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The Young and The Restless Fan Fiction Pages

Enjoy our Y&R Fanfic


Mac & Billy FanFiction "The Crush" By Donna

Proofread by Kamarie

Chapter 11

Mac closed the door to her room behind her. She went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face before she had to leave for work. She was so humiliated. She never meant to blurt out what she had overhead Brittany and Billy talk about that night. She just couldn't help it. Billy made her so angry sometimes. What if he told Raul? Oh God, Raul would never speak to Billy again.  She really didn't want to be the cause of a long friendship ending. Mac hoped that Billy wouldn't be at Crimson Lights tonight. She didn't know how she was going to face him or those friends of his. She shut the light in the bathroom and put her hat back on. She walked down the stairs and saw her Grandmother sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. "Hi Grandma," she said as she walked into the living room. Kay turned from the newspaper, "Hello, sweetheart. I heard about your escapade last night with Billy Abbott.  Everything okay?" Kay suspected that her granddaughter had feelings for the Abbott boy, but wasn't ready to talk about them yet. "Sure, everything's fine. I was just heading out to work, but I wanted to stop and say hello and then goodbye to you first." Kay smiled, "Thank you. Do you need a ride, do you want me to have the car brought around?" Mac returned her smile and said, "No, thanks. The bus is fine. I just wanted to let you know that I may be late again tonight. Not as late as last night, of course, but Cody is still a little short handed."  "That's fine dear. Are you sure you're not working too much? I mean this is just supposed to be a part-time job. " Mac shook her head "I'm fine, really, I like this job.  It keeps me busy and I like having money of my own." Kay replied, "Of course, dear. Just checking. Well, have a good night then and I'll see you later." Mac smiled and waved her hand as she walked out the door.

Kay sat on the couch and pondered her granddaughter.  So silent and serious. She let out a sigh. She wished that she could peel back some of those layers she hid beneath and find out why she always seemed so wistful and sad.

The slam of the front door announced Jill's arrival. She walked into the living room removing her coat and gloves. "Hello, Katherine, I didn't expect to see you Here. Shouldn't you be at that godforsaken shelter or something?" Kay put down the newspaper and stood up." Good afternoon to you too, always so pleasant, aren't you, Jill?" Jill smirked, "Actually, I'm glad you're here, I need to ask you a favor. " Kay smirked. This should be good. Jill ignored the smirk and continued, "I've asked Billy to come here tomorrow afternoon for dinner and I'm planning a little surprise for him.  Since your wonderful granddaughter ruined the last dinner we had planned, I hoped that you could find a way to make sure that she was out of the house tomorrow aftern-" "Forget it, Jill!" Kay's voice was sharp. "This house is still mine.  Well, at least half of it is anyway and Mackenzie is my granddaughter and I will not have you force her out of this house. If you want your son here, fine, but you do not own my granddaughter or me. Deal with it." Kay walked out of the room.

Jill walked over to the table holding the liquor and poured herself a drink. Strike one. Well, she would just have to think of something else to get rid of little Cinderella tomorrow, that's all.

Billy walked in the front door of the Abbott house, taking off his coat as he walked. John Abbott was sitting on the couch looking through some Jabot files. He looked up at his son and smiled, "Recovered from last night yet Billy?" Billy froze, "Whaddya mean, Dad? You know what happene__." John chuckled. "I'm sorry son, I didn't mean recovered, exactly, I just meant that you were still asleep this morning when I left. I figured you were exhausted. Sometimes being a hero will do that to you," he smiled. Billy forced a smile and a laugh. Yeah, he was some hero, all right. "That's why I was a little surprised to find you gone when I got home, is everything okay? No problems with Mackenzie.  You know, she really sounds like a very sweet girl. Maybe you could invite her here next time your friends come over." Billy looked down at his shoes. "No problems, Dad. I remembered that I left my gloves in the cab last night and I went to the cab company to see if the driver turned them in." He held them up, "Got 'em". John stood up and patted his son on the shoulder. "Good," he said, "Oh, your mother called this morning while you were gone." Billy sighed. "Now son, don't let me give you that lecture again about treating your mother with more respect. Believe me, I know how she can be, but she just wanted to confirm that you were still coming to dinner at her house tomorrow." "Dad, " Billy answered, "she called me this morning to ask me. I told her I would. Did she think I forgot already? " Billy wondered what the hell his mother could be up to now. "I'm sure that she's just anxious for everything to go well, son. Try to have a little patience with her son. Oh, and before I forget, Brittany Hodges called a couple of times. She sounded very anxious to speak to you," John grinned and slapped his son the back. The old Abbott charm, he thought, still works with the women. Billy read his father's thoughts and wished he could just be the player that his father seemed to think he was. He wanted to pretend to the world that he was. He smiled, "Thanks, Dad. I'll go up and call her right now."

