had to.

Mac smiled into the telephone. Billy was behind her, playing with the ends of her hair, tickling her ear with it. She put her hand over the receiver and whispered “Cut that out…”,but he ignored her and continued. She resumed her conversation. ”Yes, Dad the band was awesome, uh huh. Yes, Rebecca told us that she called you..Is everything ok? I mean, you're not mad or anything? Oh, great..Um, about Jill?” Billy stopped his teasing momentarily to listen.” Uh uh..well I guess that’s about as much as I could have hoped for..yes, Billy’s right here, hold on” she handed him the phone. He looked at her questioningly and she shrugged her shoulders. “Hi Mr. Reynolds…Yes, the band was great, thank you so much for letting Mac  go..” He listened as Mac pulled on his sleeve." What?” she asked. He held his finger to his lips to quiet her.” Uh huh, yes, yes I understand…yes..we’ll be home later tonight..ok, Mr. Reynolds, we’ll see you then..yes, I’ll drive safely..see you later.” He handed the phone back to Mac. “Dad? Yes, I just wanted to say thank you again for letting me take this trip..I’ll see you soon.” She hung up the phone.

“He sounded ok, didn’t he?” Billy asked her. “Yes he did, I sort of knew he would’s your mother I’m worried about..what did he say to you?”. she asked him, not really sure if she wanted to hear the answer. She had been dreading even thinking about Jill. Billy took her hands. “You know that whatever she says or does can’t change how we feel about other, don’t you?” she nodded. “Good. Apparently she didn’t take the news of our little trip together well, she went off somewhere blasting off about how everybody involved was going to pay for this..” She sighed.” I knew it, Billy… I knew she would have a fit about this…If she reacts this way to our taking a trip together, what’s she gonna say about us being married?”. He hugged her. “Don’t worry.. he whispered into her hair.” Everything’s gonna be fine.”

She pulled away from him. “ I don’t know, Billy…you know how she is..she could take everything away from us. I don’t expect anybody to be as happy about this as we are, and they’ll probably try to talk us out of this, but they’ll be reasonable about it..I just get the feeling that your mom won’t stop until she breaks us up forever..” She turned away from him, not wanting him to see the tears rolling down her face. He followed her and turned her around to face him. “ Please don’t cry, honey..please?” he took her in his arms. She spoke again after awhile, her voice cracking. “ I want to tell you something.” “Go ahead” he said, not liking the tone he heard in her voice. She pulled away from him, wiping the tears off her face with the back of her hand. “ I think that we should wait awhile until we tell everyone..about us, I mean. When we get back, we can still see each other, but I think we should wait until you’re 18 to tell everyone. By then, things will have settled down.” She waited for his response.

“Are you crazy?” he walked over to her and placed his hands on her arms.” I can’t wait to tell everyone we’re married…I want everyone to know, as soon as possible. And what about the apartment? We were gonna live there, remember? What about that?” “You could still keep the apartment, Billy…but I think it will be better if you continue to live at home, just until you turn eighteen. Don’t you see? Then nobody will be able to tell you what to do..we can tell everyone then..” Billy considered her words a moment before speaking. “ Are you sorry we did this?” he asked her. “ You know I’m not. I'm happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life..that’s why we can’t tell everyone, at least not now. We can’t risk anyone having a chance to take this away from us.” He moved closed to her. “How can we do this? Not being able to touch each other, wake up together? I wouldn’t be able to stand it..”

“That’s why I think you should keep the apartment, we can see each other there…whenever we get a chance. It’s right near Crimson Lights, we could meet there all the’s for the best, Billy.” He sighed. He knew she was probably right, but he hadn’t thought that their time together would be so brief. He forced a smile “ You’re probably right…but the minute, the second I turn eighteen..” He grabbed her and smiled. “ But until then?” she asked. “ Until then, we tell no one.” He kissed her. “ I get the feeling that apartment is gonna be a pretty busy place until then. Are you ready to go?” She nodded. He picked up the suitcases and headed out the door. She hesitated a minute and then walked to the door looking around wistfully, trying to burn the memories they made last night and this morning into her mind.

“Did I thank you enough for bringing me here?” she asked. “ In the best way possible…last night and this morning…by the way, did I thank you enough for marrying me?” he smiled.

