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Daytime Top Ten List

Soap Opera Actors' Top Ten Things to be Thankful For ( All soaps)

By Bethany Tedder

1. Remember that if you didn't have fans, you wouldn't have a job. Not the one that you
have anyway where you have to get up 4:30 or so make a casting call.

2. That you have a make-up artist to make you look good.

3. That you have a job that you can play a part that you are a full decade older than the
person you play.

4. That in a soap opera character's life, if you don't like how the scene turned out, that
you can demand to have it redone. Or if the writers don't like something, they can
change it to suit the purpose at hand. It doesn't necessarily have to make sense, just
look good.

5. That sometimes you get to go on fabulous locations to film.

6. That you have an array of great wardrobe items to select from... most of the time
anyway. Some times you get stuck in something that is really, really bad.

7. That if you need a really long vacation, they can write you by "killing" you off for an
undetermined period of time and when you are ready to return, they can bring you back
in spectacular fashion. They can "kill" you off the same way.

8. That if you are going no where with your part and don't have enough work to do, they
can always introduce your long lost twin and double the hours that you can work.

9. That only on a soap opera can you rat out your brother or whomever, read the riot act
to your mother or disown your family and at the end of the day, go home without the
least little bit of guilt.

10. That only time that you have to worry about your relationship with God is when you
have a crisis going on in your life. Come to thing about it, that is usually about all the
time so maybe you aren't getting off so good after all.

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