He turned and went up the stairs and into his room, closing the door behind him. He threw his coat on the bed and took his cell phone out of his pocket. He dialed Brittany's number. "Hello?" The phone had barely rung She must have been hovering over it, waiting for it to ring. "Hi, Britt, it's Billy."  "Billy, where the heck have you Been? I was waiting for you to call me last night. We went to Kelly's and got sooo wasted last night. JT was such a riot! I tried to call you, but nobody seemed to be home." Billy paused, 'here goes,' "for some reason, I felt like going to Crimson Lights last night. I thought that maybe you guys would be there. You would not believe what happened." He launched into his story, embellishing here and there for effect. When he got to the end "and I was so exhausted when I got home, I just about collapsed. Britt? You still there?"

Silence. "Yeah, Billy I'm still here. That was some story, huh? How boring must that have been.  Sitting there waiting for the lights to go on, with Mac, of all people?"

Brittany tried to make her words sound confident. She still wasn't sure about where she stood with Billy. She wasn't so sure he still didn't have some kind of weird thing for Mac. Billy smirked, "Yeah, not exactly my idea of a fun night, but ya know what else could I do? I mean I couldn't just leave her there alone, could I? Besides, Raul would kill me if I did." Brittany laughed. That was better. "Never mind, I just wanted to see what you were doing tonight. I thought maybe Crimson Lights, but you probably never wanna see that place again after last night. JT said some new band was playing there tonight and that he and Brianna were gonna check 'em out. Wanna go?" Billy paused and thought a second. Mac had said that she was working tonight. He wondered if Raul would be there. Maybe if he was it would ease some of the tension he knew would be there the next time he saw Mac. She couldn't take his head off in a public place, especially if Raul were there.  If it went well, it would certainly help make tomorrow's dinner easier. "Billy? You still there?" "Uh, yeah, Britt, sure I'm here. Crimson Lights sounds great. Pick you up about 8 okay?" "Oh, you think your Dad will let you use the car?" Brittany sounded surprised. "I'm sure he will Britt, don't forget I am a HUGE hero now. Anything I want, ya know!" Brittany giggled. "My hero! It will be an honor to be escorted by you! See ya later!" Brittany hung up the phone. What the heck was she gonna wear? She ran to her closet.

Billy shut off the phone and tossed it onto the bed. He went downstairs to ask his Dad about the car. "Only if you promise not to be as late as you were last night. I mean I am very proud of what you did last night son, but at least next time give me a call. What happened? Did you forget your cell phone last night? Is that why Mackenzie had to call?" Billy hadn't thought about his cell phone." Yeah Dad, I changed my jacket when we sent skiing the other day and I left it in my pocket. I promise that if anything happens, I will call you myself. Hopefully, no more power failures tonight. "He smiled hopefully. "Okay, son," John said. "I really am glad to see that you seem to be becoming a little more responsible. I hope it continues. Ready for dinner?" "Sure, Dad.  I'll be right in I just wanna wash up a little." John left for the dining room. Billy let out a whoosh of breath and ran his fingers through his hair. He went upstairs to wash up for dinner, already practicing in his head what he might say to Mac tonight.