She returned it and answered “ in every way possible…” smiling as she closed the door behind her.

Chapter 53  

The drive home seemed to pass by too quickly. It seemed as if they had just gotten into the car when they pulled up in front of the Chancellor house. Billy shut the car off and turned to Mac. “Ready?” he asked. She nodded and turned to open the door when the glint of the ring on her finger caught her eye. She turned to him, slipping the ring off her finger. He looked at her, and did the same. She handed him the ring, placing it in his palm. “Will you hold this for me? Keep it someplace safe?” He clenched his fist around it. “ Of course I  will, until I can put it on your finger again, remember that,ok?” She nodded again and got out of the car. Billy put his ring with hers and slipped them into his coat pocket. He got out of the car, took Mac’s  hand and they walked up to the front door and inside the house.

“Dad? Grandma?” they walked into the living room to find Kay seated on the couch, reading the newspaper. She turned at the sound of their voices.” There you are. we were beginning to worry..” She got up to hug her granddaughter. She looked at the two young people, and saw the happiness in their faces. “Well, I guess I don’t have to ask if you had a good time. I can see it in your faces..” Mac smiled at her grandmother. “ It was great, grandma the band was awesome and the Jacksons have been just great to us. Thanks again for letting me go.”. The woman smiled at the young girl, who seemed to have transformed since the last time she saw her. She radiated happiness. “You’re welcome, dear. Thank you, Billy for bringing her back, safe and sound.” He smiled. “ I promised you, didn't I? I just hope my mom is as cool about this whole thing as you’ve been. I guess I better go find out…walk me to the door?”. He extended his hand and Mac took it, walking him to the front door. Kay turned her back to allow them a little privacy. She opened the door and he walked outside, turning to her before once more “ I’ll call you later, let you know how everything worked out. Are you working tomorrow?” she nodded. “ Great, I’ll see you about 7 then,ok? Maybe we can check out the apartment?” “ I’d love that” she said. He leaned in and kissed her briefly “Bye…and oh yeah..” his voice lowered to a whisper “ I love you, Mrs. Abbott” .He walked backwards towards the car, and turned and got in, waving  as he pulled away.

Mac shut the door and entered the living room once more. “ Is Dad around?” she asked her grandmother. Kay shook her head. “No, he’s gone to the shelter. So, tell me all about your trip, was it everything you expected?” Mac looked at her grandmother. Could she tell, just by looking at her? “What do you mean ‘everything I expected’ ? If you mean did I have a good time, yes I did, in fact I can’t remember ever having a better time.” Kay smiled, “That’s what I meant. I can see that things between you and Billy are going well ,  and that the two of you are happy. I’m glad.” She took her granddaughter’s hands in hers. “ I think Billy is a fine young man, I’ve always thought that. It seems to me his biggest problem is his mother.” She looked her granddaughter in the eyes. “Don’t let her spoil this for you two. If I find out she’s done anything to hurt you…” Mac grabbed her grandmother and hugged her. “Thank you” she whispered. “ It took so long for us to admit how we felt about one another, she can’t ruin it for us now.” “ You understand Mackenzie, that she will try? Jill isn’t the type to give up without a me, I’ve seen her in action more times than I care to remember. I just want you to know that I’m on your side, yours and Billy’s.” Mac pulled away from her grandmother. “ I know that now, thank you. We love each other Grandma, that’s the most important thing. Jill has to know that”. “If she doesn’t realize that, well then, we’ll just have to convince her, won’t we?”

Mac smiled again at her grandmother and nodded. “ I’m glad you’re on our side, I’d hate to have to tangle with you, too!” Kay threw her head back and laughed. “ I’ll have Esther make us some tea, I want to hear all about this young man of yours..”

Billy walked into the living room of the Abbott house. “Dad? Ash? Anybody?” John Abbott walked into the room. “Well,home at last… Katherine was beginning to worry, she called this morning. “ Billy handed his father the car keys. “Thanks for letting me go, Dad.” John took the keys and asked “How was it? Did you two have a good time?” Billy nodded and smiled, his hand in his coat pocket, fingering the two rings he had placed their earlier.” It was awesome, time I’ve ever had..” John smiled. “Good to hear it son..You really are smitten with Mackenzie, aren’t you? I’ve never seen you like this before..” “It’s a little bigger than that, Dad.. I’m in love with her..I have been for a long time. Can we sit down?”