Chapter 12

Mac gathered the cups from the table and stacked them on the tray. This place was packed tonight. She thought some new band from Chicago was playing and apparently the buzz on them was pretty good. She looked at the band setup. Not much, drums and two guitars, one acoustic, one electric sitting on stools. They hadn't shown up yet, but the show wasn't scheduled to start until 9. Mac brought the tray over to the bar and wearily set it down. The events of last night and this morning had finally caught up with her. She was exhausted. If Cody asked her to stay late tonight, she was definitely gonna need a break, and soon. The phone on top of the bar rang, "Crimson Lights," she answered. "Mac? Hi, it's Raul." Mac smiled, Raul was being Raul, dependable as ever. "Raul, how are you? Are things better there?" she asked. "Oh, yeah, things seem to be blowing over, ya know? I'm really sorry about my mom; she just worries about me a little too much. I told her that I was just gonna hang out at home tonight and she seemed to be okay. Guess that idea we had was a good one, huh?" "Yeah, I guess it was, it's only one night and I'm sure things will be fine by Monday," she answered. "I'm sure they will," Raul answered. "But I just wanted to call and let you know that I'll miss you." Mac smiled, "I'll miss you too, Raul. Listen, I have really got to go, thanks for calling, but it's really busy here tonight. I'll see you Monday, okay?" "Sure Mac, see you Monday." She put down the phone. She really would miss Raul, especially if Billy and the rest of the crew showed up tonight. She was dreading seeing him again, wondering how she could face him after what happened in the stables this morning. She hadn't ever wanted him to find out that she heard what he said about her. She never wanted anybody's pity, especially not his. She knew Billy would probably be with Brittany, showing off how cool he was for her and as for JT, she just hoped he wouldn't tell any of them what had happened.

"Mac?" Cody's voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked at him. He was standing with three guys she had never seen before. They were all casually dressed; two had dark hair, average height, attractive in a sort of ordinary way. The guy in the middle was oddly handsome. He was tall, thin and had blue eyes, and very chiseled cheekbones. Wild blonde hair sticking up every which way was meant to look casual, but with enough gel in it to know that it was deliberate. His face had a smug, arrogant look."Mac, the band is here. Can you show them where to put their stuff? Oh, by the way, Mackenzie Reynolds, these guys are 'The Juice,'" he gestured to the dark haired guy on the left. "This is Joe," he pointed to the guy on the other end, "this is Max, and this," he pointed to the guy in the middle, "is Jacob". She smiled at Max and Joe when they both said, "Nice to meet you." Jacob just asked curtly, " Can we get this show on the road already? I wanna get this over with and get the hell outta this hick town." Joe laughed. "Can you tell, Mackenzie? Jacob is the lead singer. Don't mind him. A huge, frightening ego is part of the job requirement. Ignore him. We do." He smiled at her. Mac returned the smile weakly. Jacob was looking at her with a strange intensity. She led them into the back room where there was a small area that they could leave their stuff.

Brittany walked into Crimson Lights, followed by Billy, JT and Brianna. She looked around. Thank goodness, Mac was no where in sight. She looked behind her at Billy, whose eyes were scanning the room. She sighed. She knew it; he still had a thing for that girl. Oh, well. She smiled. 'Just hafta make sure he is very busy tonight,' she would make sure of that. "Wow, this place is hoppin' tonight, huh?" she said to him. He looked at her and smiled "Yeah, sure is. I guess that band must be pretty good. Let's go get a table. "He grabbed her elbow and led her to an empty table for four in the corner with JT and Brianna following behind. They took off their coats and sat down. JT looked around the room, "Hey Billy, I don't see your two lameass friends anywhere; old Raul and what's her name. Probably didn't want her working on such a big night, afraid she might scare the customers away!" Brianna and Brittany laughed and Billy forced a smirk when what he really wanted to do was smack the grin off of JT's face. "Yeah, maybe, but it sure looks like they could use all the help they could get tonight." Billy looked around the room again. He was sure that he heard Mac say she was working tonight. Where was she?