John nodded, happy that Billy seemed to want to talk to him about this. “ I want to apologize to you for all the stuff I’ve pulled since I’ve been back. Especially the drinking… At the time, I thought it would help me, with Mac, you know? “ John shook his head. “How did you think drinking would help anything, Billy?” Billy looked down at his hands, rubbing them together.

“ I realized not too long ago that the reason I drank was to try and forget about her. I knew that I liked her, but she didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with me. I tried to forget about her, I went out with Brittany, I stayed away from her and Raul..” he paused, lifting his eyes to look at his father. “ It didn’t work. The only thing that seemed to work was getting wasted and passing out. But when I woke up, the feelings were still there.”

“ That night, when I passed out behind Crimson Lights and she helped me…I realized that those feelings were never going away..not ever. In fact,the more time I spent around her, the stronger they got. I realized that no amount of booze could push them away. I decided that even if she didn’t feel the same way about me, there was no point in getting wasted anymore. I never did get used to the taste, anyway.”  John smiled. “ So then what…does she feel the same way about you?” Billy grinned from ear to ear and nodded. “ She told me so, in Chicago.. she told me that she had always felt that way, she was just afraid to tell me so. The more I drank, the further and further she pushed herself away from me. I decided I wanted to  try to become the man that she deserved, not the one that she felt she had to push away from.” John considered everything that Billy said. The change in him since he returned from Chicago had been remarkable. He smiled at his son again and spoke. “ I’m proud of you, took courage to tell me this.” He stood up and Billy followed, the father pulling his son into a hug. He pulled away soon after and grabbed his son by the shoulders." Remind me to thank Mackenzie the next time I see her. It seems her love has helped to bring the son I remember back to me. I think, though, that you’ve done most of the hard work yourself. You realized the cause of your problem and faced it, even though you didn’t know how it would turn out. I’m proud of you, son.” He repeated. Billy laughed. “Lucky for me it all turned out ok, heh? I’d hate to go through all that just to be rejected”

They sat down again and Billy asked the question he had been dreading. “Dad, how’s Mom? I mean I know she had a fit when she heard about the trip…” John shook his head. “ You know how she is…the minute she heard about it, she stormed out of here, babbling something about making people pay. She’s all talk, Billy. She’s just angry that the girl she picked out for you isn’t the one you wanted. She’ll get over it. You two have a little reprieve, she’s out of town for a day or so. that should give you some time to prepare yourselves for when she returns.”

“Where did she go?” Billy asked. John shrugged his shoulders “ Who knows? Probably just out of town to blow off steam.”. Billy replied “ I just hope she doesn’t turn this into a war, make me choose up sides. I know she’s my mom and I love her, in spite of how she acts sometimes. but if I have to choose between her and Mac…” he looked at his father “there is no see that, don’t you?” John placed his hand on Billys’ shoulder. “Don’t anticipate trouble, just yet. Why don’t you just enjoy this time with Mackenzie? You may be worrying about nothing..although I doubt it. We’ll deal with that when it happens.”

“We?” Billy asked. John nodded. “ I’ll do anything to keep the Billy you are now here for good. Mackenzie loves you, how bad can she possibly be?”  Billy’s laughter was interrupted by the ring of the telephone. “I’ll get it” John  said. He picked up the phone “Hello?”. Jill was happy that John had answered the phone. “Hello John, it’s Jill..I’m just calling to see if Billy came home yet..” “Yes, he came in a little while ago, we’ve just been sitting here talking.” He looked at Billy, who was waving his hands to tell his father that he had no desire to speak to his mother just yet. “ Oh, good and everything is all right? I mean nothing disastrous happened with that girl?” John smiled, nothing ever changes, he thought, at least not with Jill.

“Everything’s fine. Where are you?” he asked, anxious to change the subject. “ Oh, I just decided to get away for awhile. I'm at the Golden Door, the one in Sedona. I just got tired of the cold weather and decided to treat myself. I’ll be back in a few weeks” John sighed with relief.” I think that’s a splendid idea, the rest will do you good. I'll speak to you soon, enjoy your vacation.” “Thanks, I will and give Billy my love.”