Mac stood uncomfortably in the corner of the back room. Joe and Max were sitting in front of the small dressing table waiting to go on, chatting easily with each other. Jacob was sitting with his back against the wall, staring right at Mac. She seemed to be unable to escape his eyes, no matter where she moved in the room. She looked at him and he drew his tongue out of his mouth and ran them over his lips, licking them slowly. Mac's stomach turned."

Are you guys through with me? I mean do you need anything else? It's really busy here tonight and I think I should go see if Cody needs any help." Joe said, " I'm fine, thanks Mackenzie. You Max?" Max answered "Everything's cool, Mac. Thanks for all your help." Mac said, "Sure," and turned to leave the room. "Wait a second, Mackenzie." Mac stopped at the sound of Jacob's voice and turned around. "You didn't ask me if I needed anything, I'm hurt." Jacob smiled an evil smile. Mac couldn't tell if he were serious or just teasing, but something about this guy, as handsome as he was, creeped her out. " I'm sorry, do you need anything?" she asked softly. "No," he said. "I just wanted you to stop so I could see that fine ass of yours up close and personal. Very, very nice." He stopped. Joe jumped up and stood in front of Jacob. "Don't you ever effin' learn, you shit. She's just a kid. I'm sorry Mac, I really am. The only thing I can say is when you hear him sing, you'll know why we keep him around. Although I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth it. I'm sorry again." Mac backed away, her face flaming. She turned and ran out the door letting it slam shut behind her. She stood behind it, letting the tears run down her face. She took a deep breath and wiped off her face. She had to get out front. Cody was probably wondering what the hell happened to her.

Chapter 13

Billy laughed at JT making fun of just about everyone in the room. The laugh was hollow, though the others didn't seem to notice. Why the hell did he hang with these people anyway? Billy knew the answer before he asked himself the question. To fight, fight the powerful pull he felt towards Mac. Sometimes it worked when JT had some booze and he could drink enough of it to push the thoughts out of his head, but sometimes, even the booze was not enough. When he was sober, like now, he realized what a creep JT really was. He felt like a fool, like he was leading a double life. The one in his head and the one that really existed. JT continued cracking wise and Billy could take no more." Excuse me, I'm gonna go see what happened to our order. "Service really sucks here tonight, huh?" He looked down at Brittany and said, "I'll be right back." She looked up at him and said,  "Okay, don't be long though. I'll miss you." He smiled. Brittany was laying it on thick tonight. He got up from the table and headed toward the bar. From the corner of his eye he saw a familiar figure in a black turtleneck and jeans. Mac, leaning up against a door with her eyes closed. He looked over his shoulder. Brittany was headed toward the ladies room with Brianna. He looked over at Mac, whose eyes were now open and looking right at him. She looked upset, as if she had been crying. Billy fairly ached to go over to her, grab the back of her head and pull her close to him to find out what was wrong. She gathered herself and headed toward the bar, walking behind it. He walked up to the bar hesitantly; afraid his presence would upset her further. She looked up at him and said " Billy, what can I do for you?" All business, serious as a heart attack. "Mac, are you okay? I mean I saw you just now by the door and you looked," he paused. "How, Billy, how did I look?" she asked. You looked like an angel, Mac. Like you always do, Billy thought, "You looked upset," he said. "I'm fine. I guess I'm just tired. You know after last night and everything that happened. I haven't had much sleep in the last couple of days, that's all." Billy knew she was lying. Her mouth was a tight straight line. "Okay, fine. I just came over to see if we could get our order soon. We've been waiting for awhile and no one has come over yet. I know it's really busy here tonight." "Sure, Billy. I wouldn't want the chosen ones to have to wait too long. What can I get for you?" 'You could give me a chance Mac. Give me a chance to love you, he said in his head'. "Four lattes. You know, the usual." Billy tried to be flip, but her words stung him. The chosen ones. She still feels like I pity her. What the hell was he trying to prove to Brittany that night anyway? How cool he was. He realized right at that moment that he couldn't care less what Brittany, JT or his twit girlfriend thought about him. The only person whose opinion really mattered to him was standing in front of him and she hated him. "Is that all?" Mac asked. "Yeah, that's all. Thanks, Mac" He turned and walked back to the table. Mac sighed and walked over to the machine to make the lattes. Billy seemed afraid to talk to her. I guess he thought I would probably bring up what happened in the stables. He pitied her. Felt sorry for her. Well, at least that's over with. 