Jill hung up the phone. She had been lying of course. She was in frigid  St. Louis. She was going to find out something before she left, anything to keep that little gold digger away from her son. Her leads on Amanda had dried up, the private investigator she had hired said that it would take a little longer than he had originally expected. She had found out that Amanda had an ex- husband, Sam Browning. They were no longer together, he had left just about the time Kay must have met Mac in the shelter. She wondered if the two things were connected.

The P.I promised he might have some news for her soon. “Watch your step, Mackenzie…you pissed off the wrong person” she said aloud, smiling at her own brilliance.

Chapter 54

The next four weeks went by uneventfully, with Mac and Billy spending as much time as they could together. School had been difficult, however, especially the first day. Brittany, JT and his posse acted as expected. Laughing derisively, whispering, spreading rumors. Raul had proven to be a true friend, putting aside the hurt he had to be feeling, coming over to Billy and Mac before they approached him, saying that it was okay, and that he hoped they could still be friends. Billy and Mac knew that their friendship would probably never be the same again, but were grateful to him for being so kind.

The only thing they missed was making love. The opportunity had not presented itself since they had returned home. Mac found that some nights she was unable to sleep. She missed having him next to her. She tried to keep her mind off it, and decided to busy herself with decorating the apartment that Billy had rented. The landlord thought it strange that the young man he had rented the place to was hardly ever there, but Billy had paid him 6 months in advance up front, so he never questioned him. Mac had the spare key and the landlord was used to her coming and going.

The apartment was really beginning to take shape. It was just 4 rooms, a kitchen, living area, small bedroom and an even smaller bathroom. The previous tenant had left behind a huge ugly couch that dominated the living room, as well as a king sized mattress that sat on the floor of the bedroom. It seemed relatively clean, no stains, but she decided to have it fumigated anyway. It had been expensive, but cheaper than buying a new mattress. Most of her shopping was done at thrift stores. A lamp, some mismatched silverware from one store.

Two chairs and a small round table at the Salvation Army. Her prized acquisition, however was the bed. She had found it, way in the back of a thrift store she had never been in before, the headboard propped against one wall the frame and the foot board against the other. It was brass and had been painted an ugly green color. She had bargained with the owner, and he gave it to her for $100.00. Mac had decided to use some of the money she had saved from her tips, so that no one would be suspicious. The hardest part was getting it to the apartment. Billy had helped her, but he told her cleaning it was her job “ You’re the artiste in this family” he said and she smiled at the idea of the two of them being a family. It had taken a couple of days of non-stop stripping, sanding and polishing, stealing moments whenever she could. But now that it was done, it was beautiful. She had gotten the landlord to help her put it together and place the mattress on the frame. Covered by sheets she had confiscated from a bag destined for the shelter and a blanket from Billy, it looked as if it had always been there.

She looked around the apartment. Not bad, she thought. Still needs work, but definitely livable. She looked at her watch. Billy had promised to meet her here at 6 so he could

see her work before she started her shift at 7.She heard the key turn in the lock and ran to the door. She opened it and Billy walked in, not wasting a second before wrapping his arms around her, spinning her around in a circle, lifting her up off the floor. She threw her head back and laughed. “Put me down” she giggled. He did and kissed her as he set her on her feet, the room still spinning. She touched her face to her forehead, staggering slightly.” You ok? I’m sorry. I'm just so glad to see you..” He grabbed her again." No spinning this time, promise”.

She pulled away from him, grabbing his hand. “Come with me..” and led him to the bedroom.

He followed her and stopped in the doorway. “You did this?” she nodded excitedly. He walked over to it and sat down, testing it. He bounced up and down on it. “I’ts incredible. how did you do this?” She waved her hand “ It was nothing, just a couple of days of smelly paint remover, sandpaper that killed my hands and stinky brass polish. Not much”. He sat up and extended his arm, pulling her down on top of him. “ I can’t wait to test it out…” he ran his hands over her body. “ I’ve missed you, so much.. I can’t seem to sleep at night without you there”. “Really?” she asked, surprised. “ I thought I was the only one with that problem” she leaned her face close to his, bringing her lips close to his. “Maybe tonight we can solve both our problems” he whispered kissing her softly.

They lay like that for a while, kissing each other, at first gently, but eventually with more and more urgency. Mac broke them apart first. “We can’t do this..not now, anyway. I have to be at work in a half-hour…maybe later? I could say that I had to stay and close for Cody again, and that you decided to stay with me…that would give us a couple of hours. I only have to work until 11. We could meet back here then” Billy looked at her. A couple of hours were not what he wanted. He wanted to spend the whole night with her, and wake up again with her tomorrow. He wanted to spend every night with her. But a couple of hours together were better than nothing. “ Sounds like a plan” he smiled. “ How about I walk you over to Crimson Lights, and we meet back here after 11. I don’t think I can hang around and watch you all night, I’d never let you get any work done if I did.” They climbed off the bed and went into the living room, Mac gathered her coat and purse and they left, locking the door behind them.

Billy had left her at Crimson Lights, saying that he would see her later that evening at the apartment. Mac walked in and hung up her coat, tying an apron around her waist. She retrieved her pad from its pocket and walked over to the first table at her station. A woman was seated there, her back to the door. Mac stood over her, her pencil poised over her pad.

“What can I get you?” she asked. The woman looked up and smiled. It was Jill.

Chapter 55

Mac froze. Jill continued to smile at her, and the hairs on the back of Mac’s neck rose. “What can I get for you?” she repeated, trying not to let the fear she felt creep into her voice. “It’s more like what I can get on you, Mackenzie…” she hissed. “What does that mean?” Mac asked. “ I need to speak to you, alone…” was all Jill would say. “I’m working…in fact I just started my shift. I can’t speak to you now.” She finished, the evil grin had not disappeared from Jill’s face yet. “You will have a break sometime tonight, I presume..?” Mac nodded.

“I’ll wait, in the meantime you can get me some Irish coffee.” She hurried away from the table. What did she want? Should she call Billy? No, Mackenzie, she thought to herself. You are going to have to stand up to her sometime.

Jill was as good as her word, sitting at the table for the next two hours, until Mac was scheduled for a 15 minute break. Mac motioned for her to follow her into the dressing room, no one was using it tonight. She stood there alone for several minutes before Jill appeared, walking in and closing the door behind her. “ I thought I would give you a little time alone in here..” she said, smiling. “This is where it happened? Isn’t it? That night that you brought that poor singer in here…” “ I didn’t bring him in here, he forced me..” Mac spoke softly, wrapping her arms around herself. “Did you come here just to torture me? Or do you have something else to say?” Jill moved closer to her, sizing her up. She was terrified, and Jill smiled. “Oh, I have plenty to say to you, Mackenzie, probably nothing you’d like to hear, but you will hear it.” She paused to let her words sink in.

“ I’ve being doing some checking on you. about your “terrible” home life in St. Louis. I ran into Sam Browning while I was there-“ Jill chuckled at Mac’s gasp. “ Yes, dear old stepfather Sam. he told me about you two” she looked in Mac’s eyes, which had now flooded with tears.

“Your mother confirmed the story.. how you teased him, led him on, and finally tried to seduce him. When he wouldn’t leave your mother, you ran away…your mother found out about it, and threw him out of the house. I know the whole story Mackenzie…and I will tell my son and anyone else who will listen all about it.” “Billy won’t believe you…he knows the truth..” Mac whispered. “Oh, he’ll defend you, I’m sure..but what kind of life will that be for him? A girlfriend whose name is dirt? Having to defend you all over town? Eventually, he’ll be ashamed to be seen in public with you. Do you really want that? I’ll bring Sam Browning here and let him tell his story in person…” Mac looked at her “What do you want from me?” “ Ahh, that’s simple, stay away from my son…tell him you decided that you’ve changed your mind about him, that it would never work between you two. Just know that if you mention my name, or that we had this little talk. I will do as I promised.” Jill turned and walked out the door, leaving Mac in tears. Jill smiled as she heard her crying from inside the room. “That’s that..” she said as she pulled on her gloves. “My work here is done” and left the coffeehouse.

Mac’s mind was reeling. How did she find out about her past? Is that where she had been these past two weeks, St. Louis?. How would she get through this? Her head spun, actually it hadn’t really stopped since Billy had spun her around earlier today. She had to get back outside, her break was over. She would think about this while she worked. She left the small room and went back front, wiping the tears from her face. She looked around. Jill must have left.