When she went back to school on Monday everything would be back to normal, as if none of the past two days had happened. Now she just had to get through the rest of the night. She looked at Billy's table. Brittany was sitting about as close to Billy as she could without actually sitting on his lap. He had his arm across the back of her chair, his eyes crinkling up in the corners, looking at her and smiling at some remark that she had just made. JT and Brianna were intertwined. 'Get a room,' she thought. She took a deep breath, grabbed the tray and walked over to the table. Brittany's grip on Billy's arm tightened. "Hi Mac, where's Raul?" Billy looked up at Mac to see her response." Raul had some stuff to do at home tonight." She set down the lattes. "Can I get you anything else?" "Nothing for us." Brittany smiled at Billy. "Thanks, you guys want anything else?" JT took his tongue out of Brianna's mouth long enough to shake his head. "Guess not," Brittany said with a giggle. Mac turned away and saw Cody behind the bar, motioning for her to come over. She walked over to the bar and stepped behind it. He said, "Joe and Max said to thank you for everything you did back there. I want you to go sit down now and take a little break. Listen to the music, okay? You've earned it." He took her hand, and led her out from behind the bar and sat her at a little empty table he had set up next to it. "Now, I don't want you to get up until after the set is over, okay?" She looked up at him and smiled, "Thanks, Cody." "No, thank you, Mac. You've really been great these last couple of days." He looked at his watch, smiled at her and said "Showtime!"

Chapter 14

Cody walked over to the small stage and up to the microphone. "Good evening, everybody and thanks for coming tonight," he began. "We've got an awesome band from Chicago featured tonight.  Joe, Max and Jacob, please give it up for, "The Juice." The crowd applauded as Joe, Max and Jacob took the stage. After the first couple of songs, Mac could tell that Joe had been right about Jacob.  His voice was amazing. Their style was eclectic, some original stuff and some covers. The crowd's applause was louder after each song and Cody was grinning from ear to ear. After the fourth song, as the applause was just dying down, the lights went down, except for a single spotlight. Jacob was sitting on a stool in the center of the stage. "We'd like to do a cover now, slow things down a little. By one of our favorite bands. I think you'll know it when you hear it. Hope we do it a little bit of justice. This is for Mackenzie."

Mac could feel her face burning, even in the dark.  She felt as if a thousand pair of eyes were burning holes in her face. Billy's head shot up at the mention of Mac's name. How the hell did this guy know who she was? He looked over at her, barely able to make out her face in the darkened room. Her head was down, looking at the floor. Billy recognized the song as soon as the first chords began. The Dave Matthews Band. "Crazy how it feels tonight Crazy how you make it all all right love. You crush me with the things you do. I do for you anything too. Sitting smoking feeling high. In this moment it feels so right." Billy remembered Mac's excitement that night at her first concert. How she went on about what a great time she had. Her smile, her laughter. "Lovely lady I am at your feet, God I want you so badly and I wonder this could tomorrow be. So wondrous as you there sleeping. Let's go drive 'til morning comes, watch the sunrise to fill our souls up. Drink some wine 'til we get drunk" Billy looked over at Mac. She was looking back at him, smiling slightly. Could it be? Could she be remembering the same thing he was?

She quickly looked away. Mac was remembering, thinking about how free she felt that night, driving with Billy and Raul.  Feeling almost like everybody else. Almost as if she might finally belong somewhere. "It's crazy I'm thinking, just knowing that the world is round and here I'm dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down and is this real or am I dreaming?"

Billy continued to peek over at Mac out of the corner of his eye. Why the hell had this guy on stage dedicated this song to her? A love song. Jacob continued singing, the words floating along seamlessly. His eyes never leaving Mac's. Billy looked up at Jacob sitting on the stage, bathed in the blue light. Why was this guy singing this intensely personal song to Mac? "Lovely lady let me drink you, please I won't spill a drop I promise you lying under this spell you cast on me. Each moment, the more I love you, Crush me, come on, it's crazy I'm thinking just knowing that the world is round and here I'm dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down? Is it real or am I dreaming?"

Brittany leaned in and whispered " I love this song, don't you? I think the lyrics are so sexy." Billy nodded and smiled at her. Sexy lyrics. She was right. He remembered reading something about how Dave Matthews had written the song for his girlfriend. He looked at the guy on stage, still singing directly to Mac. He looked over at her. She was trying to disappear into the floor. "Lovely lady I will treat you sweetly, adore you, I mean you crush me. It's times like these when my faith I feel and I know how I love you. Come on, Lady, it's crazy I'm thinking just as long as you're around and here I'll be dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down? To each other we'll be facing, by love we'll beat back the pain we've found. You know I mean to tell you all the things I've been thinking deep inside my friend, with each moment the more I love, you Crush me, come on, so much you have given love that I would give you back again and again. Meaning I'll hold you and please, let me always.

Chapter 15

After the final chord faded, there was a second of silence, then thunderous applause. The house lights went up and the band stood up to take their bows. Jacob's eyes never leaving Mac's. "The band's gonna take a little break now, everybody. Back in 15 minutes." Cody walked off the stage and over to Mac's table. "Don't even think about getting up yet, young lady, sit your butt in that chair and stay there. That's an order!" She smile, "What the hell did you do for those guys back there? Oh, wait a minute, sorry.  That didn't come out right. I mean, well whatever it was you musta made a hell of an impression." She stood up. "What did I just tell you? Sit down." "I just want to get something to drink, okay? I promise I'll sit right back down again." "Okay, but just remember. I'm watching you." He smiled and walked away. Mac walked behind the bar and bent down to get a cup when she stood up again, she came face to face with Jacob. "Like the song?" he asked. She could only nod. Her throat felt as if it were closing. "Good. I hoped it would work. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened before. Sometimes my mouth gets a jump-start on my brain. I'm sorry if I offended you; it's just that I think you're really beautiful. Okay?" Mac looked at him, trying not to let the fear she felt creep into her voice. "Sure, I guess I'm just not used to that kind of stuff. It usually doesn't happen to me." He smiled. "Well then, I guess every guy in this town must be blind. Excuse me, I've gotta go check the set list. All's forgiven?" Mac nodded and walked over to her table with her coffee and sat back down. She looked up and saw Brittany and Brianna standing in front of her, looking down at her and giggling. "Hi, Mac. Can we sit with you for a minute?" Mac nodded and said "sure". Brittany and Brianna pulled up chairs and sat down. Brittany began, "Okay, now, tell me everything. How do you know that incredibly gorgeous guy? You are so lucky. God, he's beautiful. Good thing Raul wasn't here, huh?" Mac was silent. "Mac come on, you've gotta tell me. Why did he sing that song for you?" Mac looked right into Brittany's eyes. They were wide open, practically popping out of her head. She was so curious. Brianna just giggled incessantly, nodding her head up and down in agreement with Brittany. Mac smiled and said, " I don't really know him, in fact I never met him before. I helped them get their stuff set up earlier and I guess he was just grateful. No big deal." Brittany looked at her, crestfallen. 'This girl was such a dork. Anyone in their right mind would be so excited. Why wouldn't she tell her what really happened? Maybe, oh, this was too good.' She just had to get back and tell Billy about this one. She stood up. "Oh, well okay, if that's how it is, I understand. You probably don't want Raul to find out about this, right? Well, don't worry. Brianna and I will never tell, right?" Brianna nodded, even though she had no idea what Brittany was talking about. "See ya!" she grabbed Brianna by the arm and yanked her back to the table.