The next couple of hours were a blur of faces, noise and the room continuing to spin. Mac thought of every option, running all of them over and over in her mind. She decided she would tell Billy later tonight, he already knew the truth. he would believe her.

She picked up the empty cups from the table she was cleaning and was heading back towards the bar when she heard the familiar voices behind her. She turned around and saw JT, Brittany and Brianna taking off their coats and sitting at a table. A table at her station.

She looked around, Cody was nowhere in sight. She took her pad and moved quickly over to the table, hoping to get through it as quickly as possible. “ What can I get you?” she asked them, trying to ignore their giggling.

JT leaned in and whispered “ I want some of whatever it is you’re giving Billy… it sure must be something..” He leered at her. Brianna elbowed him in his ribs. “ We’ll just have 3 hot ciders..” JT couldn’t resist. “ From what I hear, cider’s not the only thing you’ve been getting hot lately.. Jacob, then Billy… why not spread it over here, honey?” Brittany laughed out loud." God, JT are you that desperate? “ He shook his head. “ I’m anything but desperate, babe.. I just figured if it’s good enough for half the male population of this town. I'd like to get me some ..” Brittany got the last word. She looked at Mac with disgust “ Well, miss high and mighty, how does it feel? Everyone knows the truth about you now. How much longer before Billy realizes it too? What then, Mac?” she looked at Mac, who now had tears flowing down her face again, and felt a surge of power “ I’ll tell you what’s next, in case you didn’t know. Billy dumps you so fast you won’t know what hit you.” she smiled. “ I’ll wait, it shouldn’t take long.”

Mac walked back to the bar. She looked up to see Cody looking at her with sympathy in his eyes. She wiped her tears away and said “ I need three hot ciders..”. He placed his hand over hers and said “ Don’t let those idiots get to you, Mac. They may think they know you, but they don’t. They’ll find a new target in a week or so…they always do. Are you sure you can finish your shift?” She nodded. Her pride would not allow them to get the better of her. But she knew now what she had to do. She thought about Billy, and the plans they had made for later tonight. They could still have that, she thought..they could still have tonight. She just had to make it through the rest of this shift. Cody returned with the ciders.” I’ll get these..” he told her, “ why don’t you get those two that just walked in?” He took the drinks, placed them on a tray and walked over to the table.

Brittany smiled when she saw it was Cody, and not Mac who brought their order. She couldn’t resist asking sweetly “ Is everything ok Cody? Why didn’t Mac bring these?”

“ I think you know why..” he said. “Why don’t you all just cut her some slack? Hasn’t she been through enough?” he looked at their smirking faces. “ I guess not, but let me warn you all now, if you continue to abuse my help, I have you out of here, I mean it. Not just tonight, but permanently” He walked away. “ Oooh I’m scared…” JT laughed. “ Who needs this dump anyway?” “Shut up, JT..” Brittany broke in. “ I couldn’t care less about this place, but I don’t need anymore hassles from my parents..leave it alone for now. Mac’ll get hers soon enough.”

Mac struggled through the rest of her shift, avoiding any further contact with them, but feeling their eyes watching her every move. When they finally got up to leave ,Mac knew that they had stayed much longer than usual, just to watch her suffer. Her shift was now over. She went to get her coat and asked Cody if she could make a phone call. She dialed Billy’s cell phone number. He answered it after the second ring. “Hello?” She smiled at the sound of his voice." Hi, Billy it’s me, I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way” “ Are you sure you don’t want me to come get you?” “ It's only a couple of blocks… I’ll be fine.” He smiled, she was so stubborn sometimes. “ Well, hurry up then. get here. I can’t wait to see you..” She smiled sadly. “ I can’t wait to see you either. I'll be right there.” She hung up the phone.

Billy flung the cell phone down on the couch. He looked around the room. Everything was perfect, now if she would just get here. He checked his pocket. Where was it? He felt the cool metal against his fingers. There it is. He pulled them out. The rings. He had bought two chains, each identical except for the length, a ring dangling from each one. They could still wear their rings, except only they would know they were there. He heard the door open, and turned to see her, smiling at him in the doorway. “ Welcome home..” he said.