Billy had witnessed the whole thing and smiled up at Brittany as she returned to the table. "You guys are never gonna believe what happened!" Billy looked at her questioningly. "Whaddya mean, Britt?" Brittany paused for dramatic effect. "Mac never met that guy before tonight or so she says. She said that she "helped them with their stuff" earlier and the reason that the hottie sang the song for her was to thank her. Anybody wanna guess what kind of 'service' she performed for him? I'll give you two guesses and the first one doesn't count!" she burst out laughing. JT picked up exactly what she meant immediately "the dork? You have got to be kidding way. what happened to holding hands and hot cider with Raul? " He looked over at Mac. "Now that I look at her again, she does look like she might be able to handle all three." Billy grabbed JT by the collar of his shirt, pulling him up to his feet, twisting the collar in an attempt to cut off his air supply." Take it back," he said very calmly. "Bill, I can't breat-" Billy loosened his grip enough to let him speak. "Take it back," he repeated, "or I will kill you." The rage he felt frightened him, so he kept his voice even, in order to try and control his temper." Okay, okay." He let loose of JT, who flopped back down into his seat. "What the hell is wrong with you? What do you care what she does? Is it because of your buddy, Raul? Listen, Billy, if she is doing what Britt said, don't you think he deserves to know?" Billy looked at the three idiots sitting at the table. Suddenly, he just wanted out. He grabbed his coat and began walking away from the table. Brittany got up and ran after him, grabbing his arm to stop him. He wrenched out of her grasp. "Billy, wait. Listen, I'm sorry. I really am." He turned to look at her. The look on her face was one of desperation. "I didn't mean to." "Britt, look you know I really don't want to get into this now. If I stay here now, I'm gonna say or do something I know I gonna regret. I've been thinking, maybe we should cool things off for a while. You know, just play it by ear? I think we've been moving a little too fast. I just gotta get outta here now, okay? Don't cry, please. JT and Brianna will take you home." He turned, gave a last look to Mac and walked out the front door.

Brittany stood exactly where Billy had left her. He was dumping her. Brianna walked up behind her, "Britt, what happened? What's up with him, anyway? "Brittany paused a second and looked over at Mac, who had seen the whole thing and was wondering why Billy ran out of there so fast. "I know what's wrong with Billy and it's all that little bitch's fault." She spat the words out as she flung her head to gesture in Mac's direction. She walked over to Mac and looked down at her, sitting there. So innocent. Poor little Mac. Well, Brittany thought, the act was over, she was on to her. Billy may have been fooled by her, but she wasn't, not anymore. "Happy now?" she snarled Mac looked up at her. She had seen Billy and Brittany talking and then Billy left, but she had no idea why. "Happy?" Mac asked puzzled. "Billy just dumped me and I think you know why. Always looking at him, judging him and to think I tried to be nice to you because Raul is his friend? Well, guess what? You think you had it rough before? The fun is only beginning for you Mackenzie."

Mac had never seen Brittany so angry before. Her face was twisted with rage, and she was as red as a beet. Her words ended with an angry hiss. "Look, I'm sorry if you and Billy are having some problems, but you have no right to-". "No right?"

Brittany hissed. "He is my boyfriend. Mine. Understand? And I will not lose him, especially to a little nothing piece of shit like you!"

She turned away and walked back to the table with Brianna. She recovered nicely to say to JT, "I really don't feel like staying here anymore. How about we all get outta here and try to find where Billy went? Maybe he's cooled down now. Will you JT? Please?" JT looked up at her, rubbing his neck from where Billy had choked him earlier. "Sure Britt, let's go.  I wanna talk to Abbott myself." No one was gonna treat him like that, especially in front of everyone. They gathered up their coats and walked to the front door, Brittany's eyes shooting daggers at Mac as they walked out. Mac sighed. What the hell was she in for now?


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