*********************************ADULT CONTENT****************************

Chapter 56

Mac looked around the apartment. The only light came from the small lamp next to the couch. That big, ugly god-awful couch. She looked at it briefly, and then around the room again, trying to memorize every detail. She looked back at Billy, smiling at her. “ It’s good to be home” she said softly. She took off her coat, and dropped it on the couch. She walked over to him, his hands were behind his back.” What have you got there?” she asked. He pulled his hand out, dangling the chains before her. He grabbed the shorter one in hand and placed it around her neck. “ I think this belongs to you” he said. She looked down at it, fingering the chain lightly. “ It’s good to have it back again, thank you..” She reached up and kissed him.

She  took the other chain out of his hands and placed it around his neck. “Thank you…” he said. He pulled her closer and kissed her. “Come with me” he said, taking her hand.

He led her into the bedroom. It was lit by several candles, placed on one of the chairs he had brought in from the front room. She stood, admiring his work. He came up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her. “ You like?” he whispered. She could only nod. “Did you call your folks?” he asked. She again nodded. “Well then,” he began. “ I guess everything’s taken care of…” She turned around in his arms, touching his cheek. “This is beautiful…thank you” she said, and kissed him softly, still stroking his cheek. “ Is something wrong? “ he asked. She seemed distant and a little sad She shook her head. Snap out of it Mac, she thought, there’s plenty of time for that later, no sadness tonight. She forced a beaming smile. “ I was just thinking how lucky I am, to have you in my life . You keep on surprising me, saving me, a little bit everyday..don’t you ever get tired of me and my endless problems?” She was scaring him now..”What are you talking about? No problems from now on, remember? I love you… I’d do anything for know that, don’t you?” She nodded. “ I’m sorry, I just don’t want to lose you, that’s all.” He hugged her tightly to him. “ Never, I told you that… just try and get rid of me..”.She pulled away from him and took his hand, leading him to the bed, lying down and beckoning him, arms outstretched as before, to join her. He lay down next to her and gathered her into his arms.

It began easily, slowly at first. Just kissing, as if they had all the time in the world. It soon became more. Mac was very much the aggressor, pulling Billy on top of her, running her hands up and down his body, almost frantically, as if she could not get him close enough to her. Billy was incredibly turned on, it felt like years since they had been together. He pulled away from her momentarily." Mac,” he whispered as she began tugging on his shirt,” honey, wait a second. I gotta go check the door, make sure it’s locked…” he looked down at her." I don’t want any interruptions, do you?” She shook her head.” I’ll be right back”. He kissed her and leapt off the bed and into the front room. By the time he came back to the bedroom, Mac’s clothes were strewn over the floor..she was waiting for him in bed, naked, propped up on her elbows. “ I thought you’d never get back..” she whispered. Billy shed his clothing quickly, throwing in on the floor next to hers, and joined her.

He drew her close to him, kissing her deeply, probing the insides of her mouth with his tongue, his hands running over her smooth skin. “I’ve missed you, so much..missed this” he gasped softly when they came up for air. She pressed her hips against his, feeling his desire for her." Don't stop…please, I-“ his mouth covered hers again, her words becoming a soft moan. She ran her hands up and down his back, over the curve of his buttocks. He became bolder with her actions and moved his lips from her mouth to her neck, sucking at her pulse, licking the satiny flesh there, nipping at the curve of her shoulder, lifting her arm to suck and kiss the sensitive skin on the underside of her upper arm, causing her to shiver. His lips moved to her breasts, and he cupped one with his hand, bringing its crest to his lips, drawing it into his open mouth, sucking on it. She groaned loudly. Billy had never heard her like this before. He moved his mouth to the other breast, and down to her stomach, stroking it gently with his hands, moving down to her silky thighs, stroking slowly. He returned his lips to her beautiful breasts, watching them heave up and down, her breaths coming in short gasps now, suckling one, then the other. “Ohhhh Billy…I-“ She grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled his lips up to hers, her tongue like hot butter in his mouth. She pinned him down against the pillows, running her hands up and down his chest, began kissing him, slowly, beginning at the pulse in his neck down  his chest, taking first one nipple in her mouth and then the other, pressing herself against him, rubbing her breasts against his skin, up and down, until Billy thought he would explode. His hands cupped her buttocks, running up and down their smooth curves, pressing her against his erection…” I want you inside me. now..” she murmured, in a voice so low and sensual that Billy opened his eyes. She was looking back at him/her eyes hooded, burning with desire. Her face hovered over his, her lips inches from his. He opened his mouth, grabbing her bottom lip between his teeth, tugging it gently, rolling her over onto her back, his lips never leaving hers.

He slipped inside her, slowly at first, then deeply, Mac welcoming him, wrapping her legs around the middle of his back, deepening their joining.” I love you Billy” she moaned, her head thrust back against the pillows, her hands moving wildly over his body. He pushed more deeply inside her, until her moans were nearly screams, her body responding wildly. She thrust her fingers into his mouth, drawing them in and out, Billy sucking them greedily. She was close now, thrusting her hips against his, the only sounds the slap of skin against skin and the moans coming from both of them breaking the silence. The familiar spring uncoiled inside her, the  fireworks exploding inside her head. When she came back to earth, she opened her eyes, Billy’s eyes were still closed, head thrown back, the muscles in his neck bunched. She brought her lips to those muscles, sucking them, licking them, whispering in his ear..” I love you …do you know how much?” she licked the inside of his ear, taking the whole of it into her mouth. The added sensation sent Billy over the edge and he moaned her name, the uncoiling beginning. He collapsed onto her soon after, still inside her. She continued to hold him, kissing his chest, resting her cheek against it, stroking him until his breathing came back to normal.

He whispered in her ear “ that was incredible…you were incredible” Mac smiled in the darkness, the tears forming. He slipped out of her and turned onto his side, next to her. He grabbed her hand. “I will never, ever forget are amazing” His eyes were becoming droopy now, his voice drowsy. “Give me about a half hour and I’ll really show you something..” he fell asleep, smiling. She kissed the back of their joined hands and fell asleep.

She awoke to feel the cool night air on her legs. Billy had pulled back the covers. Something was tickling her feet. She giggled and opened her eyes. Billy was at the far end of the bed, one of her feet in his hands. He picked it up, stroking it. “Even your feet are beautiful..” he murmured, kissing the arch, running his hand up and down her smooth calf. She rose up on both elbows to watch him. He put her foot back down on the bed, kissing his way up her body, worshipping her with his lips and tongue. Mac gripped the sheets with her hands, he was making her crazy, moving slowly up her body. His hands were now on her stomach, stroking small circles on her skin, dipping his head to kiss her, still moving slowly. “Billy…please..” “Shhhhhh” he whispered. “Just let me love you like this, please.” He lowered his mouth to hers, and she opened hers wide, eager to feel his tongue dance with hers. He continued to stroke her body with his hands, exploring every inch of her until she felt she would dissolve.

He turned her over to her stomach, continuing his exploration, stopping only to bite gently on the curve of her buttocks, nipping at it with his teeth." Now you’re branded” he whispered. He knelt over her, one leg on either side of hers. He pulled her up to him, so that he was behind her, his hands stroking her, moving to her breasts, cupping them with his hands, stroking her nipples, dipping his head to kiss the curve of her neck, letting his mouth linger there to feel her wildly racing pulse beneath his mouth, moving his hands slowly over what felt like every inch of her body. Mac could stand no more." Please..” she whispered." please…”

She turned her head to kiss him, turning her body fully against his. This had been the most erotic night of their lives, but Billy wanted to go slowly this time, love her fully and completely. This was about her this time, not him. "“Whatever you want, baby. tell me what you want..” he whispered ,wanting to hear her say it again.” I want you inside me, all of you…” She pulled him down to the bed on top of her and he entered her again, slowly this time, still worshipping her with his hands, still whispering her name against her ear. Their climax was slower this time, but deeper and together..still clinging to each other as if for dear life at the end.

Mac waited until Billy was deeply asleep before quietly getting out of bed. She tiptoed into the bathroom, picking up her clothes. She washed and dressed quickly, trying to make as little noise as possible. She gathered her coat and purse and knelt down next to the bed. “Just remember this night Billy, no matter what happens, remember this night and how much I love you.” her voice was barely a whisper. She tiptoed out of the bedroom, unlocked the front door, locking it softly behind her. By the time he woke up, she would be long gone, from him, from everyone she had hurt in this town . It was the only way out, Jill had made that very clear. She clutched the ring still hanging from the chain around her neck. “ I love you, Billy. I always will…” she said and walked off down the darkened hallway.



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